Biden Holds Bizarre, Rambling Press Conference in Vietnam

On Sunday night, President Joe Biden gave a press briefing in Hanoi, Vietnam. He appeared confused and rambling and told the audience that he was heading to bed.

Biden, who is 80, made a sarcastic joke when he called Good Morning, Vietnam, the anti-Vietnam War film from 1987, a song.

“One of my employees said, do you remember the famous song Good Morning Vietnam?” “Good evening, Vietnam,” said the man, to no one’s laughter.

Biden read from a teleprompter before saying that he would answer questions from journalists who were listed on a given list.


Biden stated, “They gave five people to me here.” He called a Reuters journalist and corrected the way she pronounced “sincerity.”

He used to refer to the developing countries as “the Global South” before he corrected himself.

Biden went from talking to global warming, to a John Wayne film.

Did you ever imagine that you would be at a G-20 meeting where the entire conference was focused on global warming? Did you ever imagine that?

He then shared a scene in a John Wayne film, where Indians called Union soldiers “lying dog faced pony soldiers” and compared them to climate change deniers.

He said, “Well, there are a lot dog-faced ponies who lie about global warming.” “But no longer. All of a suddenly, everyone realizes that there is a problem. There’s nothing better than seeing the light.”

He tried to contact another reporter but couldn’t find the list.

He said “I am just following my orders,” as he looked for the list of names on the podium in front of him.

He appeared to become irate when reporters shouted for questions and he replied, “I’m not calling on you!”

He told the reporter who asked him about his relationship with Chinese president Xi Jinping: “Tell me what, I’m not sure about you but I’m about to go to sleep.”

He used the phrase “Third World,” before adding, “excuse, Third World. The, uhm, Southern Hemisphere.”

Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary, interrupted the press conference with “Thank you everyone.” The press conference is now over. Thanks everyone.”

The loud jazz music began to play.