Department Of Justice Acknowledges Hunter Biden Laptop Content Is Legitimate For First Time

In a recent court filing, the Department of Justice (DOJ), for the first-time acknowledged the validity of Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop.

Investigators acknowledged the validity of the data on Biden’s laptop before the 2020 elections in a court filing filed by DOJ prosecutors on Tuesday. The filing was made in response to Biden’s request for the dismissal of his federal firearms charges. In court documents, IRS and FBI investigators explained how they obtained a search order for Biden’s tax violations. This led them to “various backup data accounts.”

Documents also note that investigators “possession” later of the laptop Biden “left in a computer shop”, emphasizing the fact that investigators “already” obtained a significant portion of data from Apple.

In August 2019, IRS and FBI agents obtained a warrant to search the Apple iCloud accounts of the defendant for tax violations. Apple responded to the warrant in September 2019 by providing backups from the various electronic devices of the defendant that he had backed-up to his iCloud Account.


Investigators later obtained the Apple MacBook Pro that the defendant had left in a computer shop. The laptop was also searched and the results were similar to what investigators already had from Apple.

After the New York Post’s initial report about Biden’s laptop, Democratic officials, media outlets, and social media platforms reacted. Democratic operatives, along with their allies, attempted to portray the laptop’s findings as “Russian misinformation”, and claimed that the reporting of it was an attempt by pro-Trump electoral interference.

Soon, 51 former intelligence officers released a letter in which they falsely claimed the content of Biden’s computer was an “information operation” by Russia.

As a result of the “Russian disinformation narrative” pushed by government officials, both Facebook and Twitter have censored the NY Post reporting. Sites like Politico also claim that the story is false using the letter from former intelligence officials. During his 2020 presidential campaign, President Joe Biden referred to the contents of the laptop as “Russian disinformation”, using the letter from former intelligence officials as a support.

The FBI, however, was reportedly aware that the contents of Biden’s laptop were true because they had interviewed Tony Bobulinski, Biden’s former business partner. Bobulinski was interviewed by the FBI on October 23, 2020 after the report had been published. He confirmed that the contents of Biden’s laptop were real.

According to the New York Post, the DOJ and FBI are no longer interested in the contents of Biden’s laptop. IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley confirmed the authenticity of Biden’s laptop when he testified before Congress in June 2023.

The new filings are a response to Biden’s investigation into gun charges, which his legal team argued in December should not be considered. Biden was charged in September 2023 with three federal charges relating to guns after he allegedly purchased a revolver illegally while he battled a drug habit.

Hunter Biden could face 25 years of prison if he pleads not guilty in October 2023.