Biden: I’ll Consider Further Unilateral Action on Guns, Can’t Believe Trump Said ‘No One’s Going to Touch Your Guns’

In an interview that was conducted with Univision on Wednesday, and which aired Tuesday, Joe Biden said that he might consider taking additional executive action to address the issue of guns. He also criticized former Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who is running for president in 2024, because Trump had “famously” told the NRA, “don’t worry. No one will touch your guns if you win.”

Enrique Acevedo, the interviewer, asked: “[G]un Violence remains the number one death cause for children in America.” Latinos across the nation have made this a priority, particularly in places like El Paso or Uvalde in Texas. Your administration has called for Congress to pass sensible gun laws. However, this is unlikely to occur in the coming months. Would you take further executive action if you were re-elected?”

Biden responded, “Absolutely. With Dianne Feinstein I passed the first limit on the number of rounds that can be put in an assault weapon. I was in Uvalde when the idea that anyone needs 100 rounds for a rifle or an AR-15 came up. I met each of these families. I spent four hours talking to them. I saw the pain on their faces. I could see the pain they were feeling. I felt it. The idea that he would say that he was going to tell the NRA, “Don’t worry. No one is going to touch your weapons if you — I taught the Second Amendment at law school from the beginning. You could not own a cannon. You could not — you could have a rifle or gun, but you couldn’t do certain things. These were not weapons of war. We passed the first major gun law in more than 30 years, when we passed this new law, which outlaws guns that can’t be traced and other things. But it’s still not enough. I believe we need to do more and am fully committed. I have asked Congress to take action, and we will do so again if I am re-elected and I win a Congress. We will make sure that we eliminate these weapons.