Billionaire family bankrolling both anti-Israel groups and these battleground Democrats

Pritzker Family, a wealthy family, has donated hundreds of thousands to Democrats in this election cycle.

A number of House Democrats who are facing a tough fight for re-election have accepted money from a large political family which has funded a number groups that participated in the anti-Jewish demonstrations sweeping college campuses and cities throughout the United States.

According to FEC information, members of the Pritzker family – the wealthy owners of Hyatt Hotels Corporation – have donated hundreds of thousands of dollar this election cycle to a few of these vulnerable Democrats as well as to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and House Majority PAC – two organizations tasked to win a majority in Congress.

Politico reported that the Pritzker family gave to anti-Jewish organizations at the same moment. These protests have been widely condemned and thousands of arrests resulted.

When the Truth Gets Out

Lt. Gen. Flynn here. I know how to get revenge after what they did to Trump. There’s a Democrat under indictment that we need to defeat, Henry Cuellar. This district is RIPE for the flipping. And given it’s a majority Latino district, I’ve partnered with Latinos for America First to help us get the Republican candidate, Jay Furman, elected this November. Are you on board?

When the Truth Gets Out
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According to the article, the Pritzkers established the Libra Foundation. This is a group which funds smaller and more focused nonprofits. Many of these groups have been involved in anti-Israel protests. Well-known Democrat Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker has given a substantial amount of money to Democrats who are seeking reelection. However, he is not directly connected with funding the group.

The report pointed out that one such group is the Climate Justice Alliance. This group has participated in marches, and used the term, “Genocide Joe”, to criticize President Biden’s approach to Israel and Hamas’ ongoing war in Gaza.

Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity, according to Politico, is another group that has organized anti-Israel protests. Another is the Immigrant Defense Project, who participated in a Washington, D.C., protest earlier this year, resulting in a large number of arrests.

Politico reported that the Pritzkers and liberal billionaire George Soros are both funders of Tides Foundation. This left-wing group funds small progressive groups such as Adalah Justice Project. Adalah Justice Project was a participant at the Columbia University protest that was dispersed last week.

The list of Democrats who received money from the Pritzkers included Reps. Mary Peltola (D-Alaska), Mike Levin (D-Calif. ); Eric Sorensen (D-Ill.); Sharice Davids (D-Kan. ); Gabe Vasquez(D-N.M.); Marctur Kaptur(D-Ohio); Susan Wild, D.Pa. ; Matt Cartwright; Chris Deluzio; D.Pa.

Fox News Digital reached out to all of these candidates, as well as the DCCC, House Majority PAC, and family members of Pritzker, for comments.

A spokesperson for Gluesenkamp Perez’s campaign responded to a request for comment by saying, “Marie is a steadfast advocate of Israel’s rights to defend itself. She led the Defending Borders, Defending Democracies Act at Congress, which provided vital military assistance to Israel in its battle against Hamas, and Iran. She opposes all forms of political violence, including angry mobs organized by either the far left or far right.