McAuliffe narrowly defeats Cuccinelli in Virginia, ObamaCare troubles loom over vote

November 6, 2013

Democrat Terry McAuliffe won the Virginia governor’s race on Tuesday, in a surprisingly close victory over Republican rival Ken Cuccinelli — who was heavily outspent and trailed in the polls for much of the race.

With nearly all precincts reporting, McAuliffe was ahead with just 48 percent of the vote, to Cuccinelli’s 45 percent. Though McAuliffe previously held a double-digit lead, exit polls showed voters opposed to the federal health care law overwhelmingly backed Cuccinelli, helping him narrow the gap on Tuesday.

“Despite being outspent by an unprecedented $15 million, this race came down to the wire because of ObamaCare,” Cuccinelli said in his concession speech. “That message will go out to the entire country tonight.”

“I know this has been a hard fought race,” said McAuliffe in a victory speech that included a call for bipartisanship. “While the attorney general and I had a lot of differences, he is a principled man who spent a lot of time away from his family. I thank Ken Cuccinelli for his service to Virginia.”

McAuliffe vowed to reach out to state Republican lawmakers and continue the efforts of outgoing GOP Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and previous governors to create jobs and improve transportation

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  • modernminuteman says:

    The Rino’s sold cuccinelli out and in turn the people of Virginia. They really listened when Dirty Harry told the republican party to distance themselves from the Tea Party.

  • Charles Kimberl says:

    McAuliffe is a first class scumbag who will turn out to be nearly as dangerous to our country as Obama. I cannot believe Virginians could do this.

    1. Myron Smith says:


  • SniperToo says:

    I can assure you that there was cheating going on (illegal voters, fake voters – ie. Mickey Mouse, Spider Man, Bugs Bunny, etc). They should have had a recount. Carl Rowe was instrumental in this cr@p. The RNC and the GOP members need to give up the curtain of deceit and sign up for the leftist commie party. I am sick of them all. And the voters who stayed at home – may the next five generations in your family burn in h@ll.

  • Jeanne Stotler says:

    He’ll be just like his predessors, Keane and Warner, selling the Commonwealth down the river, the win stinks, I will never trust voting machines again, not after last years mess, I went to bed with Cuccinelli ahead, wake up and see McAulliffe, time for an investigation.

  • Jack Parker says:

    Way to go libertarians (or should I say libertardians). You got the exact opposite of what you wanted. If you had backed Cuccinelli he would have owed you and you might have gained something but instead you set your collective faces on fire and tried to put the fire out with an ice pick.

    1. Ed Kitting says:

      People are sick of the GOP Jack Reice Priebus continues to distance the party from the conservatives so really what do you expect people to do? The conservative base does not benefit by the likes of Lindsay Graham,John McCain,Olympia Snowe,Jeff Flake.

      1. ChristCrusader says:


        except, none of them were running in VA. As a matter of fact, none of them even stumped for Cuccinelli.

        However, the TEA Party and Libertarian Party (and Paul)endorsed the candidate that so happened to have unfortunately had an R after his name, but who had a record of being a VA oath keeping conservative.

        People need to vote for the candidate, not blindly for or against their party anymore. And Sarvis never had a chance to fulfill any promises other than to help elect McAuliffe.

        Not to mention, the primary is the place to fight the hardest for the perfect candidate. In the poll booth weigh,
        “Who do I want to vote for,”
        “Who will my vote elect?”

        1. Ed Kitting says:

          Would love to be able to reply to these comments but for whatever reason neither computer will allow me to access the page,

        2. Ed Kitting says:

          Would love to be able to reply to these comments but for whatever reason neither computer will allow me to access the page,

      2. Sue says:

        Hear, Hear! The lesser of 2 evils is still evil.

  • dad666 says:

    Now he will be viewed as owing to Obama and Clinton and thus he will be a good loyal Dumocrap regardless of the speeches.

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