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Arabs Who Want Israeli Rule

“It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.” When former British Prime Minister, and global sage, Winston Churchill spoke these prescient words over sixty years ago in the House of Commons, he had not yet encountered the Gaza Strip, at least not its current incarnation. The last election… READ MORE

Jack Abramoff Exclusive: Nixon Should Resign

For most of my life, when one read or heard the words “Nixon should resign”, the Nixon was former President Richard Nixon and the resignation… READ MORE

Jack Abramoff Exclusive: Down Goes Hagel

Hey, Chuck! You just got chucked. Don’t feel bad. It was only a matter of time before they were done with you. The only surprising thing is that you could spend years in Washington and not see this one coming from a mile away. But, then again, that’s what made you so appealing to the Obama administration. You were perfectly… READ MORE

Riding Under The Bus

Last month, Jonathan Gruber was the go-to guy for the Obama Administration in defense of the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known pejoratively as Obamacare. This week? Well, they never heard of him. Actually, it’s worse than that. Democratic campaign guru and Obama defender-in-chief David Axelrod weighed in on the latest victim of the fickle political culture of Washington, DC: “let… READ MORE

Mission for the Power Ranger

Politics makes strange bedfellows – and, in some cases, strange stage fellows. On center stage at the recent inaugural event of the Israeli American Council were new BFF’s – Republican powerhouse Sheldon Adelson and Democratic mega-donor Haim Saban. Both of these business titans put their money where their politics is, and both are ardent supporters of the State of Israel.… READ MORE

Misreading the Mandate

The American people have spoken loudly, smashing the Democratic Party in every state. Well, almost every state – California seems to have become another country at this point, bucking the national trend and electing Democrats in all statewide offices. For the rest of these United States, unity was the byword. Unity against the Democrats and the president that leads them.… READ MORE

Jack Abramoff Exclusive: My Election Prediction

November 4, 2014
The Republicans will take the Senate, with 52-53 seats. We will know they took control by Wednesday morning, though there may be a lingering race… READ MORE

Son of Same

October 28, 2014
Americans love a good sequel. Year after year, the box office champions are derivative films, based on previously successful movies. Remakes and sequels rule the entertainment world. Many of us rail against a corporate Hollywood seemingly devoid of an original idea, safely betting their production dollars on tried franchises that they know Americans will patronize. Exciting and innovative entertainment has… READ MORE

A Vote For Obama Is A Vote Denied

October 23, 2014
After proudly saddling our nation with the most inexperienced leader they could find, and publicly ramming through nonsensical policies that have flattened the most robust economy on earth and eviscerated America’s reputation abroad, Democratic politicos are running for the hills. With their erstwhile messiah’s ratings sinking faster than the Washington Redskins’ Super Bowl prospects, Democrats are smitten not with the… READ MORE

We Are Such Idiots

October 20, 2014
In case any conscious person has been flummoxed by the low popularity ratings of our government officials, news that the United States has been paying millions of dollars in social security benefits to deported Nazi murderers should clear things up nicely. In an astonishing report, the Associated Press has chronicled payments to scores of Nazi war criminals, who entered our… READ MORE

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