Biden: ‘I’ve Done All I Can Do’ With Executive Authority to Fix the Border. Speaker Johnson: Lies.

Joe Biden, speaking to reporters Tuesday from the South Lawn of White House while standing in the front of Marine One, claimed that he did not have the authority to fix the current border crisis and that Republicans must pass new legislation to resolve the issue.

“I have done everything I can.” Please give me power. Since the day I took office, I have asked for power. Give me Border Patrol. Give me people — give me people, judges. Biden said, “Give me people who can fix this problem and stop it from happening again.”

Biden’s actions show that he has the power to reverse the current policies of the administration which are fueling the border invasion. He does not need to make a deal with Congress, and he has dozens options.

House Speaker Mike Johnson reminds Biden what they are.


“President Biden stated that he had done everything he could do with his executive authority in order to secure the border. This is simply not true. Johnson responded to X by saying, “He’s either misinformed or lying.” Johnson wrote in response to X: “He’s either lying or misinformed.” “No more excuses.”

Johnson reiterated this earlier in the week: “As I told him in a late-year letter, and as I have said to him specifically on numerous occasions since then, he must immediately take executive action to reverse the disaster he created.”

Johnson added that the Immigration and Nationality Act, coupled with recent Supreme Court decisions, gives him “ample authority” to “suspend entry for all aliens or any category of aliens, as immigrants or nonimmigrants. Or impose any restrictions on the entry to aliens he deems appropriate.” The President should begin by utilizing the legal authority that he has to reclaim the sovereignty of our country and stop the mass release illegal aliens.

Johnson’s Office also released a long memo detailing the dozens of executive decisions Biden took since January 2021 that led to this current disaster.