Jack Abramoff Exclusive: The Brute versus the Suit

July 25, 2014

Russia is led by a loutish brute, bent on imposing his will through surrogates and force. Vladimir Putin was weaned by the KGB and knows how to press his advantage. He rose through the ranks of thugs and ruffians. When you stand opposed to his nation, you best beware.

When the citizens of Ukraine decided they had enough of a klepto-autocrat, they dumped him and turned to the West. In high dudgeon, Putin dressed his henchmen in unmarked uniforms and grabbed the Crimea from them. When Ukraine didn’t buckle, he started to arm agitators and brigands in Eastern Ukraine and fostered a terrorist insurgency. When that wasn’t enough, his men positioned sophisticated missiles in the besieged territory and downed a civilian airline, killing hundreds of innocents.

Putin leadership lesson number one: I’m your best friend and your worst enemy. If you are on my team, you get support. If you oppose me, you die. While venal, it is also very simple.

That’s who’s leading the former Soviet empire: a xenophobic strongman who is determined to build his allies and smash his adversaries.

So, who is leading the West? A former community organizer whose foreign policy ineptitude is stunning. Were it not for the fact that America has endured an anemic economy for each of the Obama White House years; were it not for the fact that Obamacare has so gutted our health system that even ardent former Obama supporters have intense remorse over electing him; and were it not for the fact that this Administration has more scandals than those authored by the cartoon versions of Richard Nixon, Warren Harding and yours truly combined – were it not for all these things, all freedom loving citizens would pick up pitch fork and torch and march on Pennsylvania Avenue over the shocking foreign policy missteps of Obama and his retinue.

Vladamir Putin sees Russia’s foreign policy interests and prosecutes them with extreme prejudice. Barrack Obama likely does not comprehend America’s foreign policy interests, let alone pursue them. When the main argument in Washington about Obama’s foreign policy positions is a contest between those who think he is feckless and incompetent and those who think he is a traitor bent on destroying America and Western Civilization, it’s clear that things are not going too well.

In a week where the two major foreign policy issues are Russia’s allies’ terrorist assault on Malaysian Airlines and Israel’s attempts to stop the terror bombing inflicted on the Jewish state by Palestinian savages from Gaza, the Obama follies are at once the most shameful and embarrassing act in town, and also a study in how not to administer a foreign policy.

After the Russians provided their Ukrainian terrorist allies and infiltrators a BUK missile system, enabling those cowards to destroy the lives of innocent passengers aboard Malaysian Airlines flight 17, Obama was nonplussed, or perhaps, diffident. He couldn’t bring himself to point a finger at Vladimir Putin, the man who has run rings around President Hopey Changey.

The silence and confusion was broken by a most unlikely source: Obama’s United Nations Ambassador, the radical leftist Stephanie Powers. Ambassador Powers’s previous foreign policy pronouncements included a gaggle of anti-American screeds, capped by her astonishing plea for U.S. forces to invade the sovereign territory of our ally Israel to enforce the rights of terrorist rapscallions masquerading as legitimate authorities. It was left to nutcase Powers to articulate a sensible position on Putin’s complicity in murdering Malaysian air passengers. Condemnation from the White House? Crickets.

The Obama blunders with Russia pale in comparison with their latest moves in Israel. This administration has the worst record on Israel of any since the founding of the Jewish state. That Jewish voters were so obtuse as to vote for Obama – twice! – remains one of the great mysteries of American politics.

Obama is the brilliant geopolitical strategist who demanded Israel return to pre-1967 borders, that would have ensured the demise of that nation. Given what has transpired in the past few weeks, the liquidation of the Middle East’s only democracy and the death of her citizens would have been certain had they been so foolish as to follow Obama’s prescription for peace.

One would think that, once the Palestinian terrorists starting lobbing hundreds of missiles a day at Israeli civilians, and once it was clear – as it was immediately – that these villains were launching the missiles from schools, hospitals and churches, no sensible person could do anything other than support Israel’s right to self-defense. Well, they could do one other thing, and most were: pray that Israel destroys permanently the terror infrastructure on Gaza and forces the Palestinians to spend their time and resources on improving their lives and not on killing Jews.

A sensible world leader would have taken the stage and issue an unqualified statement of support for Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu, offering any assistance required. That’s what the leader of Canada did. Also Australia. That’s what the panjandrums of the Arab world were doing quietly. G0, Israel, go! Destroy these nutcases and put an end to this already!

So, while most sensible leaders were calling for Israel to finish the job, or quietly hoping they would, what was Obama and his team up to?

John Kerry, Obama’s idea of a joke at Secretary of State, was busy pushing Egyptian President Sisi to engineer a cease fire, leaving Hamas with missiles and a chance to reload. Sisi likely bristled at the request, as he has more sense than the entire Obama gang combined, but with Kerry importuning him, he proposed a cease fire. Israel accepted. Hamas rejected. Thank Heaven. Now, Israel could get back to work destroying these vermin.

Unfortunately for America, Israel, the West and common sense, Kerry wasn’t done. Impugning Israel’s reputation into an open mic prior to a television interview, Kerry revealed to the world that the Obama idiots still disdain the Jewish state and want to stop them from doing what others fear to do – destroy a threat to their nation’s survival. Once his smear was out, Kerry hopped the next plane for Cairo to resume badgering poor President Sisi, promising the former general American support and largesse if he will only aid the salvation of Hamas.

Does anyone think Vladimir Putin’s Foreign Minister would act in such a bizarre fashion, attacking Russia’s true allies and aiding her enemies?

Our nation used to take pride in the slogan “America: your best friend and worst enemy.” With the Obama gang in power, the reverse is true.

Align yourself with America and our supposed values and prepare for the opprobrium of an administration determined to recast America and those values. Truckle to the Palestinian terrorists heaving bombs as fast as they can, work for a peace accord to keep them in the game and you can earn the respect and adulation of the current regime in Washington.

Worse, the slogan that defined American capacities in the world for two centuries now describes Putin and Russia. All we are left with is a community organizer in a suit.

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  • ppanthers says:

    Oh, I forgot, we have the cry baby leading the way. That ought to do some good!

  • ppanthers says:

    Everyone keeps looking at this situation as if it is BHO that is behind it, when it is really a Muslim, Communist, VJ, who is leading our nation over the brink as we speak and sit here and comment. Yet we DO NOTHING to stop them! WHere is congress in arresting these violators of our Constitution? Who invite foreign governments to take up positions around our nation to overthrow us when they give the word>! When is it going to be enough? When they load us onto trains to take us to the camps? What are you doing tonight that is anything close to stopping this charade? If not now, when? If not you, then who?

    1. Yeah, if not you then who? What say, you lead and we’ll follow!

    2. Peter Locke says:

      When they load us into trains, we’ll be fortunate IF it’s to take us to “camps”.

  • WiSe GuY says:


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