Biden Wants To Build Housing For Illegal Immigrants At Border: Report

As part of his request for emergency funding in the amount of $40 billion, President Joe Biden has reportedly asked Congress to approve an housing program for illegal migrants at the southern border.

Axios reported that Biden’s plan provided housing for illegal immigrants, where they could come or go at their convenience while the Department of Homeland Security expedited their process. The officials told Axios that if Congress approves funding for the housing plan, the government will be able to move illegal immigrants through their legal process in three weeks.

The Biden administration says a housing program would allow the federal government keep track of illegal migrants without placing them into a detention center and relieve some of the pressure on overcrowded migrant shelters at the border. Immigration and Customs Enforcement expanded the use of GPS tracking and phone calls after the administration stopped detaining illegal immigrants in facilities in 2021.

A DHS official said that Biden’s housing program would allow illegal immigrants to leave the facility during the day without having to check in or stay overnight.

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The official stated that “we do not consider this to be family detention.”

The Left was furious when the president reportedly considered returning detaining families of illegal immigrants, a practice he had harshly criticised former President Donald Trump for. The apparent reversal of the president on this issue occurred at the end Title 42, an order from the Trump era that required illegal immigrants to wait in Mexico for their asylum applications due to the COVID epidemic.

Biden continues to see an increase in illegal immigration, and now he is being urged by the Right as well as some members of the Left to bring the border crisis under his control. The Texas Tribune reported that the Biden administration had celebrated a short dip in illegal immigration apprehensions before July saw a 30% increase.

Although the slight drop in arrests was a new low for Biden, it was still a rise compared to the numbers during Trump’s administration.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection arrests just under 100,000 illegal immigrant in June, before the number spikes to over 130,000 in July. CBP data shows that U.S. agents in the Tucson, Arizona sector arrested nearly 40,000 illegal aliens in July, a record 15 years old for the sector.

Biden’s request for $40 billion in emergency spending includes $4 billion for the border crisis. This is $20 billion less that he asked to be sent to Ukraine.