Biden Insists Hunter ‘Has Done Nothing Wrong’ Despite Mounting Evidence Against His Son

While the White House declined to comment on the criminal accusations made against Hunter Biden’s father, Joe Biden said that his son had “done nothing wrong” in advance of any possible indictment.

In an interview with MSNBC, Biden defended the alleged gun and tax violations of his son. Federal prosecutors are nearing a decision on whether or not to indict Hunter Biden after a four-year investigation.

Biden said, “My son did nothing wrong.” “I trust him.” “I have confidence in him and this makes me proud of him. It impacts my presidency.”

Politico reported the White House was preparing to deal with the political fallout if the son of the president is indicted. They argued that Republicans would attack them regardless of whether Hunter is convicted.

“Democrats, and West Wing senior aides, are downplaying any potential impact. They argue that Hunter Biden played a role in the 2020 elections and voters chose his father regardless. The report stated that Donald Trump was the top rival of the president and had just been indicted.

Politico, however, pointed out that Biden Administration Officials are still concerned about the impact of the 2024 elections, when the president announced his reelection campaign.

The report attempted to make the reader feel bad for Biden by saying that the investigation into his son’s actions has affected him. It also defended the president’s decision to not speak about it. Finally, it said that it was only a question of time before Biden could “compartmentalize [his] personal anger” with the attacks against Hunter.

Hunter Biden is under investigation by U.S. attorney David Weiss who was appointed to the case by former President Trump.

Hunter Biden became the subject of a grand-jury investigation in 2020 after Suspicious Activity Reports were filed regarding suspicious foreign transactions.

The investigation is looking into two misdemeanor charges of tax filing, one felony charge of tax evasion, and another false statement charge relating to a gun purchase.

The starving artist is also in court with his baby mother over child support payments for a little girl Biden won’t acknowledge as his grandchild.