Biden Says Trump ‘Didn’t Build a Damn Thing’ in Labor Day Address

In his Labor Day speech, President Joe Biden attacked his predecessor Donald Trump by saying that the real estate tycoon “didn’t built a damned thing.”

Biden, speaking at a Labor Day rally in Pennsylvania (a heavily working-class state), said that Trump’s infrastructure was a “punchline”.

“Guess what? “The great real estate developer, the last man here, he did not build a thing,” Biden said. “Under the predecessor of mine, Infrastructure Week became a joke. “Infrastructure means a decade under my watch. It’s the headline.”

Biden went so far as to claim that Trump exports jobs to China. This is despite the fact that the former president was very vocal about his opposition to the export of jobs abroad during his tenure, and especially during the 2016 election campaign against Hillary Clinton. The former president also placed tariffs on Chinese products.

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When the previous guy was here you were sending jobs to China. Biden said, “Now we’re bringing back jobs from China.” Your pensions were in danger when the previous guy was here. Your help helped us save millions in pensions.

He added, “When the previous guy was here he viewed the world from Park Avenue.” “I see it from Scranton in Pennsylvania. I see it from Claymont in Delaware. “Not a joke.

Biden also criticized the decision of the former president to stop travel from China in the early days when the coronavirus was rife.

“We’re in the middle of a coronavirus crisis.” We must lead with science, not Donald Trump’s record on hysteria and fear mongering. “He is the worst person possible to lead our nation through a global emergency,” he stated at the time.

The Biden campaign claimed, however, that he had simply criticised President Trump in general at the time, and that he did not intend to suggest that the travel bans are xenophobic.