Arabs Who Want Israeli Rule

“It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.”

When former British Prime Minister, and global sage, Winston Churchill spoke these prescient words over sixty years ago in the House of Commons, he had not yet encountered the Gaza Strip, at least not its current incarnation.

The last election in Gaza was in 2006. This is not because Israel has disallowed elections. Indeed, the terrorist organization posing as a political party that runs the Gaza Strip, Hamas, is free to call elections at any time. But, the Palestinians who inhabit Gaza have not had a chance to vote on their current overseers since 2006. That’s eight years. Can Americans even imagine not having a single election for eight years?

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  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Uh, Americans have NOT had a real election since 1961.

    If elections really made a difference, they wouldn’t let us vote!

    Now, secret corporate PAC’s >>pre-select<< contenders without virtue that feign patriotism. The debates are merely a distraction when the Corporate Oligarchy has already chosen.

    Only after the contenders prove themselves as trusted sycophants and prostitute themselves to the pro-illegal alien, pro-H-1b visa, pro-common core, banker gangsters of the Corporate Oligarchy, will the donors support them as candidates.

    Virtue and patriotism thus excluded, voters are purposely left with choosing between shades of pre-selected gray at the primaries.

    An unholy Corporate Oligarchy controls both major political parties with bribes, er, I mean unlimited campaign contributions held inviolate, untouchable by the SCOTUS "Citizens United" decision!

    The only way to break their hold is never to vote for the machine generated idiot the secret PAC's stand up as their front man.

    Congress approval rating stinks, yet 92% of all incumbents are re-elected. People, that has to end. Vote everyone out of office that has been there longer that 6 years. And I do NOT mean term limits!

    Starting Congress over means starting over. Stop sending the same shiite heads back to Washington. Stop voting between shades of gray. Both major political parties have just F#@ked American's over with TPP!

    Even Tea and Libertarians are FOR AMNESTY after a sham effort of border enforcement. Read their platform!!

    So next time Voters…VOTE FOR PATRIOTS!…Vote Independent!

    Senator Jeff Sessions for President! Before it's to late! He is a Patriot! That is the reason he must run as an Independent!

    Rick Santorum for Vice President! Another patriot that has always been against illegal aliens!

    Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio for Director of Homeland Security! Smokin' Joe will deport the illegal aliens!

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