Biden Trailing Trump In Six Of Seven Battleground States, New Poll Shows

According to a recent poll, President Joe Biden is trailing his presumed GOP opponent, the former President Donald Trump in almost every battleground state where the 2020 election will be decided.

A Wall Street Journal survey released on Tuesday shows that Trump is ahead of Biden in the majority of competitive 2024 states, regardless of whether or not third-party candidates were considered. Wisconsin is the exception, where the candidates are tied when compared head-to-head and Biden leads by three points with third-party or independent candidates included.

Trump has a slight advantage over Biden when it comes to a head-tohead competition in Arizona, Georgia Michigan, Nevada North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Trump’s lead fluctuates from one point in Georgia up to six points in North Carolina.

Addition of third-party candidates and independents increases Trump’s advantages in Georgia and North Carolina, while Michigan loses some ground.

When the Truth Gets Out

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When the Truth Gets Out
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Biden’s poor performance in swing states is likely due to the low ratings voters give President Obama on important issues like the economy and immigration. Trump has a much higher rating among voters on these issues than Biden, 54% to 34% on the economy, and 52% to 32 % on immigration. According to The Wall Street Journal poll, Trump is viewed as more mentally and physically competent than Biden to do the job.

Biden is a better choice than Trump when it comes to abortion. 45% of voters say they agree with Biden, compared to 33% of those who support Trump.

James Carville, a veteran Democratic political consultant, has raised the alarm with Democrats over Biden’s poor ratings.

When I look at the polling numbers it’s like seeing your grandmother naked. Last month, Carville told New York Times’ columnist Maureen Dowd that he couldn’t forget the image.

Biden, along with his aides in the White House are also said to be concerned about President Obama’s low ratings among voters. Biden is said to lash out at his aides and ally during strategy sessions, and believes the main problem is poor messaging regarding his achievements and not his agenda.

Biden’s relationship appears to be strained with some of his Democratic Allies.

“Biden stood in front of everyone and said: ‘I am ready.’ Adam Smith, a Washington State Democratic Representative, said in a statement last month: “I’m the man who can bring down Donald Trump.” “So, he goddamn well better do it. We don’t want him to waste time worrying about what people say or whether the poll numbers are correct. “I want to focus my energy on a positive direction, not defensive anger.”