The Repeal Pledge

If politicians mess up health care in a state, at least there are still other states to move to. But when the government takeover of health care is federal and causes doctor shortages, reduces access, impairs innovation, limits our choices, and imposes penalties and unwanted mandates, where do we go?

The politicians, despite their sanctimonious arrogance, know that what they did was appalling, but they think they can get away with it. Others pretend they oppose it, but won’t do what is needed to get rid of it.

November was the chance to change direction, to hold them accountable, and to remind them that in this great nation, THEY work for US. And with your help we did just that.

Now the really hard work begins.

It’s by working together that we become a force to be reckoned with, and a force for that Washington cannot ignore.

Sign The Pledge here:

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