Trump: Texas won’t secede because ‘Texas loves me’

by Harper Neidig | The Hill
June 26, 2016

Donald Trump on Saturday dismissed the idea of Texas seceding from the United States, saying the Lone Star State wouldn’t do it because “Texas loves me.”

Speaking to reporters in Scotland two days after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, Trump shot down comparisons between the so-called Brexit and the possibility of Texas seceding from the union.

“Texas will never do that because Texas loves me,” he told reporters at his golf course Aberdeen.

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  • justinwachin says:

    I think many of us are tired of seeing career politicians spend our nation deeply into debt and trample on the Constitution. Hillary Clinton is a great example of an irresponsible politician.

  • The Redhawk says:

    WASY Donals…… You have done well fora whole week……Stay on Message and PARK the EGO,
    With all the FACTS, Failed REcord, LIES, and “treason” by Killery and LIAWATHA….You have enough AMMO to Sink those two SHEEHOLES! STIC TO the Economy, Foreign failures, Loss of JOBS, ISIS, muslim Radical Jihads… FACTS!

  • 1josephg1 says:

    The military is to defend the people of the U S. against all enemies both foreign and domestic. Killary and for that matter the foreign exchange student should not be in the white house.

  • Snoopy says:

    You idiots fool around and let KILLIARY win and i WILL vote to SECEDE and it will NOT be a symbolic act! I would certainly hate to live in a country controlled by a person that spends her time trying to destroy everything the men and women of the military have fought and died for over the last 250 years!!!
    That treasonous bitch belongs in prison!!!

  • original ancestry says:

    Hey Scotland , just leave the EU as well and have your independence. You are one of America’s allies. Britain is the mother land of America. Our Ally as well. Texas is not going to succeed because she is our first state to start the return back to the Constitution… Hawaiian politicans , you will abide by that constitution or else…

  • Richard Hennessy says:

    If Texans should become feverish to secede, it won’t be because of Trump. It will be because Clinton is elected or because Trump and Republicans fail to correct the extensive damage caused by Obama, Senate Democrats and the Supreme Court. The Country is off the rails, and massive corrective action is demanded by reasonable, informed folks.

    1. GR Arnold says:

      I could not agree with you more. Thanks for saying a lot better than I did.

  • marlio says:

    We will , even under you, if you don’t do the will of the people, as president.

  • outlawdealer says:

    As I said yesterday, if Texas does become it’s own country and Trump looses I will bed vry happy to move there. I will do it too. I am not liked those lebral assholes that saw they will leave if he wins.

  • F. NOVAK says:

    First off I was in the military when you go in the military you sign a contract with the government you will lay down your life for the United States in return the government has your back in this case Benghazi this b**** Hillary let these people died and didn’t lift a finger she has no right to be the president of the United States

    1. ToniStimmel says:

      She shouldn’t even have a right to live.

        1. Bill Blackstone says:

          Shut your face

      1. wellilltellya says:

        what is the sentence for TYRANNY

      2. The Redhawk says:

        anyone else by now whoukd have been on theur thirtieth ORANGE ONE PIECE SUIT Behind BARS

    2. BeautifulAmerica says:

      So true, and thank you +++++ for laying your own life down for us.

    3. The Redhawk says:

      BUT Slick Fled to Russia to avoid his ROTC signed Committment… She was Alinsky Prized pupil,,,,,and Commies have ELECTED them….SO vote for the SOWtHEY have NO love fpr Country only for their POWER nad POCKET book…….But the IDIOTS anti-America Drones will for the SOW..

  • disqus_BAvz0LV7zw says:

    Texas will always be with the US states. Unless, we elect a leader who turns 180 degrees from the Founding principles, and following ideology contrary to the Constitution. That is Islam now creeping rapidly into our lives. But Trump will stop that.
    That is why we must not be lured by the deceptions and lies of Hillary Clinton, because she is among those who embrace the ideology of the Islamic rule. All her 4 years at the State Dept. was used for enriching herself for power and money by having alliances with Saudi Arabia and other Islamic states because she was paid lucratively for a quid-pro-quo when she gets into the WH.
    Her 4 years of experiences as Sec. of States are mastering the art of corruptions, fraud, deceit, lies, and deceptions. These are her foreign affairs experiences.

    1. champion2211 says:

      That’s just one thing she better think of. Sharia Law doesn’t have any place for a woman except following behind her man. If he wants to beat her then it is legal. If he wants her to be stoned, it is legal. Does she want this? She say but I am the President, well sorry about that, not anymore.

  • ADRoberts says:

    Once again. He shows just how arrogant and deceptive he is. He LOST the primary to Cruz. And if it were run again today, he would lose againi.
    We are not dumb enough to believe that he suddenly left all that commitment to radical liberals who CAUSED our problems and believe that he suddenly had developed PRINCIPLES and is now a conservatives
    And to those Trumpsters who would attack me I say. Stop with the names and PROVE that his ACTIONS show he is really a conservative.
    Like all the companies he has moved back from China and Mexico. LOL

    1. GR Arnold says:

      Ya stupid idiot he didn’t lose to Cruz. You on drugs or something? You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. If you had ANY common sense whatsoever you’d keep your embarrassing mouth shut unless you were to campaign for Cruz to be nominated, and confirmed for the SCOTUS. Where / how did you learn to strategize, by playing the game “SORRY” … ???

      1. ADRoberts says:

        You have lots of anger. Lotg and nasty words. Not a bit of proof on any single issue. Lets check out your “Likes” Amazing. You almost have THREE likes per comment./ But when I only had 623 comments, my likes were well over SIX per comment.
        And with your bitterness, you must have a lot of “friends” who are just as disrespectful as you are.

  • GR Arnold says:


    Trump simply doesn’t want to see Texas secede any more than anyone else. Texas has the lawful right to vote for secession. Trump is the only person running for office right now that really cares. Do you ever see wicked witch Hillary commenting about Texas secession? NO. If Texas does vote to secede it will be a symbolic act more than anything else, and it’s an act that I personally agree with but in reality it most likely will never come to pass. As far as Trump being all that you said, this is kind of hard for folks to follow you on. Look at how successful he’s been; the same way Texas has been throughout it’s history, through hard work and freedom of business that succeeds only because of personal individual freedoms and the smallest amount of government intervention in a person’s life as possible.

    1. ADRoberts says:

      You are a disrepectful Trumpster who goes to extreme to support your “Precious”.
      Trump does not care. He lies and says things that he THINKS conservatives want to hear. He outs muslims, rightfully so, and then turns around and “negotiates” with them. (He needs the votes, badly)
      If Texas secedes it will NOT be symbolic. It will be because we don’t see ANY hope in the Dumpsters that the elite allow to run for POTUS.
      Yes, Hillary is wicked and destructive. But you have just NOT seen the true Trump. He WILL show himself at some time. He can’t help himself.
      Now, IF you ever plan to try to win people to Trump, which is not likely, since we know who he is, you should at least PRETEND to respect the person.
      You are like the black woman CEO of Sam’s Club who gleefully commented about what she was going to do to a company that showed up in her office with ALL white men in their delegation.
      You, sir, are a true JERK

        1. ADRoberts says:

          1. Flagged
          2. Proof that you LOST.

      1. GR Arnold says:

        You Jeannie are all 3 exemplary living proof of the reason(s) inbreeding has long been outlawed by most civilized nations. As far as I am concerned … ALL 3 OF YOU CAN GO POUND SAND.

        1. ADRoberts says:

          And you are the BEST proof that when a weakminded person cannot refute or even express a rational opinion to support their side, they resort to name, insults, smears, and even disinformation.
          All of it evil and lies. And unfortunately foryou, God says that you will answer for every idle word.

          Now a fact. Those who are unable to deny their error or wickedness most frequently accuse their opponent of being guilty of the very thing THEY are doing.
          So I guess, that means you are the one who is INBRED. Not that you could help it.
          Strange. You insult did not negate what I said. It did not prove me wrong. It did not change a single mind.
          YOU LOSE.

          1. GR Arnold says:

            ROFLMAO …

          2. ADRoberts says:

            ANd you did it again. No real response.
            Because you can’t.

          3. GR Arnold says:

            Yes well as far as I am concerned you can take your closet-liberal ass and go straight to hell.

      2. J.B. Young says:

        I take it that you prefer Hillary to Trump? There is no way Trump could be as bad as Hillary Clinton! The only one as bad or worse is obama!!

        1. ADRoberts says:

          THere are a lot of your TRUMPSTERS out there who, “take it” without any proof or indication that you imagination is accurate. LOL
          So certain that anyone who opposes Trump MUST be for Hitlery.
          Do you get what I called her? Maybe you can’t read.
          No this is just what low-informaton, low-IQ intolerant Trumpsters MUST DO.

          Now again. For those who do not believe the WORDS of a man who continues to prove that he is only trying to SAY conservative things. Make me a list of the THINGS he had done.
          You can start with a list of his companies that he has brought back from Mexico and China to give Americans JOBS. LOL

          1. J.B. Young says:

            Stooping to name calling and insults. Just like a liberal.

          2. ADRoberts says:

            Well,that is what Trump was for sure as late as 2012. Has he actually changed? I am one who does not believe so. Does my opinion matter? Not at all.

          3. Vangie Martinez says:

            So if you are not for Trump and you are not for Clinton who are you for? Gary Johnson the Pot Head Presidential Candidate? Because Sanders isn’t in the Race he’s just there to be a Pain in the Neck to Clinton.

          4. ADRoberts says:

            I am for God
            I trust God. Do you?
            I will probably WRITE IN for Cruz.
            He had a lot of lies put out on him. And amazingly, a great many people seem to prefer to believe lies and not bother to check where the informtion was coming from. Democrats,. Russinans and anti_Christian types specialize in DISINFORMATION. Mixing just enough truth with lies to be believeable. They have become masters at it.
            As to Cruz, he was the ONLY one to go to DC that I know of who kept his word. And yes, I was from Texas at the time.

    2. ADRoberts says:

      And by the way, I in no means or way, endorse, am for or will vote for the vile Hillary.
      My point is that our nation has been deceived again by the very elite, who will, after they have cause major anarchy, will step in and claim that they can “save” us if we will just give up our freedoms, rights, hopes and everything that obsrtructs Agenda 21, for a little order and a few morsels of food.
      And yes, according to the Bible, we will do just that for the ANTICHRIST.

    3. champion2211 says:

      What can people expect with a traitor running the country, still not proving he is an American. This isn’t about Trump but Obama and the USA. If Texas secedes from the Union there is at least 13 other states that will follow suit. What they are saying is we have had enough of the treasonous acts, lying to us all and trying to take over America. We in Texas have more class than to put up with all this crap. We really care about America but are tired of the harassment given to the states to make them accept what Obama is pushing. As well as what Clinton is pushing also of which she has no programs herself and is going the same way as Obama is doing at this time.

    4. NJ Lady says:

      GR Arnold — You should be removed from this public forum because of the vulgar way you began your post. I guess you can’t face the fact that posters disagree with one another.

      1. GR Arnold says:

        You, ADRoberts, and Jeannie are all 3 exemplary living proof of the reason(s) inbreeding has long been outlawed by most civilized nations. As far as I am concerned … ALL 3 OF YOU CAN GO POUND SAND.

        1. txconfederate101 says:

          I agree with you GR Arnold. These carpetbaggers that have come into our great Republic of Texas need to understand that we will destroy them if we have to, to protect and preserve Texas.

      2. GR Arnold says:

        I appreciate your emotional outpouring of affection but my advice to you is to mind your own damn business up in JOISY. Y’all are an absolute catastrophe up there compared to the worst of Texas.

    5. marlio says:

      It wont be symbolic if Texas ever secedes!!

      1. GR Arnold says:

        It will be symbolic if we vote to secede. Texas seceding would be a VERY big move and will not be too popular with the USA and Canada. Mexico is chomping at this bit for Texas to secede because those damn fools think they can take Texas and the rest of the southwest back if that happens. Although I don’t think they would be successful, we will not be able to count on the USAF and USN to assist against them if we secede, both Departments have been significant in building Mexico’s military throughout the last 50 years. Saying you support secession and voting for it is one thing, actually doing ti and surviving thereafter is another far more difficult task than most folks think.

        1. Bill Blackstone says:

          Don’t worry. The Mexicans are to busy killing themselves in Mexico City. 10 to 20 teachers dying a day.

      2. ricktenny says:

        All I want to know is will they send my SS check to a foreign country. After that with the improved border security we will provide for ourselves I

        think we’ll be ok.

    6. Judge Ely says:

      You are right but as a Texan I hope we do succeed and leave the Union for real. The next step to run all Califorians, NY, and other Yankees from the N. East out.

  • don't trust creepy cruz says:

    Oh, poor you Jeannie. No trust in the Lord. I want a president with self assurance and many successes in his life and not a political hack and establishment owned hack. So put your big girl panties on and deal with it. I believe God has his hand on Donald, like Cyrus of old testament. If not then, we will deal with it. Anyone but Killary and lying Ted.

    1. p-40-bob43 says:

      don’t trust creepy cruz You are really an ignorant an uniformed idiot. I won’r even begin to tell you about trump’s history, Why don’t you actually fact check the slime ball and learn thee honest truth. He has made his so called millions on the the backs of the hard working people and then stiffed them . Fact check it if you have the moral guts.

      1. champion2211 says:

        You have two people running for the same job. One is a proven criminal, liar, murderess as well as all else that is bad. The other has acted just as anyone else in America. Having trouble with businesses, declaring bankruptsy, So what makes them different? One is hateful the other is for America. We know how bad Hillary is and Trump wants America safe and to prosper. All have history, just as you or I. At times we all have problems just as Trump had. Hillary had problems but a lot worse than any bank problems. She lied under oath in court. I also believe that the Clinton Foundation had 58 people that worked there came up dead. I think they knew too much. So the outcome has already been taken care of. Not a good record.

        1. GR Arnold says:

          The Clintons have a death list in excess of 45 people. Counting those in Benghazi they (so far) number an even 50.

          1. champion2211 says:

            I haven’t heard of the increase. Hopefully they will get caught soon, rather than later.

        2. empty pockets says:

          What p-40 says is true. Yes, Clinton is hateful but Trump isn’t for America. He’s for himself, just as she is. He had nothing but good things to say of hr and Bubba up until only very recently…but it’s just politics. He’s acted with the same disregard for the “little people” that all the leftist politicians do. He bragged that his bankruptcies were good…for HIM. He saved HIS investment…but not so for his other investors, contractors and their workers.

          He donated over $100K to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation plus the money he paid her and other pols for access to political power he abused. He’s been schmoozing with all the “power elites” in and out of politics and the mob his whole life and has coveted that power for his own since 1988.

          As a private individual, I think (and have since before he ever declared) that he’s a crass, unprincipled, impulsive opportunistic narcissist. He’s also at or near the top of the list of the most viciously litigious people in the nation if not the world. All of that makes him as unfit for office–especially the most powerful office–as Clinton. Neither respects the Constitution or the God given rights of individuals and both would use that power to enrich themselves…at our expense. Both would finish the institutionalizing of the corruption we are all so angry about because they both profited from it and neither thinks there’s anything wrong with it.

          If you want to get taken by the con man that is your choice. I don’t sign blank checks to con men.

    2. ADRoberts says:

      YOu are surely a very wicked person. Calling on and claiming that God will have anything to do with a foul mouthed, philandering, lying rich man who claims to love America and has yet to bring back a SINGLE company from Mexico or China. He claims to go to Marble Collegiate Cathedral and yet their very nice comment is that HE IS NOT AN ACTIVE MEMBER. Guess what. He WON’T be an active member. Remember he is the “Christian”: who brags that he has NEVER asked God forgiveness for anything.
      You are not trusting the Lord God, Jehovah or Jesus. You are trusting a vile wicked man, who is lying to you. Lying about amnesty, illegals, being PROLIFE, building a border, solving the “BATHROOM PROBLEM” IN North Carolina. Just name it. He is only saying what he thinks conservatives want to hear. Like that question about WHO should be punished if abortion were illegal. He kept trying. And he kept getting dinged by real Conservatives who know how to forgive and show God’s love.
      Not a chance he would figure that out. Finally he said, “it is convoluted”
      Then there is your bigotry about Cruz.
      Prove a single lie. Just don’t do like Trump and make a blanket statement and not give a single specific. And don’t repeat those Soros Org. unsubstatiated stories. You are a true sucker.
      You believe the lies about the ONLY politician in the nation who went to DC and kept his promises. WHY? Because you had rather believe a lie. Like a man who was a flaming liberal just FOUR YEARS AGO, is now suddenly a conservative. Only he has NO princiiples, as shown by his foul mouth and philandering and bragging about “winning” in four bankruptcies.

      1. GR Arnold says:

        You and Jeannie are both exemplary living proof of the reason(s) inbreeding has long been outlawed by most civilized nations. As far as I am concerned … YOU CAN BOTH GO POUND SAND.

      2. don't trust creepy cruz says:

        Oh boo hoo you insulting boob. You are just sooo self absorbed, aren’t you. I am a evangelical and like Jesus- I don’t cast my pearls before swine. SO take you panty waist and preach love somewhere else. MY Lord is not a softy when it comes to evil-He is a warrior. Like we should be in this day. You sound like a Becky. Are you crying now.

        1. ADRoberts says:

          Key words that betray you as being FALSE.
          “LIKE JESUS” Really. If you were a Christian you would not say LIKE but serve Jesus.
          Notice that I said you are wicked. That was an opinion. You called names and insulting phrases. Like “panty waise” and “softy”. You don’t even have a clue.
          And your efforts to dominate me have failed.
          So I will give you the verse of instruction OR condemnation.
          “…and forgive us our debts AS we forgive your debtors.”
          I suspect you won’t know where to find that. It is from the Lord’s Prayer. And it basically condemns you by your own words.
          God have mercy on you.
          Oh, and one challenge. IF you were a Christian you would surely obey the instructions of Jesus Christ. So go to John 14:12 and find there the words of Jesus that he said about those who believe in Him.
          I dare you to respond and explain why you are NOT doing that.
          And yes, I DO.

  • Jeannie says:

    What an Incredibly Arrogant Imbecile, this Pathetic Creature is. He belongs in the Nut House, definitely not in the White House, or better yet in prison along side of Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, as well as the rest of the Corrupt Government Officials who have committed High Treason against America and the American People who stand for Truth, Justice, Liberty and all the Freedoms afforded us by Our Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Our Bill of Rights. So far, I have not seen Anyone Worthy of being our next POTUS. They are all LIARS, CHEATS, THIEVES, MURDERERS AND GREEDY, SELF-SERVING HYPOCRITES, WHO ARE TOTALLY UNDESERVING OF EVEN LIVING IN THE USA. EACH ONE OF THEM IS PURE EVIL, SERVING SATAN TO DESTROY OUR NATION. WE MUST UNITE IN OUR PRAYERS AND FIGHT AGAINST ANYONE, WHO SEEKS TO TAKE US DOWN.


    1. Rodney Steward says:

      Doesn’t leave much to vote for does it, by not voting is a vote for Hellary! I have to admit, we don’t have the best field out there, but D’N any more Clinton’s!

      1. ADRoberts says:

        For once, just actually trust God. Vote for the BEST PERSON, and that will mean a WRITE IN, and trust that God “will take care of you”
        Face it. Our nation rejected God back in the 50’s and forward.
        And now, there is NOTHING to stop judgement EXCEPT
        II Chronicles 7:14

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          AD, I believe in God, but I don’t think that God gets into politics, and a write in is just thrown in the trash and is just another vote for Hellary!!

          1. ADRoberts says:

            1. You don’t trust God. Not at all
            2. God can and is involved in ALL aspects of our lives.
            3. A vote for the choice of God is NEVER wrong.
            Because even Baruch was told that as a RIGHTEOUS MAN, he would sill suffer along with the WICKED NATION.

            Doing right is never wrong.
            Compromise is never right.

    2. Just1Saddletramp says:

      The Bible states that God created man with a free will. HE IS NOT GOING TO INTERVENE IN ANYTHING MAN CAN HANDLE HIMSELF

      1. ADRoberts says:

        Just shows how little you know about God or the Bible. John 14:11-14 says a lot that you have apparently never heard. Then there is the back side Matthew 7:21-25
        And fully expect that you are so arrogant and lacking in the desire to KNOW what God says that you will NOT read either verse.
        God help you
        And by thee way, that “Free will ” that God gave us is about whether we choose to accept HIS forgiveness. After that, you have to go to John 14:11-14, if you dare to put your soul in danger and try to make him into a servant.
        Yes, that is what the Matthew verse is about.

        1. Just1Saddletramp says:

          The Bible is explicit in how man can thwart evil. If you believe God is going to save you from evil without a lot of effort on your part, live on in your dream world.

          1. ADRoberts says:

            “save you from evil”. You seem to misunderstand.
            Christians are dying at a rate of ONE every FIVE minutes at the hands of muslims
            And EVERYONE OF THEM is saved.
            Now you claim that man can “thwart” evil. Prove it. Chapter and verse.
            To be saved from evil is NOT to save your life. And IF saving your life is your total goal, YOU LOSE.
            You don’t have the foggiest idea what it is to be a Christian.
            Start with the KEY verse of the entire Bible. Acts 1:8. I bet you have never even read it before.

          2. Just1Saddletramp says:

            Don’t pull the pious act on me. There is not any mortal who inheritably knows what it is to be a Christian. That is what the Bible is all about. Apparently you overlooked Acts 1:8

          3. ADRoberts says:

            There was nothing PIOUS in what I just said to you. It was word of an exhorter. You were challenged to PROVE that man can TWART evil. You did not even attempt to do so. Not a surprise.
            Acts 1;8 is the KEY verse of the entire Bible. But apparently you failed to read it. The very FIRST words, “Ye shall receive power….”
            I guess you assume that means you will be given EARTHLY authority
            READ ON. “…when the Holy Spirit comes on you.”
            Now testify. Tell me that YOU have received the Holy Spirit, that HE is in control of your life. that YOU TRUST Him to lead you through the valley of the shadow of death.

            I am a servant ot Jesus Christ. I have prayed and seen God answer with MIRACLES, as per John 14:12.
            This is not pious. This is a battle I fight with “principalities and powers.”
            And it appears that since you are OBVIOUSLY AGAINST ME, you are on THEIR side.
            God have mercy on you.

      2. jmortensen says:

        Well HE does intervene when asked .. pray that Trump asks HIM for guidance and help..

    3. ADRoberts says:

      God is NOT on our side. Either we are on HIS side or we are on our own.
      So many who claim to be Christians believe that God is their servant.
      HE IS NOT. But just like the THREE CHILDREN IN THE FIERY FURNACE, we can and should trust Him. As for those who use HIS Name when making their irrational statements of support for the very wicked Trump, God does not miss a thing. He WILL judge.

    4. Glenda Jordan says:

      Trump can be very brazen, has made some really obnoxious remarks, and has a larger than life ego….he was not my first, second, or even third choice as prez hopeful. However, it is what it is and this is where we are today. We should be praying for Trump! Asking the Lord to encourage Trump to surround himself with those of good moral, godly character. We as a nation will be finished with Hilder but I remain hopeful God may use Trump to at least get us on the right path..keep in mind the possible three SCOTUS appointments..and PRAY…PRAY FOR TRUMP!

      1. GR Arnold says:

        What I like about Trump IS the fact that he is so “brazen”. Trump is no dummy, he knows how to use different types of communication to get the most attention to the most important issues. The folks that are turned off by this to the point they cannot listen to what he is saying are folks who are mostly emotionally unstable and get their feelings hurt easily but brutal honesty. Too bad. Hopefully sooner or later they will realize they themselves are no more than “closet-liberals” who’s votes and intentions you can never count on anyway.

        1. Glenda Jordan says:

          I’ve heard it said often that was the large attraction to Trump from the start…he says it the way it is and not with all the PC bs! It doesn’t bother me and it has certainly worked for Trump…there have been a few times though I thought he should of thought first, formed the words, then spoke.

          1. GR Arnold says:

            I understand your point however even with Trump being as brutally honest, who is more “presidential”, Hillary or Trump? The way I see it there is more to being “presidential” than articulating like a seasoned politician your viewpoints and political position. Hillary is up to 51 bodies as of today; the UN official that was to testify against her died of an “accident with the barbells” today in a gym.

          2. Glenda Jordan says:

            Hillbilly has no biz even running for prez!! She’s a murdering, deceitful, self-absorbed, evil, etc.etc.ol’ hag! I can’t even stand the sound of her voice! Don’t get me wrong-I like Trump and enjoyed watching his Apprent. show I just was a supporter of others for prez…but here we are today so it’s Trump and I’m supporting him now. There is no comparison..well maybe hill and a bag of prunes-I vote for the prunes! I didn’t hear of the UN official…Sundays are usually my day to avoid much in news but this is important-t/y for the info.

    5. KKmoderate says:

      I stop reading when you start with the caps. Please don’t indulge yourself in this rudeness.

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