Conservatives disturbed by Clinton’s call for ‘deprogramming’ Trump supporters: ‘Pure authoritarianism’

Conservatives reacted with dismay on Friday to Hillary Clinton’s suggestion, made recently by the former secretary of state, that supporters of Donald Trump should undergo a “formal reprogramming”.

Clinton made the claim during a CNN interview on Thursday with Christiane Amanpour. Conservatives and several GOP legislators criticized the prominent Democrat.

Clinton said in an interview that the Republican Party has been dominated by extremist Trump supporters, which is making political debates more difficult. Clinton said, “I know we’ve had bitter fights between both parties over many issues in the past… but we didn’t have this extremism that is wagging, you understand, the dog of the Republican Party today.”

Clinton attributed this to Trump. She added, “And unfortunately, so many extremists, these MAGA extremists are taking their marching orders directly from Donald Trump who has lost all credibility.” He is only interested in himself. He is now defending him in civil and criminal actions. When do they stop supporting him?”


Former 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate, then argued “formal” steps might be needed to de-program the devices.

She replied, “Because, at some point, there may need to be formal deprogramming for the cultists, but something must happen.”

Amanpour was seen in a video laughing at Clinton’s “deprogramming”.

Conservative critics blasted Clinton when a clip from her comments made it to X.

Mollie Hemingway, editor-in chief of The Federalist, expressed her concern about Clinton’s remarks, writing “Authoritarianism Watch.” Former Democrat candidate for President calls on re-education for political opponents.

Nigel Farage, a conservative British politician and commentator, weighed in to criticize Clinton for her nerve. He wrote, “The arrogance and hatred of this woman for ordinary people know no bounds.”

Glenn Greenwald, an independent journalist, analyzed her quote. He said, “As Hillary Clinton becomes more bitter over her 2016 defeat – even though you thought there was no way that she could – she is becoming more of the liberal id. She just says what liberals think and feel, but are afraid to say.

He added, “That’s how ‘Basket of Deplorables(tm)’ came about.”

Chaya Raichik, the owner of the Libs Of TikTok Twitter account, quipped: “Nothing here… Just Hillary Clinton trying to put Republicans in re-education camp.”

Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton said, “Hillary Clinton explains why her Democratic allies want to jail Trump and Republican Party leaders, activists, and party officials.”

Greg Price, a digital strategist, said, “She is the wicked witch of West, the spawns of Satan and the angry middle school teacher wrapped up into one.”

Gad Saad, professor and author, said: “She’s truly unbelievable.”

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) said, “Hillary speaks the quiet part loudly – revealing the Left’s real agenda.” Use the government to crush opposition. Pure authoritarianism.”

David Asman, a Fox News reporter, wrote: “Maybe it’s time to deprogram Trump voters in a formal way.” Really? Hillary’s radical Alinsky roots are once again exposed. Will Democrats denounce this shameless nod towards Soviet-style coercion?”

Sean Southard, Kentucky GOP’s comms man, posted: “Formal Deprogramming brought to you by creator of Baskets of Deplorables. ‘”

The Hodge Twins, a conservative influencer duo, stated that “Tyrants like re-education camp.”

James Lindsay, a conservative commentator, offered an alternative: “Deprogram The Woke.”

Joe Concha, a Fox News contributor, slammed Amanpour for her amusement over Clinton’s remarks. He wrote, “Of Course, Amanpour who claims to be an objective journalist, asking the hard questions, laughs with Hillary’s deplorables2.0 moment …”