The Koch Brothers are swaying the 2016 Election

WASHINGTON — A group backed by the billionaire Koch Brothers announced Thursday it is getting back into the Wisconsin Senate race with an ad buy on behalf of GOP incumbent Sen. Ron Johnson, just two weeks after canceling ad reservations in the state.

A spokesman for the group, Freedom Partners Action Fund, cited “some shifts in the polls” in explaining the new $1 million buy boosting Johnson’s record on veterans’ issues, and attacking Democrat Russ Feingold.

The group’s earlier decision to cancel $2 million in ad reservations in Wisconsin was widely seen as evidence Republicans were giving up on Johnson, who has consistently lagged Feingold in their rematch in a state likely to favor Democrats in a presidential election year.

Freedom Partners fund spokesman James Davis said it was a “false interpretation” to see the earlier move as a negative reflection on Johnson’s prospects. “We make these decisions on an evolving basis,” he said.

Johnson is one of the most vulnerable GOP Senate incumbents this election cycle, second only to Republican Mark Kirk in Illinois, and Democrats are optimistic about winning back his seat. Democrats are trying to retake control of the Senate, and must pick up four or five seats to do so, depending on whether they retain control of the White House. The vice president is the tie-breaking 51st vote in the Senate.

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  • Patriciajgarza3 says:

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  • bill says:

    just follow the socialist/progressive Nazis in Kalifornexico to see what is in store for the United States if the Clinton bitch is elected.

  • Climax says:

    The rich and powerful on both sides have found ways to force their views and desires through all their wealth by side stepping the essence of the laws protecting the integrity of campaign donation laws. These powerful PACs must be stopped unless we just want to say, the office is for sale and the highest bidder get it. You know who will loose in that case, integrity of what little there is left and of course the average person on the street.

  • are you sure the guy on the right isn’t Stephen Colbert? The Koch brothers made a mistake this time. Either way they are screwed. If Trump wins, he will remember their help. If he loses, I will. The problem with this “GOP rebels” is that they can withhold their votes this time, and they can wreak as much havoc as possible on his campaign, but their hand is there for all to see and judge. So if they bring Trump down, in all future elections those of us shafted by the Republican elite will not be voting for the crowd that committed such a crime. That means the ballot marked with not only president, but senator and representative — and local officials too — will be left sitting on my office desk rather than sent in. If those big-mouths who are boasting of their support for Clinton feel so comfy with the Dems, good for them — they will feel fine under a one-party Dem state.

  • Bill Cash says:

    It’s unbelievable that so many people are swallowing this load of BS after what Hillary Clinton has been a party to all these years. And the democrat party knows what she is:Subject: In Case Y’all Forgot!!!!


    For the most part people do not change. In case you did not know or remember here is a character insight from history:

    In Case Y’all Forgot!!!!

  • Shirley Angelini says:

    The Koch brothers should stay home and shut up. Vote Trump or you will be living in a Third World Country with the New World Order. Democrats will make sure that there is no more America.

  • pingjockey says:

    Tar and feathers for the cock roach koch brothers!!!!

    1. studi30 says:

      LOL! Such a post showing deep thought and intelligence.

  • Mike Tanco says:

    You are correct and where has Communism succeeded in the world?
    We have far too many stupid people in this country that are allowed to vote, and most Congressman are corrupt. Term limits for them and the Supreme Court is the answer.

  • ShemSilber says:

    There is indeed a silver lining in the clouds that have come on us because of the disintegration of the world around us in these last few administrations, namely, that there are increasing numbers who are coming to the realization that we need to heed to return to the Torah that Almighty Yahuwah gave to our fathers through His servant Moses. People are coming out of the churches, synagogues and even the mosques to accept the Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus) as their Redeemer. He is the Living Torah who gave the written Torah into the hands of Moses (1Corinthians 10:4; Hebrews 11:24-26; John 1:1-18 and 8:58, for examples). When He gave us the two main commandments of the Torah, as in Matthew 22:35-40, to love Yahuwah our Elohim with our whole beings and our neighbors as ourselves, He was not excusing us from the rest of the Torah, but giving us a solid foundation by which to learn to do the other lesser points of the Torah.

    When Messiah returns to rule from Jerusalem, ISRAEL, per Isaiah 2:1-4 and Micah 4:1-4, He will teach all nations Torah observance until He has swept all evils off the face of the earth and thereby produced peace on earth as we’ve never had before.

    There will be no more worries about politics, religion, education or whatever, because of the total cleansing of each individual and the whole society that will then be. HalleluYAH and omein, in the Name of our Master Yahushua, omein!

  • Rodney Steward says:

    People, I fear this may be the last election of the United States of America, this country is on the very edge of blowing sky high!! The American Communist Party is now in every part of our system, then throw in the sand coons, we’re in one he$$ of a mess!

  • joe says:

    The politicians are all in bed together and there is no difference between the political parties. ALL of the politicos are secretly laughing their collective bu.t.t. off at us over all the division that they have caused with their so-called differences.
    We really would be better off if we could remove the politician from the office and close the office for the remainder of the term or even better, close it permanently but humans are not ready to govern themselves so we are stuck with our elected royalty.
    We *do* need to change the names though.

  • Gidge713 says:

    Dems, especially Harry Reid, keeps complaining about the Koch Bros. big backing to the GOP, but he never talks about the George Soros money for Dems. Plus Soros has ties with Media Matters, Center for American Progress and other groups that favor the Democratic Party, Soros also has ties to the WH and Obama’s ear. Soros is in one ear and Valerie Jarrett is in the other. Both bad news.

  • barbarakelly says:

    If you not going to help the American people — The one that none of us want is Hillary. she is a walking disaster. We have one last shot at this and it better be Trump that you are supporting –otherwise get out of our way so we can get the right person in the WH.

  • keepyourpower says:

    People..if you do not want to have to put up with I Seigel’s nonsense…just block him!

  • champion2211 says:

    All these A holes and athiest are doing is buying votes so I call those that take money for their votes are traitors also, just like Hillary, Obama and those in line of the Democrats and some Republicans. These types of people should be deported whether they are Americans or not. They are gutless wonders if they do what they say they will do. No good in them anywhere.

  • Surly Curmudgen says:


    If you happen to see the Bill Clinton five minute TV ad for Hillary in which he introduces the commercial by saying he wants to share some things we may not know about Hillary’s background, beware as I was there for most of their presidency and know them better than just about anyone. I offer a few corrections:

    Bill says: “In law school Hillary worked on legal services for the poor.”

    Facts are: Hillary’s main extra-curricular activity in ‘Law School’ was helping the Black Panthers, on trial in Connecticut for torturing and killing a ‘Federal Agent.’ She went to Court every day as part of a Law student monitoring committee trying to spot civil rights violations and develop grounds for appeal.

    Bill says: “Hillary spent a year after graduation working on a Children’s rights project for poor kids.”

    Facts are: Hillary interned with Bob Truehaft, the head of the California Communist Party. She met Bob when he represented the Panthers and traveled all the way to San Francisco to take an internship with him.

    Bill says: “Hillary could have written her own job ticket, but she turned down all the lucrative job offers.”

    Facts are: She flunked the D.C. bar exam, ‘Yes’, flunked it, it is a matter of record, and only passed the Arkansas bar. She had no job offers in Arkansas, ‘None’, and only got hired by the University of Arkansas Law School at Fayetteville because Bill was already teaching there. She did not join the prestigious Rose Law Firm until Bill became Arkansas Attorney General and was made a partner only after he was elected Arkansas Governor.

    Bill says: “President Carter appointed Hillary to the Legal Services Board of Directors and she became its Chairman.”

    Facts are: The appointment was in exchange for Bill’s support for Carter in his 1980 primary against Ted Kennedy. Hillary then became chairman in a coup in which she won a majority away from Carter’s choice to be chairman.

    Bill says: “She served on the board of the Arkansas Children’s Hospital.”

    Facts are: Yes she did. But her main board activity, not mentioned by Bill, was to sit on the Wal-Mart Board of Directors, for a substantial fee. She was silent about their labor and health care practices.

    Bill says: “Hillary didn’t succeed at getting health care for all Americans in 1994 but she kept working at it and helped to create the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) that provides five million children with health insurance.”

    Facts are: Hillary had nothing to do with creating CHIP. It was included in the budget deal between Clinton and Republican Majority Leader Senator Trent Lott. I know; I helped to negotiate the deal. The money came half from the budget deal and half from the Attorney Generals’ tobacco settlement. Hillary had nothing to do with either source of funds.

    Bill says: “Hillary was the face of America all over the World.” (LOL)

    Facts are: Her visits were part of a program to get her out of town so that Bill would not appear weak by feeding stories that Hillary was running the White House. Her visits abroad were entirely touristic and symbolic and there was no substantive diplomacy on any of them.

    Bill says: “Hillary was an excellent Senator who kept fighting for Children’s and Women’s issues.”

    Facts are: Other than totally meaningless legislation like changing the names on courthouses and post offices, she has passed only four substantive pieces of legislation. One set up a national park in Puerto Rico. A second provided respite care for family members helping their relatives through Alzheimer’s or other conditions. And two were routine bills to aid 911 victims and responders which were sponsored by the entire N.Y. delegation. Presently she is trying to have the US memorialize Woodstock.

    Here is what bothers me more than anything else about Hillary Clinton. She has done everything possible to weaken the President and our Country (that’s you and me) when it comes to the ‘War on Terror’.

    1. She wants to close GITMO and move the combatants to the USA where they would have access to our legal system.

    2. She wants to eliminate the monitoring of suspected Al Qaeda phone calls to/from the USA.

    3. She wants to grant constitutional rights to enemy combatants captured on the battlefield.

    4. She wants to eliminate the monitoring of money transfers between suspected Al Qaeda cells and supporters in the USA.

    5. She wants to eliminate the type of interrogation tactics used by the Military & CIA where coercion might be used when questioning known terrorists even though such tactics might save American lives.

    One cannot think of a single ‘Bill’, Hillary has introduced or a single comment she has made that would tend to strengthen our Country in the ‘War on Terror’. But, one can think of a lot of comments she has made that weaken our Country and makes it a more dangerous situation for all of us. Bottom line: She goes hand in hand with the ACLU on far too many issues where common sense is abandoned.

    Share this with everyone you know, ask them to prove Dick Morris wrong. Think about it – he’s (Dick Morris) said all of this openly, thus if he were not truthful he’d be liable for ‘Defamation of Character’ !

    And you better believe Hillary would sue him.

    Her winning in 2016 means the final death knell for America! Her whole public life has been a LIE.

    By Dick Morris, former political advisor to President Bill Clinton


    Hillary is far worse and worth far less than the toe sucker Morris paints her in this piece.

  • Jimmee41 says:

    Couple of Globalists!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert Early says:

    The Koch Brothers will burn in hell with all their money, and along side the Pope.

    1. studi30 says:

      The Kochs give $50 million a year to the United Negro College Fund. How many libterd groups give to the UNCF? The Kochs are at the forefront of cancer research. How many libterds are helping look for the cure?

      1. Robert Early says:

        That’s nice. Just try to keep things in propet perspective.
        The Kochs are worth $44.3 B.
        Their generous $50 M is equivalent to my gift of $25 per year. To give even 1 %, the Kochs would need to part with at least $443M. Frankly, I don’t care what the Kochs give. That’s their business. I Just don’t worship them. BTW. I give considerably more than $25 per year.

        1. studi30 says:

          WOW what a generous man you are. No one asked you to worship them. Bill Gates is the wealthiest man in the world worth $90 billion. He doesn’t give to the UNCF but he does give millions to the DNC.

  • Timothy says:

    Kochs are big baby’s don’t get their way cry

    1. studi30 says:

      Compared to you they are far superior. They have 8 cancer research institutes set up in the US looking for cures for all cancers. They use their own money for research. They work with St. Jude and other child cancer institutions.

      1. Timothy says:

        And fix elections and get all kinds tax brakes they shoot your brother that make it ok be cause they do research .. They cry baby’s
        They get grants compared to you its ok to sell baby parts even there still alive . Debbie W. Dnc fix race aginst Bernie for Hillary that’s ok with you .. They don’t do anything on less its to their benefit.. If you think they do i got some moon dust to sell you .

        1. studi30 says:

          The Koch Brothers are Conservatives. Conservatives are Republicans and are against abortion and selling baby parts. Conservatives are for Trump and against Hillary and Bernie Sanders. From the low quality of your posts I think you are a gullible brain dead millennial. You don’t know what the Republicans support because you believe your lying far left media. Tax BREAKS? The top three wealthiest men in the world are Gates, Buffett and Zuckerberg all have tax breaks, all give millions to the DEMOCRAT PARTY and all are twice as wealthy as all four Koch brothers combined. Shoot my brother? BLM and all the racist blacks aren’t my brothers.

  • Timothy Raffety says:

    Obama and Hitlery and Senator Kerry all need to be brought up on the charge of Treason. The definition of Treason is as follows: Treason giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States. When obummer and kerry flew that $400,000,000.00 to Iran in the dead of night, secretly by the way, they in fact committed Treason by the definition of our Constitution. Senator Kerry publicly stated that he had no doubt that some of that money would be used to finance more terrorist activities by Iran, and that my friends is Giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States. It’s time that we call or write to our Senators and Congressmen, plus getting up petitions by us as U.S. citizens calling for the charges of treason to be filed against Obama and company. Obama supposedly took this oath of office when he became POTUS- I Barack Hussein Obama do solemnly swear ( or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, Preserve, Protect, and Defend the Constitution of the United States. As anybody can see, that over the last 7 1/2 years he has not followed that oath, he’s as Treasonous as they come, back in WW II they were put up against a wall and shot for treason for far less than what obummer and company have done.

  • CCIG says:

    We are so dun!

  • Walter Flatt says:



















  • Anouk says:

    Koch Brothers, George Soros, Warren Buffett and other billionaires are the same sleazy bunch of money hungry people who are more for their pockets than for their country.

  • Richard says:

    Both Obama who lied the day he took the Oath and Hillary for ESPONIAGE due through the Emails had we had a real Government this wasn’t Corrupt like America had in 1953 they both like the Rosenberg’s would have been EXCUTED for TREASON and ESPONIAGE but since we do not have a real Government but a Corrupt one. Run by Dumb Bo Crates who are Blind in one Eye and can’t see out the other who for 7.5 years let an Muslim from Kenya run Ramped and continues to Destroy our CONSTITUTION. They all know Hillary and Obama sold Weapons to ISIS and other Muslim leaders now Obama just gave 400 Million to Iran could that be his Retirement? Dumb Bo Crates wake up your leader along with Hillary will sell you out to make a Buck or better yet become America’s FIRST DICTATOR, Hitler did it, Mussolini did it, as they to loved the Muslim Ways and Obama LOVES their Ways and Practices their ways and loves the Quran was he says it is Beautiful. America WAKE UP we have a SNAKE and a FOX in the hen House. God Bless America and Down with this Corrupt Government Remember we did it before Revolt against England and English Law as we wanted FREEDOM under Obama and Hillary there will be NO FREEDOM look at Obama’s track record TRILLIONS in DEBT! Do YOU want this for your Children’s Children? I as an American DON’T!

  • Walter Flatt says:


  • SD of AZ says:

    Guess this proves you can really buy voters too besides the politicians.

  • ONTIME says:

    These two clowns are right there on my, put a hit on Soros list……why are we letting them sabotage the election?

  • whoisshe? says:

    Why is it so hard for the rich to believe in the real American People-

  • Dan says:

    Kochs, Soros…Buffetts….Is there really any difference? The only real man in the room is billionaire Donald Trump that made the sacrifice of actually running for office. There’s no place for the back room financial spin doctors in my opinion…

    1. I Seigel says:

      “Sacrifice of running for office”?!?! LMAO!! Is that like the sacrifices he claims he made starting businesses and hiring people? Kind of makes soldiers, first responders and other “sacrifices” seem like pitiful sad sacks, doesn’t it? Trump has redefined the word “sacrifice”.

      It wouldn’t be ego or a thirst for power and ratings and more fame and money that would drive him to run for president, would it? “Sacrifice”, my ass!

      1. Dan says:

        Trump didn’t have to do this! As a Patriot he sees this country imploding thanks to the absence of leadership. Let’s see you run for President, make the speeches, campaign stops, while dealing with your opposition. Yes, it’s a sacrifice.

        1. I Seigel says:

          If I had the giant ego, need for adoration, and thirst for even more power and money, I certainly would run! You’ve got to be a total idiot to think he’s “sacrificing”. What about those first responders and soldiers? What do you consider they’re doing, if you consider Trump a sacrifice?

          1. Dan says:

            Of course the first responders and soldiers make sacrifices you moron. You’ve lost sight of what this article was even about. Rich elites trying to sway the election!

          2. I Seigel says:

            Dan, who was it that brought up the idea of Trump’s “sacrifice” in this thread? Look back through the posts and tell me? OH, IT WAS YOU!!! And I was simply responding to your (and Trump’s) weak attempts to justify his candidacy as “sacrifice”.

        2. Ted Crawford says:

          Of course he did. In the first place it satisfies his enormous Ego. In the second, that was his portion of the Quid-Pro-Quo deal he and the Clintons crafted! He’s done his part, in spades! Not only has he guaranteed Hillary the White House, and the Senate, but he destroyed the Republican Party in the mix!
          In any case he hired Steven Mnuchin to get him his Return On Investment, probably with a 15% profit. As soon as that’s accomplished, you’ll see his Exit Strategy, kick into high gear! Even Trump isn’t narcissistic enough to actually believe that Hillary will fully honor her part of the deal!

        3. Kent2012 says:

          iseigalinsky is operating from a disadvantaged position. his commie indoctrination has failed him, but he is unable to stop adoring aholes like his messiah or the hore from Illinois by way of the Arkansas Mafia…he likes strong lezzies…especially ugly ones…and he voted twice for kenyan boyo because he knew that the african pretender would be successful in bringing “single payer healthcare insurance” into being and that way he could get his gender reassignment surgery for free….well it would not cost him anything…in addition Real American taxpayers will pay to keep her supplied with birth control pills…heaven forbid that she be inconvenienced by an unwanted pregnancy….

          1. I Seigel says:

            I read thru your entire post, and you didn’t once mention bunched panties! You must be an imposter, a pod person. Certainly not the Kent we all know and love.

          2. Kent2012 says:

            how could I have overlooked the obvious ??

        4. Robert Early says:

          About 20 years ago, I was approached about running for a high-level office. When I learned all that I and my entire family would be subjected to,
          I declined the “opportunity”.
          Yes, there is much sacrifice.

      2. Jimmee41 says:

        What a dope!!!!!

  • Dannie Poe says:

    This is not surprising. Our current government is bought and sold with big money interests. We call it Establishment Politics. How do you think the Clintons made their 300 million? How did Harry Reed use his power in government to gain more power and become wealthy? What about Romney, and all the other political insiders who protect their wealth with the help of government. This is what Trump and the US Citizens are up against today. How did we get to this point? While people struggled to put food on their table politicians were manipulating government into a money machine. The 2014 Mid Terms proved this to the people who gave Republicans the majority in Congress and then the GOP gave Obama everything he wanted. We now have organized crime governing the people and calling it Political Correct. If Clinton is elected she will become the bobble-head of Establishment Politics and nothing will change. If anything it will get worse. We the people do not need the Political Parties, because they simply do not represent the people. It matters very little witch Party is in power. Why are the GOP Elite opposed to Trump? He is a political outsiders who can not be bought. They fear their money machine will may malfunction under President Trump.

    1. Walter Flatt says:


      1. George Jones says:

        That was how it started in Arkansas.

        1. Ethel Halstead says:

          You’re right George, look up the “Mena Connection”. The Clintons were involved up to their necks, but their part in it was just another clever cover-up. But there were those who knew the truth, although most of the ones that knew the truth didn’t last long enough to talk about it. One of them was found hanging in someone’s barn in a gunny sack, he had been diced up with a chain saw. That chain saw victim was a friend of one of my relative, which is how I got the story.
          At the time the drug running was happening around Mena, it wasn’t safe to even talk about it in public places. When I began writing a “fictional” book about the Mena Connection, I was told that only an Idiot would try swimming such shark infested waters, and I should back off. But I decided that nobody could take offense at a fictional story. So I wrote the book any way, because I had another “fictional” story I wanted to combine with that one.

          1. WZT says:

            Ethel, You mentioned a book you wrote about the Mena scandal and I am curious if you have read Terry Reed and John Cummings book, Compromised?

          2. Ethel Halstead says:

            Dear WZT.

            Over the years, I have read so many articles about the Mena Connection that I have forgotten most
            of the titles. My elderly brother, until his death about ten years ago, lived in Rich mountain, Arkansas, about twelve miles from Mena. He gave me videos
            that connected Bill and Hilary to the Mena connection. But in answer to your question, I’ll have to look through my books and saved articles for Compromised” because I do not remember the title and you’ve piqued my interest.

            The last time I visited with my brother before his death, I was preparing to hike up an ancient trail with my children, and take photos of my grandparents old homestead located in the Black Fork Mountains, which ran parallel with Rich Mountain (east and west direction) and located only four miles from where my brother lived on the north side of Rich Mountain . My brother’s wife, who was always rather quiet by nature and somewhat shy, was acting a bit unusual when I mentioned taking my kids to the old homestead, but knowing her, I paid little attention to her actions. However, she told my brother what I had planned for the day, and he threw a hissy fit on the spot and forbade me to take my kids up there, and then told me why he objected. He and his wife had tried to walk to our grandparents old homestead a few months earlier, and had been fired upon with some sort of automatic weapon before they had gotten within a mile of the place. Later, an article came out in the Mena Star newspaper that my great grandfathers’ graves had been robbed and their civil war medals
            had been taken from their headstones and off their corpses. The graves had been left open and the broken headstones strewn about the area. My great grandfathers, which had been buried side by side in the family plot, were both civil war vets.
            One had fought for the North, the other for the South. But they became the best of friends when their children, my paternal grandparents, met and fell in love. So, naturally members of our very large family was shocked speechless and heartbroken when we learned of the devastation of our great grandparents graves. Later, one of my cousins hired a guide and, with a team of mules, managed to reach the old
            homestead from the North side of the mountains and get photos of what remained of the graves and the old homestead.
            Of course, we have no way of knowing for sure who
            destroyed the homestead. My brother believed it was a gang who was using the homestead as a campground and the ancient, overgrown fields to grow marijuana. However, even if that were the case, there was still no way of knowing if any of it was, in any way, connected to the Mena Connection episode.

            I left my fictional novel hanging for a possible sequel,
            but so far, I’ve found no additional information that would warrant another novel based in that area of interest, and all of my older relatives, who might
            have been a source of information, have passed on.

            Thanks again dear heart for the input about “Compromised”

          3. WZT says:

            Ethel, my pleasure and your story is most interesting. If you want more info on the book you can find it by going to Amazon and typing in “Compromised: Clinton, Bush, and the CIA”.

      2. Donnie Buchanan says:

        Google ” The Mena Connection”. It will surprise you even though you know they’re corrupt.

      3. Ted Crawford says:

        Ask Don Henry or Kevin Ives?

      4. Robert Early says:

        Possibly; but more likely from dopes.

    2. George Jones says:

      Well stated, Dannie

    3. Robert Early says:

      Bill and Hillary are not influenced or controlled by the MOB. They are the MOB. Get in their way, and you will die by suicide with TWO shots to the brain, just like Vince Foster.

    4. Donnie Buchanan says:

      @Dannie Poe : You see it as it is, only it is worse. The ‘elites’ fear Trump and will do anything to stop him. The GOP is as guilty as any in their corruptness. Trump will wreck their playhouse and slaughter their cash cows and they know it. They will either have to fall in or fallout and their hope is that if Trump wins, they will only have to “put up with him” for four years. We must see that it is eight years because this mess wasn’t done in just the past 3 or 4 election cycles.

    5. Anouk says:

      Great post Dannie!

    6. disqus_7KiKMOOd1L says:

      IF Trump isn’t really part of the Political Establishment himself ( We have still never learned why he had the ph con with Bill Clinton just days before he announced his candidacy.), then he would represent a threat to the status quo of the Political Elite. That is why he has not had the support of the GOP leadership and why they opposed him from the start. He might be an outsider and thus, a threat, or he might not. Big Government, Big Business, Big Banking and Big Media are all together with Big GOP and Big Dems.

      1. Dannie Poe says:

        He might be anything, however we all know who Hillary is. Can he be worse than Obama or Hillary? The real problem is that Clinton sees herself as Queen. She sees herself as the first female to become President, thus a woman in power. If this is her only qualification the nation loses. With our first Black(part Black) President we have seen the rise of Political Correct and it’s damage to our nation. Now with Hillary we are forced to accept more of the same. Under Hillary I only see Political Correct Socialism. Even though he is untested, I see Trump as the US’s only chance to right the ship and give the government back to the people.

    7. Robert Early says:

      Billions of dollars will not make one completely protected from a 2 cent piece of lead; unless they intend to wear it.

  • Garry A DeManty says:

    The US Senate needs Senator Johnson.He is one that has been trying to get the truth on Benghazi since the tragic incident happened.It would be ashamed to lose such a Senator who aleast try to get the truth out of Obama sanitary lying administration.

    1. I Seigel says:

      Really? Ron Johnson?!?! Another ideologue who just wants to obstruct and fight? The Koch Bros were backing several similar candidates in Kansas who all lost. People want their candidates to care about their own lives, their businesses, their families. Not Benghazi, not bullsh*t that the average American isn’t affected by and really doesn’t care a rat’s ass about. The KochBros are backing those candidates just to keep the attention off the raping and pillaging of the economy that they continue to do.

      What is Ron Johnson going to find about Benghazi that Trey Gowdy and the other 7 investigations didn’t find? Didn’t Trey take enough time and try hard enough for you?

      1. Luke says:

        Deaths of Americans like in Benghazi damn well do affect us, it pisses me off how it doesn’t mean anything to a damn liberal.

        BTW, Rep’s care about Americans and their lives and want to improve those lives that the demonrats have nearly destroyed with their third world policies, trade deals that hurt American business, regulations and taxing people and business to death.
        George sorass is the filth that has hurt this country the most supporting the lying liberals and their commie policies..

        1. I Seigel says:

          Obviously a majority of Republicans in Kansas disagree with you.

          1. Robert Early says:

            Is the majority suddenly relevant. Didn’t the majority elect the worse President in US history.
            The reality is that 6 of 10 voters in the US today are totally ignorant, regardless of which Party they worship.

          2. I Seigel says:

            It will be a majority that is needed to elect Trump. Will it be relevant then?

          3. Robert Early says:

            The Kochs remind me of Randorf and Mortimer Duke in the movie “Trading Places”.
            If Hillary is a shoe-in, as you suggest, then perhaps the Revolution needs to implement plan B right now.

          4. I Seigel says:

            I never implied – and I don’t believe – that Hillary is a “shoe-in”. The polls are meaningless right now, just something for the media – left and right – to have fun with.

          5. Robert Early says:

            You are correct.

          6. Luke says:

            It depends on what the meaning of “is” is.. LOL

          7. Ted Crawford says:

            The “majority” that elected Obama, is, by and large, the SAME Majority that nominated Trump! Democrats and Left-Leaning Independents!!! Trump got less than 40% of the Republican votes!!!
            It’s probably more like 7 or 8 of 10!
            9 1/2 for Democrat voters!

          8. I Seigel says:

            And the reality is that only a VERY small percentage of voters took part in primary voting and caucuses. I saw one statistic that said only 9% of voters participated. So you can figure out what percentage of the general voting population voted for Trump and Clinton.

          9. Ethel Halstead says:

            There are a lot of non-thinking republicans too. After all, some of them helped to elect Obama.

          10. I Seigel says:

            And your point is? They are your fellow Americans, and you have to live with them. You’re old enough to understand that you live in a SOCIETY with all the benefits and compromises that that entails, aren’t you?

          11. Luke says:

            Not hardly, if they are Rep then they do not disagree with me..

          12. I Seigel says:

            You probably meant, “…if they are a REAL Rep, then they do not disagree with me.” Right?

          13. Ethel Halstead says:

            Luke, while I agree with you for the most part, and disagree with Seigel much, much more, I do know several republicans that voted for Obama. Of course it could have been the hype, the promises, or the novelty of voting for the first black president. Of that I cannot say. But, whatever caused them to vote in the first place, I know that most, if not all of them, are now very sorry they helped to vote him into office. They bemoan their hindsight, and wish they had paid more attention to his background and track record than they did to the novelty of the moment. Everyone makes mistakes occasionally. What counts is the ability to learn from the mistakes and become better, more informed, more productive people. And I would almost be willing to make a wager that somewhere along your life’s highway, you have met some truly beloved people who are democrats. A person’s political party does not make them a bad person. Being a lying, back-stabbing, greedy, power-hungry, cruel, thoughtless person, that wouldn’t even stop at murder in order to gain wealth and power, makes them bad people.
            If the people I just described sounds a bit familiar to you, then you do know the type I’m speaking of.
            But people who love this country, and wish only for the continuation of our greatness, along with all the liberty, freedom and endless possibilities this nation offers, regardless of their political affiliation, are good citizens.
            However, if they wish only to obtain what others have worked for, without trying to provide their own needs, through their own efforts, they are not good citizens and shouldn’t be treated as such. No one was born owing another person an endless life of hard work in order to support those who refuse to help themselves. And any government that would arbitrarily and unselectively take from the haves who have earned their security, and give it to the do-not haves who refuse to work, is no better than the worst sort of thieves. And when they do it in order to obtain votes, it makes them rotten criminals. And it shouldn’t take a brain surgeon to recognize that.

          14. Luke says:

            Perfect description of a evil demonrat, specifically the clintoons

        2. Ethel Halstead says:

          Dear Luke.
          What difference does it make if our heroic men are killed by terrorists while their only hope of survival, which was Obama’s security officials, were asked to “stand down” when the men under attack asked for help.
          Now, may I ask what difference does make if Donald Trump fails to bow to a Muslim soldier that was killed while fighting in a war that he volunteered to fight in, along with thousands of other soldiers who have died in the same war without so much as an honorable mention of their deaths. And maybe Donald was remembering all the soldiers that were murdered at Ft. Hood by a Muslim Major—and seemingly without a cause other than Allah wanted him to do it.
          How can anyone even wonder why sane people are feeling a bit put out at liberals who bad mouth Donald Trump because he doesn’t bow to Muslim soldiers and Muslim Kings, when it’s so obvious that a large majority of them want us dead, and we have no way of knowing which of them want us dead until they kill us. If we listen to what Isis has to say, and maybe we should on some levels, they all want us dead.

          1. Ted Crawford says:

            I don’t fault Trump for not bowing to Muslims! I criticize Trump for disrespecting our Constitution!!
            If we allow Trump, or anyone else to disregard the provisions of the Constitution to serve our purpose, what honest objection could we possibly offer to any Progressive that does the same for their own purpose? The easier, softer way, leads to failure and destruction of this Nation! “We do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard!” John Kennedy

          2. Luke says:

            Just curious, how has Trump disrespected our constitution?

          3. Ted Crawford says:

            His Religious Test/ Religious ban, violates the provisions of Article VI, Clause III, and the First Amendment. It also disrespects the fact that Religious freedom was one of the primary goals of our Founding Fathers!
            He supports Socialize Medicine.
            He supports publicly funded Infanticide through Planned Parenthood.
            He’s proven he will abuse Eminent Domain.
            He believes that the Constitution gives him Carte Blanche with respect to our Military ! “I’ll give the orders and the military WILL obey, believe you me” That is a Seig Heil moment if there ever was one!
            That’s just the low hanging fruit!

          4. Luke says:

            He doesn’t have a religious test for people nor would it violate the constitution..
            liberals are the ones who have a problem with religious freedom and what the Founding Fathers envisioned..
            He doesn’t support infanticide, that’s not true and you know it..
            He hasn’t abused eminent domain, that would be hard to do..
            He would be the Commander-in-chief so yes his orders should be obeyed.
            That’s just liberal talking points and bullsh*t you posted

          5. Ted Crawford says:

            Typical Trump supporter! Not only do you NOT know the Constitution: “; …But no Religious Test shall ever be required…..”! “Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”! A ban on Muslims violate BOTH !!
            But you don’t even know anything respecting your beloved Messiah!
            Trump very vocally DOES support Planned Parenthood, who perform over 300,000 abortions EVERY year!
            Tell that story to Vera Coking! in 1993 Trump, using his bought politicians very definitely DID attempt to take her property, through Eminent Domain, to build a dam_ Parking lot!
            That disgusting argument didn’t work at Nuremberg and it doesn’t wash now either

          6. Luke says:

            Typical hillery supporter!
            Trump never said anything about the muslims religion, all he said was, we don’t know who these people are coming from the terrorist supporting countries..A ban on muslims does not violate the constitution unless you’re a typical hillery supporter who believes that bullsh*t..
            Trump does not support abortion, he said he doesn’t, I believe him before I believe you are hillery..
            He give up that eminent domain attempt when he found out all the circumstances of it and the older woman who lived there..
            You’re just a socialist muslim clintoon supporter who believes all the lies that come from that skank clintoon..

          7. Ted Crawford says:

            How very sad! You are the Typical Trump supporter, completely delusional and totally unthinking! I’m guessing, NOT really, that you haven’t even seen a copy of the Constitution, in years, if you ever did at all!
            I find Hillary, and her despicable mate, as disgusting as any human that ever lived! I fought, literally, Communism, both on the Battlefields and in Politics since 9, July, 1966!
            I find Islam to be a Cult rather than any form of Religion!
            I’m left with simply following the advice of one wiser than myself here; “It is as useless to argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason, as to administer medicine to the Dead!” Thomas Paine
            I bid you Good Day!

          8. Luke says:

            Well make up your mind.. you can’t just convince me you hate Trump and clintoon, although there are many reasons to hate clintoon.
            Trump however is just a person trying do what is right IMHO for the American people and America, he has seen the total destruction of our economy, our military and our standing in the world with our friends and enemies..Now everything he says about those subjects are correct. But it seems those who dwell on the simple things he says that has no affect on the issues I mentioned are blinded by stupidity and the lies of the sorry left-wing trash and media hyenas and jackals.
            He says the things we all feel about the muslims, about the economy, about trade deficits, about our weak military and the rise of china and russia who are our real enemies..
            So you keep dwelling on the little things that occupy the liberals who hate our way of life and the simple minded useful idiots supporting the clitoons and their rabid pack of morons who seek to enrich themselves at the middle-class expense…

          9. Ted Crawford says:

            “…you keep dwelling on the little things…”
            And there-in lies the problem! I, and I would hope fervently that, a majority of America, does NOT view the intended usurpation of our Constitution, as a, “little thing”, THAT IS a Progressive viewpoint!
            You simply CANNOT make America , “safer” by destroying Her Constitution! ” Those that would surrender essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary security, will deserve neither Liberty or security!!” Benjamin Franklin
            It can, however be done, within the context of our Constitution, it just requires much more effort and thought! I’ll steal, though I believe he wouldn’t mind, something JFK, our last Liberal Democrat President said; “We do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard..” I would also add, because that is what it takes to get the job done and preserve our Constitution at the same time! The easier, softer, quicker way, inevitably leads to utter disaster!

          10. Luke says:

            So the only way to help America out of this dilemma is to elect Donald J. Trump.

            Vote for America and Americans, Trump/Pence/2016..

          11. Ted Crawford says:

            Have a good day ‘ole clueless one!

          12. Max says:

            Says the Hillary supporting TROLL!!!

          13. Luke says:

            Anybody that votes for Trump is right in this election, we’ve got to turn this country around so we cannot endure four more years of that pos in the WH or that dogpoop clintoon..

            So go vote for that dogpoop clintoon so she can continue making our country a thirdworld sh*thole liberals want to live in..

          14. Ted Crawford says:

            Anybody who wants what you want, and that should be EVERY American, that votes for Trump is mislead and delusional!

          15. Luke says:

            So tell me how someone who votes for Trump might be mislead and delusional..
            How is Trump misleading us or how would we be delusional for wanting a president who was supporting the American people instead of themselves and our enemies like obama and hillery clintoon do..
            I say anyone who believes or supports a PROVEN liar like obama and clintoon are the useful idiot borgs in the plantation herd or they’re just a sucker on the American tax payer back, sorrier than the day is long..

          16. Ted Crawford says:

            I completely agree with your assessment of Clinton/Obama supporters!
            The delusion comes from the fact that Trump can’t do even a small portion of what he promises! The Authority to do them is found in Article I, and therefore a mandate of Congress, The Legislative Branch, NOT Article II, the Executive Branch mandates!
            Secondly, his Foreign policy should send chills down your back! Were he to attempt to implement them, he would very soon have us Isolated, and quite possibly even at War! His pronouncements are pure idiocy! Beginning with his ridiculous claim that he , somehow, would have the power to force an independent, Sovereign Nation, pay for American Infrastructure! There exists NO such mechanism for that, NONE, whatsoever!

          17. Luke says:

            I believe Trump can deliver on his promises with a Rep house and senate, after all nothing has stopped that muslim in the WH from making devastating changes that has cost many American jobs and emboldened our enemies..
            The delusion comes from those who don’t believe or want things to be better than they are under this dictator in the WH..
            Trumps foreign policy is great, it puts us back in-charge, makes our friends believe in us again and scares our enemies who don’t respect us under this incompetent muslim in the WH who I believe hates America and wants us to become like his birth country, kenya..
            The idiocy comes from those who want hillary in the WH to continue our failure in the world..
            I believe mexico will pay for that wall when we change the trade policies the liberal incompetent loons have enacted that are bleeding the American worker dry.
            NO< it's time for change and it's time we put our enemies on notice and it's time the naysayers come out from under their beds and started acting like brave Americans and restore this country's place in the world.

          18. Ted Crawford says:

            As I said, delusion! Consider: All those squishy Democrats that Trump is so proud of, remember fully 3/5 of Trumps Primary votes came from outside the Republican Electorate, do you honestly believe that even those few, who actually do vote for him in the General, will vote for ANY of the Republicans running for the open Congressional seats?
            The next President, whomever that is, WILL have, at the very least, a Progressive controlled Senate, possibly even the House! Curious, you’re so very eager to start a fight, have you ever been in Combat? Have you ever seen the devastation, and suffering of the innocent women and children? While, I agree, it must ALWAYS remain an option, it should ALWAYS be the option of last choice!
            By the way, a policy of Tariffs, has ALWAYS been a failed policy, throughout all of world history!

          19. Luke says:

            a policy of Tariffs, has ALWAYS been a failed policy, throughout all of world history!

            Socialism is a failure in all of world history as well. We want to make the playing field equal for our corporations and small business which might require us to hurt some of the liberals favorite countries robbing us blind to give back to them….

            Look, I did serve and I want this country protected regardless of who is attempting to undermine our freedoms.
            War against the US should be something to avoid but our weak, weak administration lets our enemies run over us in cyber space and around the world..

            Vote for America and Americans, vote Trump/Pence/2016

          20. Max says:

            Unthinking? Have you thought about who’s going to win if Trump loses?
            You’re such a DumbAss.. You’re little more than a Democrat TROLL!!

          21. Ethel Halstead says:

            Sorry, Ted, but what you’ve written above sounds more as if you’re speaking of Obama, not Trump.

          22. Ted Crawford says:

            Sadly, there are many parallels! Obama wants to, but knows better than to, ban Christians, while Trump, to his credit, attacks Muslims. However, while Obama realizes that he can’t, Trump is so narcissistic that he believes he can!
            They do both support planned Parenthood and by extension Infanticide!
            They both love to abuse Eminent Domain!
            None of this is surprising, both are Democrats, Obama is the Progressive iteration and Trump the Liberal version!

          23. Ethel Halstead says:

            Hi Ted,
            I wholly agree about the constitution. However, I must say that I think Donald Trump sometimes says things to make a point that he doesn’t think through thoroughly enough before speaking. I also wish there was a stringent clause attached to a contract that must be signed by all who run for POTUS. That contract should be a requirement that any person running for POTUS must read and understand the constitution, and if the need should ever arise, must be able to recite it without a copy in hand.
            I find it difficult to believe that Obama had ever hear of our constitution before he took over the highest office in the nation.

          24. Ted Crawford says:

            I understand how you feel Ethel, however, I would respectfully suggest, that it is far, far more important that EVERY American read, often the Constitution. Were that the case people like Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, and yes Trump, wouldn’t gain any traction!

          25. Robert Early says:

            I fail to understand how anyone could disrespect the Constitution more than Hillary.
            If she is elected, the Country is dead along with it’s Constitution. Perhaps I will be dead also; because I’m going to try to stop the madness.

          26. Ted Crawford says:

            I feel the same way, with respect to Clinton!
            While I am taking my family to, relative safety, I’ll be leaving soon after I vote for Scott Walker on November 8, we’ll watch Hillary’s Inauguration on the TV., should American’s really show a determination to resist, I’ll gladly return myself. My Oath is still relevant, but I refuse to take anymore human lives in half….hearted, causes like Viet Nam !

          27. Luke says:

            They all want us dead if they are a quran believing muslim..

          28. I Seigel says:

            You all love the “stand down” myth, don’t you. 8 investigations, and still no proof. And no way rescue teams could have reached them in time, anyway. But most of you live in your own LaLa Land anyway, so enjoy. Maybe this weekend you can take the Tin Man and go visit Willy Wonka.

          29. Ethel Halstead says:

            Okay, Seigel. I said it before, but since you obviously didn’t hear it, I’ll say it again. Conservatives have absolutely no reason to believe that an investigation done by Obama or Hillary’s paid investigators, would be worth the time it took them to say there was nothing to find. And again, if you still wonder why we don’t believe anything a liberal says, then please listen to the FBI’s version of their interview with Hillary about her e-mails, and then listen to Hilary’s view. Now, either the FBI is lying, or Hillary is lying. And since she hasn’t told the truth about any of her schemes or crimes, why would anyone believe her over the FBI? She also stood up before the world and told a bald faced lie, and then kept repeating it for days, saying the Bengasi attack was in retaliation for a video that had been released insulting Islam. But now we know form her recovered emails that she called another party—as well as her daughter—within 20 minutes of the attack and told them that Bengasi had been hit by terrorists. She told the world, and keeps telling the world, that she never sent any classified e-mails to anyone. The FBI says she did. She says that her husband’s little tryst with Loretta Lynch aboard a private jet was just a friendly chat about grandchildren. And anyone who would believe that would have to be totally insane. And to add to the building doubt of what really happened on that jet, all of a sudden the FBI, even though they stated for the world to hear that she was guilty as sin, but now believe she shouldn’t be charged with treason or any other crimes, when they had already said she was guilty.
            She has committed worse crimes than some who have gone to prison or was executed.
            And now Obama has been caught taking four hundred million dollars in cash to pay for the release of hostages in Iran, but said, and is still saying he didn’t do it. Okay, if he didn’t give them the money for the release of the hostages, why did he give them the money. And even John Kerry says that it’s entirely possible, even probable, that the money will be used to purchase arms that will be used against the United States and our allies.
            Now, you tell me, if Donald Trump did what we know Obama has done with four hundred million dollars of tax payers money, how would you feel if he kept lying about it to the American people, and all conservatives were covering for him?
            You bad-mouth Trump already and he has done nothing even close to destroying this country. But Obama and Hilary have done a ship load of, possibly, irreparable damage to this country and liberals just close their eyes to it as if it never happened.
            And if you can’t see why conservatives don’t trust liberal investigations, then it’s no wonder you are voting for perhaps the worst enemies this country has ever known.
            All too many liberals are giving an old and tired phrase, “sleeping with the enemy” a definite new meaning.

          30. I Seigel says:

            Ok, Ethel, I’ll say it again. Trey Gowdy does not work for the White House. Neither do any of the other Republican senators and congressmen who have led investigations or participated in them . None of those investigations found anything actionable, any dereliction of duty, anything treasonous or criminal. It was a tragic sequence of events, but Hillary nor the WH committed a criminal act. You don’t think Trey Gowdy tried as hard as he could to blame Hillary for something??

          31. Ethel Halstead says:

            I believe he’s still trying. He has his hands tied by the powers that be, and before he can do anything positive toward obtaining any sort of justice for this country and those men who were murdered in Bengasi, he has to have a justice system who will permit it. He cannot work with people like Loretta Lynch who will stop him cold in his tracks, no matte how many secret meetings on her private jet it might entail on her part. As long as we have people like Obama, Eric Holder and Loretta lynch in power, we can kiss any hoped for justice for this country goodbye. Obama and Eric Holder gave thousands of assault weapons to our enemies and now they’re using them to murder our people. Now Obama has given four-hundred million dollars in cash to Iran to buy more weapons that will kill more Americans as well as our allies. But If you and your ilk cannot see what is happening here, anything I could say will not make one iota of difference. I just hope there are enough intelligent people of voting age to actually see what’s happening to this country before we no longer have a country.

          32. I Seigel says:

            Ethel, Maybe Trey Gowdy could do more for the murdered soldiers by authorizing the money to adequately protect the embassies. Did you forget that thru the budget cuts and sequestration pushed by Cruz the funds to protect the embassies was also cut?

            And there was NO secret meetings on Loretta Lynch’ plane. Bill Clinton and Lynch landed at the same time in private jets in Phoenix. Clinton is an old friend of Lynch – he appointed her to a post during his administration – and he walked over to her on the Tarmac to say hi. There was no secret meeting and no conspiring. I just hope enough intelligent people of voting age seek out the truth from legitimate news sources and not rumor mills and “fair and balanced” Fox.

          33. Ethel Halstead says:

            If you truly believe what you just said, you must be using bat guano for brains. And you’re most likely operating within a group of people who have the same IQ, same brain source. Because no intelligent person could possibly believe that.

          34. I Seigel says:

            Ethel, the single thing that makes you so pathetic is that you’re not in the least willing to recognize that 50%, more or less, of the American population believe exactly that. Does that make them wrong or you? Why can’t you admit that there’s a whole other point of view out there. It’s not your way or the highway.

          35. Ethel Halstead says:

            Seigel, listen to what you just said to me, and then apply it to yourself and every liberal that walks upon this earth. Just maybe, although I doubt it, you might began to see some light at the end of that warped tunnel you have been traveling down without lifting your blinders for a moment.
            Of course, if you bothered to lift the blinders, you might actually see that your world is crumbling around you, and all due to a growing liberal party that keep ethnics enslaved by offering them just enough in the way of freebies to keep them voting for them, but behind their back, make fun of them for being stupid and gullible enough to fall for their crap. For instance, I suppose you believe it was meant as words of endearment to the blacks when Bill Clinton said: If it hadn’t been for him that Obama would never have entered the white house except to serve coffee.
            And I personal heard a liberal say, during a heated discussion on the subject of abortion: “Why are
            so many stupid conservatives opposed to abortion when it could do nothing but help their cause along by eliminating millions of future low lives who would offer nothing constructive to this country, but would continue to suck the life from it, as they have through at least eight generations of welfare recipients, and are adding thousands more ever year.”

            And while that statement led me to believe that at least some liberals were actually thinking, it didn’t change my mind about the fact that murdering
            babies is evil and should be treated as a crime, and not sanctioned as a solution to a problem. There is always another way to deal with problems that
            doesn’t entail murdering your opponents or mass genocide of innocent babies.

            Why doesn’t some you take the time to listen to Dr. Carson, a man who is probably one of the wisest men in this country, and learn what it takes to be truly a free person, not an eternal slave to a faction of greedy, power-hungry beasts.

            But I suppose that most liberals will answer my suggestion with—if not an open slander against Dr. Carson—at least a private thought or two that Dr. Carson is just another stupid black man who is incapable of seeing truths that all you liberals see.
            My guess would be that it would take enough liberals to fill half the state of New York to equal Dr. Carson’s simple, common sense, and that’s to say
            nothing of his outstanding education and his unsurpassed knowledge of the medical world, and his brilliant insight on making America a better place to live for all.

            And, in spite of the fact that I feel I’m wasting my time by even responding to a liberal’s crap, I feel that just maybe, somewhere along the way, my efforts might spark a moment of truth.
            And with said, I’ll add, if Hilary gets elected, God help us all!

          36. I Seigel says:

            Ethel, one of the main differences between you and me is that I make an effort to find out what “the other side” thinks. I come to to places like this and try to have conversations. I don’t – as you appear to do – lump all liberals together or all conservatives together. You use phrases like “the ethnics” and “a group of people who have the same IQ”. I, at least, try to have respect for the other side and not demonize or belittle anyone that disagrees with my point of view. Apparently unbeknownst to you, around half the population disagrees with you. Are you aware of that, or are you so tight inside your conservative bubble that you have no idea there’s a whole other world out there?

            And I’m just curious – do you collect Social Security? Medicaid or Medicare? Are you “an eternal slave to a faction of greedy, power-hungry beasts”?

          37. Ethel Halstead says:

            Seigel, I certainly do understand that possibly half, maybe even more than half of the U.S. disagrees with me. That’s their right. But I have the same right to disagree with them, I have the same right to want my world to operate within the bounds of sanctity and reason that I grew up with. I have a right to want my country to treat all Americans with the same respect. I have a right to believe that laws should apply to every American equally. What I have seen from this current administration, none of the above applies to them. And I have a right to give my best to trying to make sure that my country is operated by rules that I believe offer justice for all. That is not what I see from this administration. I can only see that if you do not believe in their ideas, and their ideals, that you do not belong in this country. I see discrimination and injustice from every nook and cranny. And I have a right to try and set it right.

          38. I Seigel says:

            I am in almost total agreement with what you say here.

          39. Ethel Halstead says:

            Well, Seigel, I’m the other side of your thinking, and you’ve surely tried, but failed, to put me down; for instance, I’m very proud of who and what I am. I do not consider myself pathetic, but that’s all right, you’re still allowed your opinion. The following information might be of some interest to you. Let me hear your opinion of it. You’ll likely disagree, with the author, but it adds credence to my own research and findings, which strongly indicate that Obama and Hillary are selling out our country to an Islamic nation of Muslims . I’ll be waiting for your answer:

            [We all know that Democrats have some pretty nefarious political connections … but for Heaven’s
            sake, why did Hillary have to pick someone with such deep Islamist connections
            as Tim Kaine? The Virginia senator has
            a long history of embracing radical Islam. He appointed a Hamas supporter to a state immigration commission, once spoke at a dinner honoring a Muslim Brotherhood terrorist suspect, and has
            received many donations from well-known Islamist groups.

            Back in 2007,
            Breitbart reports,
            then-Governor Kaine chose Muslim American Society (MAS) President Esam
            Omeish to the state’s Immigration Commission. It was an appointment so controversial that even a Muslim group against radical Islam criticized the appointment and lack of vetting.

            In 2008, federal
            court filings found that MAS was “founded as the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.”

            According to
            Omeish’s website, he was also President of the National Muslim Students Association and served for two years on the national board of the Islamic
            Society of North America (ISNA), which the Justice Department also labeled as a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity and unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas-financing trial.

            His website says he was Vice President of Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center, a radical mosque known for
            its history of terror ties including having future Al-Qaeda operative Anwar Al-Awlaki as its imam and being frequented by two of the 9/11 hijackers and the perpetrator of the Fort Hood shooting. Omeish’s website says he remains a board member.

            Omeish directly expressed extremism before Kaine appointed him. He claimed the Brotherhood is
            “moderate” and admitted that he and MAS are influenced by
            the Islamist movement. In 2004, Omeish praised the Hamas spiritual leader as “our beloved Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.” Videotape from 2000 also surfaced where Omeish pledged to help Palestinians who understand “the jihad way is the way to liberate your land” (he denied this was an endorsement of violence). In the second example of Kaine’s deep connections with Radical Islam, he spoke at a 2011 dinner honoring Jamal Barzinji, the “Founding father of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood.”
            Barzinji has been on the FBI’s radar since 1987, when an informant told them that Barzinji was
            part of a network of brotherhood fronts to “institute the Islamic Revolution in the United States.” Barzinji played a major role in nearly every Brotherhood front in the U.S. and was vice president of the International Institute of Islamic Thought, which came under terrorism investigation also. Barzinji’s group was so close to Palestinian Islamic Jihad
            operative Sami Al-Arian that IIIT’s President considered his group and Al-Arian’s to be essentially one entity.
            Finally there’s the money … Barzinji’s organization, IIIT, donated $10,000 to an organization, New
            Dominion PAC, that gave $43,050 to Kaine’s bid for governor between 2003 and 2005. The New Dominion PAC – the “voice for Arab Americans in Virginia” – has very strong ties to the Democratic Party in Virginia, with the Virginia Public Access Project tallying almost $257,000 in donations. This
            likely explains why Barzinji’s grandson served in Governor McAuliffe’s administration and then became the Obama Administration’s liaison to the
            Muslim-American community.

            Breitbart sums up Kaine’s interesting relationship with the Islamic community:

            Kaine has no excuse. If he has an Internet connection, then he and his staff should have
            known about their backgrounds. They were either extremely careless (something Kaine would have in common with the top of the ticket) or knew and looked the other way in the hopes of earning donations and votes.
            Clinton’s choice of Kaine is widely seen as a way of strengthening her campaign’s national security credentials.

            How can you trust a candidate on national security who appoints a Hamas supporter to their immigration commission and speaks at a dinner honoring a Muslim Brotherhood terror suspect?

            And how can you trust a candidate who picks such a person as their “strong on national security” running mate?

            About Robert Gehl: Robert Gehl is a college professor in Phoenix, Arizona. He has over 15 years journalism experience, including two
            Associated Press awards. He lives in Glendale with his wife and two young children.

          40. I Seigel says:

            Thanks for this info, Ethel. I’ve taken the time to try to confirm some of this, and here’s what I found. You can look at the links I provide for verification.

            This is a document describing the Virginia Commission on Immigration, which I believe is the Commission you refer to. This document says that the Commission “was established in Chapter 849 of the 2007 Acts of Assembly. It was tasked with studying, reporting, and making recommendations to address the costs and benefits of immigration on the Commonwealth…The 20-member Commission was comprised of eight members of the House of Delegates and three members of the Senate, as well as broad and diverse citizen representation (See Appendix A for a list of members).”

            So first of all, the Commission didn’t set any policy; all it did was provide advice and give recommendations.

            Secondly, here is the Appendix A of the full document:
            (it is page 27 if you download the full PDF of the document I linked to)

            Appendix A
            Members of the Governor’s Commission on Immigration

            The Honorable John C. Watkins, Chair Senate of Virginia
            The Honorable Jackson H. Miller, Co-Chair Virginia House of Delegates

            Mr. Satya Akula – Small Business Owner
            The Honorable George Barker – Senate of Virginia
            Ms. Carmen Alicia Bernal – Naturalized Citizen
            Dr. Yasmin Cheema – Health Care Provider
            Reverend Gerry Creedon – Faith-based Organization
            Mr. George W. Foresman – Former Dept of Homeland Security
            The Honorable C. Todd Gilbert – Virginia House of Delegates
            Mr. Charles T. Griffith – Citizen Appointee of the House
            Ms. Wanda Hamilton – ESL School Division Representative
            The Honorable Dwight C. Jones – Virginia House of Delegates
            Dr. Rajul Malik – Permanent Resident
            The Honorable Robert G. Marshall – Virginia House of Delegates
            Dr. Venita Newby-Owens – Local Health Department
            Mr. Eliot Norman – Immigration Expert
            Captain Eddie Reyes – Local Law Enforcement
            The Honorable Pranas A. Rimeikis – Citizen Appointee of the Senate
            The Honorable Richard L. Saslaw – Senate of Virginia
            The Honorable Roslyn C. Tyler – Virginia House of Delegates

            Ethel, I do not see the Omeish’s name on this list. Can you explain that?

            I didn’t bother (yet) to research the name Barzinji, Let’s just work with Omeish right now. Can you verify – independently from Breitbart – that he served on this Commission?

          41. Ethel Halstead says:

            I cannot find any confirmation that Omeish was ever accepted as a member of the states immigration commission, I only have the information written by Professor Robert Gehl stating that Governor Kaine had chosen him for the position. Evidently there were some strong objection to his choice for the position.
            ( It was an appointment so controversial that even a Muslim group against radical Islam criticized the appointment and lack of vetting.)
            You might contact Professor Robert Gehl for any needed clarification of this article. He can be found on Google.

          42. I Seigel says:

            Thank you.
            I’ll leave it to others to do the research on Gehl and Breitbart. The way making a claim USED to work, is that the person making the claim had to produce evidence to support his or her claim. That’s how courts have been run since the Magna Carta. Nowadays, however, the way it seems to work is that anyone can say anything on Twitter and it immediately becomes “news” without any need to provide proof. “I’ve heard” or “People say” something on Twitter and then it’s repeated and repeated. This is Trump’s Modus Operandi.

          43. Ethel Halstead says:

            Seigel, lying has been the liberal way of making points ever since the first liberal was born. They will say anything to make a point. If you haven’t noticed that, then you’re only keeping track of what conservatives are saying. Conservatives, at one time, truly tried to be totally honest by fact checking everything or refusing to repeat it. Many still fact check everything, my husband for instance. But I stopped fact checking when I realized that liberals’ policies are to keep telling the same lies until they believe them themselves. Why should I look up facts when facts are no longer important? or when facts are what someone wants to believe. Hillary lies every time she opens her mouth. Why not call her on her lies? Oh I forgot, she’s a liberal. So lying is okay. But when a conservative fails to fact check every little thing they repeat, one or more liberal/s will jump all over it. So I’ll leave that up to people like you whose only joy in life seems to be proving people that you disagree with wrong.
            Unfortunately for you, you haven’t convinced me that I was wrong by not fact checking the article I passed along that was written by Professor Gehl. I actually believe it. If you have a problem believing it, don’t try dragging me into your problems. Or did someone fail to read you rights? You have the right to not agree with me, and you have the right to remain silent.
            My first and foremost goal is to save my country from the likes of Obama and Hilary. What are you trying to do?

          44. I Seigel says:

            My dear, I believe Karl Rove perfected that technique. Liberals believe the exact opposite – that Fox, Breibart, Trump, Rush , Hannity et al pass on rumors often enough that they become part of the public domain, with no proof to back them up. Please provide examples, or maybe your husband could, to support your claim that liberals are liars and conservatives are truth-tellers. I’ve just provided you with an example that seems to disprove your claim.

          45. Ethel Halstead says:

            And tell me again why I should believe you, when I’ve already said that I do not now—and never have—, believed anything a liberal has to say. And the more I hear from liberals the more convinced I am that the majority of them are as mentally deranged as Hilary. And she’s proving my point more every day, or haven’t you been reading anything but liberal crap and this 1776 Coalition site?

          46. I Seigel says:

            Sounds like you have anything but an open mind, and you’re not in the least bit interested in learning anything. OK, that’s fine.

            Tell me, please, how Hillary proves your point every day, that’s she’s mentally deranged like the majority of liberals.

          47. I Seigel says:

            Ethel, I know you don’t believe anything I say or any liberal says. So look up “death tax” AKA the estate tax, and tell me what income bracket you have to be in to be subject to that tax. If you, Ethel, were to inherit, say $100,000 upon the death of a loved one, would you have to pay the death tax? How about $250,000? A million dollars? Are you at all curious to find out?

          48. Ethel Halstead says:

            Siegel, I really don’t know why I’m doing what I plan on doing here tonight. I truly don’t even have the time for it. Frankly, I don’t know why I have taken you on as another project. I don’t have time for that either. I have a good life, a great family that I love dearly, and they all love me. I have many friends that are important to me, and you’d be surprised how many of them are democrats. Sometimes we even have heated arguments about our particular beliefs, but the differences never interfere with my caring for them. I do however have trouble with liberals who are staunch Hillary and Bill supporters, because I have always believed, and still do, that they are nothing more or less than total criminals. I a problem with criminals running my country. I also never believed that Obama was even a US citizen, and still believed that his first and foremost goal was to destroy America, or, at the least, tear it down and rebuild is as an Islamic nation. I also never voted for either of the Bushes. Although, I always though Laura Bush was a beautiful, charming, near perfect lady, with more class than Hilary and Michelle combined, but that, as I’m sure you are
            aware, is a personal opinion. And my kind thoughts toward Laura, was never extended to other members of her family. I also believed that Jackie Kennedy was the nearest thing to a queen that America has ever known. And I liked president Kennedy. I wasn’t fond overly fond of president Nixon, Johnson or Carter, but loved President Truman because I believed he was on of the finest men that ever occupied the White House. That is not to say that he was the greatest president. He was just a great human. Actually, I think president Carter was a very good man—just a lousy president, and same goes for president Ford.

            So, as you can see, while I am very opinionated, I do not dislike or object to any race, creed or color of humanity if they’re good people. I just object to
            people who I truly believe are trying to tear my country to shreds or hurt innocent people.

            And presently, if ever I could truly love a man other than my beloved husband, it would be Dr, Carson. He can be so humanly sweet, and so awesomely wise, that just listening to him speak fills my heart with pride that he’s one of ours. No, I’m not sure that he would have made a great president, and I say that for the simple reason that I believe it takes somewhat of a hard-ass with an enlarged ego and an undying determination to fight with whatever they have available to fight with when it comes to protecting our country from outside or inside enemies. I suppose, (not really sure about this one) that I believe a man or a woman who would take on the responsibility of running a country would have to be just a bit lacking in some areas of humanity that normal people are born with. And that type of human just doesn’t sound like Dr. Carson. Although, in his case, I believe I would have
            voted for him, and then spent a lot of time praying that he could handle pushing that button if it ever became necessary. I’m quite sure that I couldn’t.
            But then, I’m also sure that I’ll never be put to the test.
            However, you mentioned that I appear to be the sort of person who is unwilling to learn. Well, in some cases, you could be sort of right, because I’ve had to learn more since I turned fifty, than I had to learn all the years before, and I’ve just about reached my absorption level of learning how to operate new gadgets. Everything in my house has to be programmed before I can use it. And being a post depression kid, living on a farm, the fourth child of nine kids, nothing was ever new in our home. We cooked on a wood burning stove,
            scrubbed our clothes on a scrub board and hung them to dry on a rope line in our yard. We had no modern conveniences, but we were one of the first families to own a radio in our vacinity. My dad had to take the battery from our ancient model-T and hook it up to the radio so we could listen to the news and Saturday night boxing, and then return it to the car when he needed to drive it. We all had to work from the time we could walk and carry a cotton sack, a basket of some type of fruit or vegetables, or milk a cow at four A.M. And sometimes our farm still didn’t produce enough to keep us going, so we would have to load the family into our Model-T and head for larger farms, and work our butts off to earn enough money to keep us going until our next crop. I had to baby sit or do laundry for a local teacher in
            payment for her helping me keep my grades up enough to pass from one grade to the next after missing so much school while working harvests in other areas. But all my family learned to work early, and my dad would still turn over in his grave if he learned that any of us ever stooped so low as to take welfare or any type of freebies from the government.
            Yes, I have my social security check coming in each month. But I worked fifty-five years of my life it, and paid into social security all those years. My husband was a fighter pilot in two wars, Korea
            and Vietnam, and put thirty years of his life into trying to keep this country safe. And knowing him, I’m sure that sometimes he wondered if what he was doing was the right thing, but he did it because that was what he had chosen to do with his life. He retired as a Lt. Colonel with a decent pension, and kept working for several more years as a civilian consultant for Land Air.
            He has suffered two broken legs, a broken arm, and now, in his waning years, he has twice broken his hip. But he seldom complains, except when he finds me worrying too much about things that I could never change.

            My life has never been easy, but I’ve enjoyed it, and I thank God every day that I have been strong and healthy. I have never weighed more than a hundred and twenty five pounds, and I stand almost 5’ 2” and even at my ripe old age, I can still outlast most of my grand kids when it come to putting in a long day of physical labor.
            I learned to fly back in 1966, and got my pilot license, and I still love flying.
            I drove an eighteen-wheeler across Texas
            in 1967, not because I wanted to, but it became necessary. I hope I never have to do that again. I have plowed many acres of fields with a John Deer tractor, and I’ve leveled land with a bulldozer. I have written ten fictional novels and presently have two in the oven. They are primarily based on stories that my grandmother told, several times over, to us kids before I was twelve years old. I have changed her stories to a more modern setting, and added a character here and there but she gave me the running start. I loved her stories, and wish I could hold the attention of an audience as she did. I’m glad she offered me something memorable to write about. You can find my books on Amazon, and other websites that sell books. Some of my work can be found in books that I didn’t write. And some I did write, at least my earlier novels are rather childish, but the kids like them.
            I also have a plaque that says I was selected for “Whose Who” for the years of 2011 and 2012 supposedly awarded for personal accomplishments and leadership ability. I never bothered to display the plaque because I never felt that I had actually done anything to deserve it. It’s gathering moss in a bookshelf somewhere in my house.
            I have at least a dozen finished painting and I’m presently working on another. The finished ones are hidden away in closets. I paint because I enjoy painting. Members of my family have most of my earlier paintings, and will have them all someday.
            I still keep up my five bedroom house and large yard, except for mowing. I hire that done.
            My husband who used to keep up everything except the cleaning and cooking, has had two hip replacements in the past four years, and
            spends most of his time in a lift chair or a wheel chair. He takes care of all the finances, and keep very good records. His mother was a certified CPA.
            We’re not hurting for money, and yes, in answer to your question that inspired me to write this lengthy bio in the first place, we have had to check into the tax situation on inheritances because our estate,
            which would get lost in one year of Trump’s earnings, is still large enough to be a concern. We want our own children to benefit from the fruits of our labor, and not some Islamic refugee who might be actively working at killing our children. Yes, I read a lot, write a lot, and think a lot about a lot of
            things. I believe you do too. Actually I might, if my life wasn’t so full already, enjoy meeting you and chatting in person. I feel that there’s more to you than meets the lines of our recent conversations. That’s what some call a sixth sense. But sometimes I’m right about those things. Although, I believe
            that everybody has a sixth sense, which is nothing more than a compilation of knowledge gained from our five natural senses and stored for further use in
            some part of our brains.
            And with that said I’m going to say Good Night!.

      2. Edward Perkins says:

        Seigel, next time we have another Benghazi post I would like you to fill it, maybe then you could understand what today you are incapable of understanding. I can’t believe how self centered you are in saying, “People want their candidates to care about their own lives, their businesses, their families. Not Benghazi…” This the one of the most selfish, “I” centered, statements I have heard in many years. You take the prize!

        1. I Seigel says:

          LOL!! Where in my statement did I use the word “I”?
          Maybe you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, but the events surrounding Benghazi have been investigated by 8 different committees (I believe), the latest one being Trey Gowdy’s, who found nothing actionable about Benghazi but stayed in session to investigate emails.

          Like I said, there are MANY people in Kansas who care more about farm policy than Benghazi. The KochBros would prefer the spotlight wasn’t on domestic policy, but rather Benghazi. Why else would they be funding those candidates ? Follow the money…

          1. keepyourpower says:

            I Seigel.. you should really stop speaking for others. Let the people speak for themselves. I doubt they would agree with you.

          2. I Seigel says:

            What people am I speaking for? I’m passing on news here. This news from Kansas came out in Wednesday’s and Thursday’s papers. Like I said, it’s not opinion, it’s fact.

          3. Ethel Halstead says:

            How many times was Hilary investigated and the supposed best never found anything that could, or would convict her. And now that the FBI has said she was guilty of everything she was accused of, some of which the Rosenberg’s were executed for, they still say she will not be convicted. So if you wonder why so many conservatives do not put our trust in liberal investigations, then you’re even less bright, and possibly much more narcissistic than Edward says you are.

          4. I Seigel says:

            Trey Gowdy’s committee a “liberal investigation”?!? You gotta be kidding! Or blind or ignorant. And going back – Kenneth Starr’s endless investigations were hardly “liberal” either. Like I said before, if the results don’t match up with your pre-conceived notions – those that Rush and Hannity hype ad nauseum with no proof whatsoever – then you will ALWAYS claim that the liberals or the media conspired against “the truth”. And if Hillary wins, you’ll claim the election was rigged, stolen. If Trump wins, no such claims from the right. Hmmm, I wonder why…..

          5. Ethel Halstead says:

            Wonder no longer Seigel. If Trump wins the election, the liberals will be yelling from the roof tops that the Kochs Bros rigged the election. And the noise will be deafening when thousands of them riot in the streets with wild abandon, and destroy the businesses of innocent people with Molotov cocktails just like they do whenever one of their endless injustices has been rectified. Somehow, they believe it’s okay for hoods to kill innocent cops, just because one of their hell raising dopers were taken down by cops who were fed up with their constant abuse of innocent people..

            I personally can’t believe that one cop in a hundred thousand, would actually kill anybody without a good reason. Possibly a reason that you’ll never know about, but the reasons are there. Liberal’s always manage to cover up everything they do not want published nationally. They hold the key to the media so it’s fairly easy for them to do. And it seems to be necessary an awfully lot these days. Even their leader, Obama, for months couldn’t even use the word Islamic terrorists, even though they were killing innocent people all over the world. But the very word was off limits to the media. Their motto being, as long as they never permit it, or admit it, nobody can prove it ever happened.

          6. I Seigel says:

            What a bunch of nonsense!

      3. nonametoday says:

        Trump considering Trey Gowdy for AG.

        1. I Seigel says:

          And for Defense Secretary? Maybe that guy from Duck Dynasty. Or the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

        2. I Seigel says:

          And for Defense Secretary? That guy from Duck Dynasty? Or the owner of the UFC?

      4. Garry A DeManty says:

        Anytime anyone loses a person in War which that is they are entitled to know why and if they don’t give a rats ass when it happens to them other people will feel the same about them.

        1. I Seigel says:

          But after 8 investigations, we DO know what happened! Maybe not the answers you were hoping for, but answers nonetheless.

          1. keepyourpower says:

            They were lies.

          2. I Seigel says:

            Only because they didn’t fulfill your wishes and your pre-conceived notions.

          3. Kent2012 says:

            iseigelinsky is happy because his messiah and one of the messiah’s hores have successfully sat in a committee investigation and laughed at the adults and the children all are ecstatic much the same as the followers of the “bowel licking movement” and the “new black pu$$ies” all celebrate the murder of cops…they admire criminals, communists, and rags…

      5. Ethel Halstead says:

        Mr. Seigel,
        It’s fairly obvious that you are just another liberal who cannot see the forest for the trees. Another liberal who voted for Barack Obama, the man who plans take your country from you, and, at some time in the near future, possibly stand and watch while you’re being beheaded by one of his Islamic disciples.
        I’m adding an article (below) that I think you should read:
        {To All women out there who have fought long and valiantly for your rights as human beings: Your right to own property; your right to vote; your right to equal pay for equal work, etc.

        Please take a look (below) at what will be your fate when the U.S. is run by Sharia law. Several states have already adopted Sharia law, and more are fighting for it.
        Check it out on Google!

        Obama has been bringing into the U.S thousands of unvetted immigrants every day, refugees that will remain in the country as U.S. citizens. All—or at least a large majority of these people—are of Islamic faith and have been reared under Sharia law. Obama himself has admitted he was a Muslim and reared in the Islamic faith.

        Obama’s main goal from the beginning of his political career has been to take over the U.S. and eventually overwhelm it with Muslims and Sharia law. At the rate Muslims are entering this countrynow, soon there will be enough Muslims in America to hold the majority vote, and once Obama and Hilary have them all secured with legal citizenship papers so they can vote, then nobody can stop them from voting. They will use our own constitution to take over the U.S. Under our constitution majority rules.

        Hilary has already said she plans to bring in at least a half-million unvetted refugees every year.
        A taking over of the U.S has been the Muslim’s plan since there has been a U.S. They are also taking over the rest of the world. Check it out.
        As for our nation, they only needed to find a way to get their own man in the white house—with the help of the democrats they finally succeeded, and now our country, as we have know it, is washing swiftly down the drain. Forever gone will be the hard earned freedoms that were passed to us by our forefathers.

        Every move Obama has made since he was elected has pulled America closer and closer to the final steps of his take over scheme. Now, at the end of his term as president, he has it all set up to actually take over, and with Hilary’s help, even though he hates Hilary Clinton with a passion, she will follow his orders because she cannot deny him anything he asks of her. Obama and attorney general, Loretta Lynch, hold the only key that will keep her out of prison. Obama knows all of her dark secrets and all of the crimes she has committed against this country, and she is his slave as long as he needs her to help him finalize his total take over of America.

        In 2015. Obama granted amnesty to one half million unvetted aliens and gave them social security cards. A social security card is all it takes, in most states, to register to vote. Check out on Google how many social security cards were issued to illegals in 2015.

        So far, there seems to be no immediate record for the number of illegal SS card recipients for the year 2016 but there will be.

        Obama and Hilary will never allow Donald Trump to become president of this country (because he can’t be bought of) as
        long as there are means to prevent it.
        Actually, Obama and Hillary are quite a team. Neither of them have any qualms about removing those who get in their way of success. (Search Google for Hilary’s sordid history). Then check out all the people Obama has placed in strategic positions during his administration. You may be surprised at how many of them are Muslim. Then take a look at the number of unvetted Muslims he is admitting into this country every day. And then go to Google and look up “The Last Days & The Anti Christ Spirit Lives Within Barack Obama”. Then take a look (below) at the what the Holy Quran says about how to handle unruly people. And if that’s what you want for your country, then GO FOR IT!

        { The Following are pertinent quotes
        from the Holy Koran/Quran regarding women, from the Dawood translation with the side-by-side Arabic. At the bottom of this post appear the sahih or authorized ranslations from, saying essentially the same things, although Dawood is more literal, direct and blunt. Below is also a summary of the koranic view of women, as well as relevant videos by Muslim authorities, expressing a very typical attitude towards women. Please note that millions of
        children worldwide are forced to learn these koranic scriptures by memory. Note also that women are likewise repeatedly addressed in the hadiths or Islamic sayings and deeds of the Muslim prophet Mohammed/Muhammad. The various hadiths that are supposed to be followed by Muslims are called “sunnah.”

        Women in the Koran:
        “They ask you about menstruation. Say: ‘It is an indisposition. Keep aloof from women during their menstrual periods and do not approach them until they are clean again; when they are clean, have intercourse with them whence God enjoined you….’” Quran 2:222, “The Cow,” Dawood,
        p. 34 “Women are your fields: go, then, into your fields whence you please.” Quran 2:223, “The Cow,” Dawood,
        p. 34 “Men have authority over women because God has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because God has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and forsake them in beds apart, and beat them.” Quran 4:34, “Women,” Dawood, p. 83 “A male shall inherit twice as much as a female.” Quran 4:11, “Women,” Dawood, p. 77 “Call in two male witnesses from among
        you, but if two men cannot be found, then one man and two women whom you judge fit to act as witnesses…” Quran 2:282, “The Cow,” Dawood, p. 47 “Women shall with justice have rights similar to those exercised against them, although men have a status above women.” Quran 2:228, Dawood, p. 35
        “If you fear that you cannot treat [orphan girls] with fairness, then you may marry other women who seem good to
        you: two, three, or four of them. But if you fear that you cannot maintain equality among them, marry one only or any slave-girl you may own.” Quran 4:3,
        “Women,” Dawood, p. 76

        “If you are in doubt concerning those of your wives who have ceased menstruating, know that their waiting period shall be three months. The same shall apply to those [of your wives] who have not yet menstruated.” Quran 65:4, “Divorce,” Dawood, p. 557 [Dawood notes: “On account of their
        young age. Child marriages were common.”]

        “[Forbidden to you are] married women,
        except those whom you own as slaves.” Quran 4:24, “Women,”Dawood,
        p. 81

        “You shall not wed pagan women, unless they embrace the Faith. A believing slave-girl is better than an idolatress,
        although she may please you. Nor shall you wed idolaters, unless they embrace the Faith.” Quran 2:221, “The Cow,” Dawood, p. 34.

        “Enjoin believing women to turn their eyes away from temptation and to preserve their chastity; not to display their
        adornments (except such as are normally revealed); to draw their veils over their bosoms and not to display their finery except to their husbands, their fathers, their husbands’ fathers, their sons, their step-sons, their brothers, their brothers’ sons, their sisters’ sons, their women-servants, and their slave-girls; male attendants lacking in natural vigour, and children who have
        no carnal knowledge of women. And let them not stamp their feet when walking so as to reveal their hidden trinkets.” Quran 24:31, “Light,” Dawood, p. 352

        “Wives of the Prophet, you are not like other women. If you fear God, do not be too complaisant in your speech, lest
        the lecherous-hearted should lust after you. Show discretion in what you say.
        Stay in your homes and do not display your finery as women used to in the days of ignorance.” Quran 33:32-3, Dawood, p. 421 [The “days of ignorance” refer to pre-Islamic times.]

        of Koranic quotes regarding women

        Menstruating women are unclean, and men
        must stay away from them. Women are men’s “fields,” and men can have sex with them whenever they want. Men are superior to women and have authority over them, while women must obey men or risk being beaten. A woman is worth one-half of a man, and men are above women. Muslim men may marry up to four wives, including prepubescent girls, and can own sex slaves. Muslims are not allowed
        to marry non-Muslims, unless the latter convert to Islam. Women must cover
        themselves and be seen only by relatives, eunuchs, slaves and children who have not yet had sex with women.

        The Koran also contains more equitable commentary on women, although these verses are widely ignored, even or
        especially in Islamic/sharia law and particularly by “radical” or devout Muslims such as the Taliban, Wahhabis, Salafis and Iranian Shiites. Even in these “equitable” verses the attitude is retained that women are inferior to and possessions of
        men, to be treated accordingly. Whether or not a master is exhorted to be kind, fair and just to his slaves, the fact of their slavery remains.

        Now go to Google and look up Shari law in America

        1. I Seigel says:

          I don’t see a link to the article you referred to. I want to see who the author is and what their background is. Please show me. I’m certainly willing to learn and listen, but not to unsubstantiated conspiracy theories and anonymous rants from the fringes.

        2. keepyourpower says:

          [A social security card is all it takes, in most states, to register to vote.] There is the motor/voter law that gives registration to vote, if you can get a drivers license. Why do you believe the Blue states have given the right for illegal aliens, to receive drivers licences? Democrat voters.

    2. Leslie Woodhull says:


  • Robert Barnes says:

    The democrat party is the communist party and they all guilty of treason ! See

    1. disqus_BAvz0LV7zw says:

      Actually, if Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are republicans, they are both in jail now!

      1. George Jones says:

        Correct, it would have been on CNN, MSNBC and the major networks 24/7. Barack would not have been elected and their would be no Hillary by now.

        1. Tiarajreed3 says:

          <<a:y. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★:::::::!!bx313a:….,..

        2. Robert Early says:

          If Obama presses for a Third Term, there also will be no Clintons. Watch your back Obama. You know what the Clinton MOB is capable of.
          Heart attack, maybe? Stroke?
          Bad beer?

      2. Ted Crawford says:

        Before Donald Trump, Republicans would never have considered anyone like Clinton or Obama! In the new ….republican party(?), read the Trump Party, they will become common place!

      3. Robert Early says:

        Somebody said that Bloomberg is protected by 20 paid guns. I wonder how he would handle our 21. Hmmm? Of course, if he achieves his goal, then we would have no guns.

    2. ONTIME says:

      They want globalism and they will use all their resources to make it happen….

    3. Rosemarie Saccardi says:

      Robert how right U are
      This time it is we the people and Trump against all the layers and crooks in Washington
      Wake up America they want us to give up Not this time we are going to hold Trumps back all the way to the White House
      Lets Roll

      1. Ted Crawford says:

        I’m certain that Trump will indeed go to the White House, Hillary is sure to invite him for a Victory Dinner to celebrate their successful duping of the American Electorate!

        1. Mable Austin says:

          SHUT UP

          1. Ted Crawford says:

            OK! But, the Ostrich maneuver, won’t change the facts!

        2. Kent2012 says:

          I think that Mable meant that in a OMG type of moment…my long time friend does that when I say something that causes her to think things are coming apart….

    4. Robert Early says:

      Yes; but who is going to hold them accountable? The liberal court?
      Either of the correct Parties? BLM?
      I know that we have the numbers for revolution; but where is the will to act?

      1. t0066jh says:

        Awaiting a leader.

  • pingjockey says:

    These two traitors need to be rubbed out. No rich person should sway any election; this is denying any voter a fair and honest election. These two do not belong in a democratic society. I am referring to the Koch brothers!

    1. Bill Hartman says:

      But George Soros is OK?

      1. Ramon1710 . says:

        And union bosses telling their low-info minions how to vote, who in turn vote away their jobs, in favor of cheaper illegals.

        1. Luke says:

          Truth and facts is hate speech to a liberal borg in the herd..

          1. bobnstuff says:

            Trump just admitted to another lie today. Even Trump knows that Trump lies.

          2. Anouk says:

            At least he admits he made a mistake. What about the liar witch Hillary who IS a pathological criminal liar.
            Not to forget the Muslim president who is destroying America with vengeance.
            Obama and Hillary should rot in jail. Or better… hanged them.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            Trump lied about seeing video that never was, then he came clean. This has happened before with him. It’s only The Don Trumps money that has kept him out of jail.

          4. Bill Hartman says:

            Since when is lying about a video a felony?

            Isn’t this the pot calling the kettle black? We all know, as absolute fact, that Hillary is not subject to the rule of law. Worse, she knows it and flaunts it!

          5. bobnstuff says:

            Money laundering and racketeering is a felony. Trump is guilty of both. Bribing government officials is also a felony and Trump brags about doing that. We know of Trumps Mob ties.

          6. Rodney Steward says:

            And we know the Clintons have a death trail, and a foundation taking money from our terrorist enemies!!

          7. bobnstuff says:

            Saudi Arabia and Morocco and Oman are the Muslim countries the Clinton Foundation took money from. These are so anti American that in the case of Saudi Arabia and Morocco we give them foreign aid. The Don Trump has no problem dealing with these people, he has business ventures in Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Dubai, Oatar, and the United Arab Emirates.

          8. Rodney Steward says:

            We’ve always dealt with Saudi Arabia, it’s called OIL, and have never heard of him dealing withe the others!

          9. bobnstuff says:

            Trumps not in the oil business it hotels and golf courses mostly but he has some retail dealings in Saudi Arabia. Trump is an international businessman, he has had to go outside the US to get money and partners since he has burned so many people here. At one point the Arabs were ready to cut ties with him because of his anti Muslim statements. That’s why he changed it a little to allow our Muslim friends in.

          10. Rodney Steward says:

            When I said We’ve always dealt, I meant America, and I’m like Trump, I don’t have any use for the gutter rats either!! We’ve gotta deal with them very soon anyway, the only reason why we hadn’t yet is we still have our guns!

          11. bobnstuff says:

            I find it funny that people fear the Muslims in our country, As a rule they are greater believers in our country then most races. They have a higher rate of enlistment in our armed services then average and are more likely to embrace the American Dream. This is a group the conservatives should love. They are pro life, pro family, they don’t drink, they believe in women being modest and are anti gay. This is a group that is very conservative. Also I find it interesting that a .3% of the population can cause so much hatred by others. We have more police officers in this country then Muslims. I feel that they are being used to cover the much greater problem of considerations of wealth in the hands of a few. I’m no socialist but when are we going to get back to a fair wage for a fair days work. It’s the workers that create the wealth in our country and they are the ones to benefit form it the least. Bernie is way out there but he is pointing out what the Republicans don’t want you to see. It’s not the Muslims or the blacks, it’s not the gays or the Hispanics that are stealing the American dream. It;s the top 1% of the 1% that are doing it to us. It’s the pay the lowest rate you can and make the biggest bonus for themselves. Maybe we should go back to the tax codes of the fifties.

          12. Rodney Steward says:

            First, there is NO FEAR, and our country is their prize to complete their caliphate, and they have no business in our military, very, very few are good, and beheading is very pro life, and their women do as they’re told and they kill gays, and U can thank Obama for the lack of jobs by putting so many sanctions on companies they can’t stay in business, and the top 1% pay 30% of all the taxes, while the bottom 40% pay none, and we’ll never have a fair wage until this country rids itself of all the commumist that have infiltrated our system! The Home for the American Communist Party in in Berkely California, and has taken over almost the whole state, and includes the new black panthers, BLM, Naacp, and then top all this off with muslims that want to kill us! And did U see where Obama wants another 10,000 refugees by the end of September, and will make a total of 18,000, and the whole time this is going on just look at Europe, it’s awful, and they warned us NOT to take these SOB’s in! Why are ther mostly meddle aged men and very few women that make up these refugees! Since you like them so much, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to have a bunch living around you, raping women, beating men and kids, old women, killing all animals! If they believe in Shariah, they believe in terrorism, fact!!

          13. bobnstuff says:

            My guess you know nothing about the Muslims except the stories the fear mongers tell. You lump them all together as a group not even caring that just like the Christians there are a number of different forms of Islam, seven major and a number of minor groups. Their beliefs are as different form each others a Catholic and Baptist. They don’t get along any better either. You fear what you don’t understand. Do you remember the Vietnamese that we brought in after the war? People likes them about as much as they do the Muslims and said they would destroy our country, They did didn’t they.? We brought in 1.3 million, most not well educated.

            Are you a Christian, do you believe in Gods law as put down in the Bible? Can you except the laws of our country that are not based in the Christian laws of God? Every religion has a set of Gods laws but they seam to get along in our country alright. It’s the same way with Shariah law. In Islam Shariah Law only applies to believers, they don’t expect those who don’t know their God to be able to follow them. In fact they give a tax break to non Muslims. About 80% of Shariah Law is based in Mosaic Law. You do know that the Jews have their own courts for dealing with each other.

            Tell me that there is not a group in our country living in fear, that’s why the gun merchants are doing so well. They fear immigrants, blacks gays and anyone that is different then them. I get a kick out of the fact that if they get shot it’s most likely to be by someone just like them, a friend or most time a family member.

            Are you old enough to remember the fifties. Unions pushed wages up so a working man was middle class and could buy the products they made. We taxed the rich and built a country for everyone. As the tax rate on the rich came down their wealth grow and the middle class shrank. The tax structure encouraged companies to invest in there companies not take the money out.

          14. Rodney Steward says:

            Have you not seen what these refugees are doing in Europe at all, and these are the same ones coming here!!!

          15. bobnstuff says:

            People keep saying we are not Europe. In this case it’s true. We have systems for dealing with this type of thing and they work. We did it with the Vietnamese and had no problem. This is a perfect case for using the FEMA camps. We used Fort Indiantown Gap plus two other bases for the Vietnamese to hold them until they were cleared and then sent them out to sponsors who kept a eye on them and help them adjust. The system work well and as you can tell our country handled the new comers.

            You have to choose which story you want to go with, Either we have no responsibility here and can do nothing. This clears Hillary from creating the mess as well as Bush who really did create this mess or you can say that since we destabilized the region we should do what we can to help these people.

          16. Rodney Steward says:

            The difference with the Vietnamese, there was a north we were fighting, and the South we were helping, and that’s the ones that came here, and it wasn’t their intent to kill us like the cult being brought in that want to kill us! So, you will guarantee that nothing will go wrong with these gutter rats coming in as refugees, even though we were warned by Europe not to do it! Bush did start it, but Obama and Hellary destroyed it!

          17. bobnstuff says:

            Your memory of Vietnam is not very good. One of the problems with fighting that war was the fact that you never knew who was your friend and who was your enemy.

            You believe a lot of things about these people who are running for their lives. Many fought next to our guys and it because of their support of us that they are running. They are also running because of their religion, they aren’t the right type of Muslims. Bush both began and set the end of that mistake in Iraq. Obama tried to keep forces there but Iraq would meet our demands.

            Have your heard about all the problems Canada is having with the refuges?

            I bet you don’t even know the religion of the Vietnamese, a clue, not Christian.

          18. Rodney Steward says:

            You’re right, we never knew who our enemy was, they hid in the crowd just like the terrorist do with their people, and the Iraq people were chicken SH and ran every time, and Obama keeps send people back in he pulled out, sent 500 more troops this week! And Canada don’t much trouble with them, they just help them across the northern border, like mexico don’t have trouble, they help them across! And it’s mostly Buddhism in NAM!!

          19. bobnstuff says:

            So we have for all intent and purpose no troops on the ground and ISIS is losing ground daily, who is fighting them. Do you want troops there? I sure don’t. I’m sorry I must have missed the memo about the problem with terrorists coming across the borders, So far they have been pretty much home grown. Over half haven’t even been Muslim terrorist. Most of our mass shooter have been good old red blooded Americans. Even the ISIS supporters are American citizens only one was a new comer.

          20. Rodney Steward says:

            Troops are gonna stay there period, Obama sent troops their 3 times in the last 3 months, ans we’ll just wait and see what happens within then next year or so, and see if U still love your muslims!

          21. bobnstuff says:

            In 2014 Obama said he would be sending 1500 troops to Iraq and amazingly he has now sent 1500 troops.

          22. Ted Crawford says:

            Hd you been paying attention during the first Republican Primary debate you would have heard Trump doing that exact same thing! He …justified it(?) by saying “Everybody does it” and “I made a lot of money”!

          23. Ted Crawford says:

            And bought him the nomination!

          24. Bill Hartman says:

            One more reason to vote for him. Hillary in incapable of admitting to any lie or error, even when faced with irrefutable proof. This was my only doubt in voting for Trump — that he was unable to see fault in himself. Thanks for letting us all know!

          25. Luke says:

            What lie did he admit to?

          26. bobnstuff says:

            He said he had seen a video of $400 million being unloaded in Iran, the video doesn’t exist.

          27. Luke says:

            Another lie he admitted to, LOL, how many lives and money did it cost us? Trump said he didn’t see it..
            Why don’t you focus on the lies by that trash clintoon whose lies coast American lives..?

          28. bobnstuff says:

            Name a Lie that Clinton that cost any lives. Unlike GW who’s lies cost us thousands. Trump has said that lying to get what you want is OK. It’s in his book.

          29. Luke says:

            Well her e-mail had the name of a person helping America with the iran nuclear program, he was hung the other day..
            He’s only one we know of, many others are in jeopardy from her unsecured e-mail she used to prevent the American people from knowing all the underhanded deals she was making to fill her bank account and sell out Americans to our enemies, what a scumbag traitor one might say if they were sane

          30. bobnstuff says:

            Funny the guy was safe until Clinton gave the Republicans copies of her Emails.

          31. Luke says:

            LOL, typical liberal lunacy.. All of our enemies were hacking her e-mails and I’m sure many other lives will be and were lost because of her desire to hide her underhanded criminal activity from the public..

          32. bobnstuff says:

            Isn’t it funny that you think a email server that has had no proof that it has been hacked is the problem instead of the leakiest group on the planet, the congress. You take her emails and put them in a out of date system with a lot of people using it that want Clinton to go down and you blame it on the better of the two systems. He enemies didn’t have to hack her the congress did it for them.

      2. George Jones says:

        He should be in the Trash Pile (Soros) He is scum in GODs site, I believe. Loved but not adored.

    2. Edward Perkins says:

      WOW, you really believe in the “freedom of speech” don’t you.

  • ihatelibs says:

    F*CK the KOOK Brothers

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