The 1776 Coalition welcomes your contributions that cover recent events or relate to issues that are of interest to the liberty loving community. Please remember, we have high editorial standards and are unable to guarantee that your submission will be published. We are not in a position to pay contributors.

Once approved, submissions will be published on the The 1776 Coalition website and we may also publish it via our social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, or in any of our emails. After publication any contribution will remain on our website until we decide to take it down.

Before submitting any content to be considered for publication, please be sure to study the following:

Submission Requirements:

Original Content Only

The 1776 Coalition will publish original, previously unpublished material only. (However, we always appreciate tip-offs and will give a Hat-tip to people bringing us news we haven’t found ourselves.)

We do not want submissions that are already featured elsewhere on the internet unless it is original content from your own personal blog.

When referencing another person’s work – such as in an article, book, magazine, audio or video, podcast, post, tweet or otherwise please make sure you reference it clearly. If you need help with citations, please visit the OWL at Perdue. If the source is online, please link to the source directly.


The 1776 Coalition will accept original political cartoons or memes as contributions to be featured on the website.

Please email them to with the subject line “GRAPHIC.”

Make sure that the cartoon(s) is attached to the email as an attachment.

JPG, PNG and TIF files are preferred.

Please supply a note of explanation in the email and list any titles the cartoon(s) may have.

Please don’t forward work that belongs to someone else.


Please send letters to the Editor at and remember that we reserve the right to edit and publish them at our discretion. All but the overtly libelous or cretinous will be published. Feel free to leave comments on our blog entries, too.


Send your submission as either a MS Word file or pasted in the body of your email. Please include: name, date, email, title, and tagline (optional). You may also include a short bio line at the end of the document.

Please email submissions to the Editor at and write “CONTENT SUBMISSION” in the subject line. Check your Word document is attached as a file and don’t forget to attach any related graphics or images.

Honest Information

We live in litigious times. Please ensure that your contribution is true (check and double-check), don’t plagiarize and be prepared to stand by what you contribute. Opinions are fine as long as they are backed by sound information.