DHS is monitoring 617,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records

Bill Waybourn, the sheriff of Tarrant County in Texas, will inform the House Oversight Committee Tuesday that there are 264 illegal immigrants in jail, with eight murder charges against them.

Illegal immigrants are also facing 38 counts of assault using a deadly weapon. They face five counts of sexual abuse, two counts for possessing child pornography and one count each of drunken homicide.

The Washington Times obtained prepared remarks from the sheriff. “These offenders [many of whom] are gangs and outlaws have left nothing unattended,” he will say. “While I don’t necessarily believe that these aliens are more likely to commit crimes, the mere fact that they are illegally in our country is enough.”

Sheriff Waybourn is scheduled to testify before the National Security, Border and Foreign Affairs Subcommittee, which will be chaired by Wisconsin Republican Rep. Glenn Grothman. The hearing’s title is “How the Border Crisis Affects Public Safety.”

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In his opening remarks, Mr. Grothman will state that the flood of illegal immigrants into the United States has swollen U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s docket, which now monitors more than six million illegal immigrants.

Grothman claims that 617,00 of them have either criminal convictions or criminal charges pending.

In prepared remarks, he said: “Illegal aliens shouldn’t be allowed to enter the country and commit crimes.” “The solutions aren’t difficult. Secure the border and stop releasing illegal immigrants into the country. When an illegal alien commits a criminal act in the community, hand them over to ICE and enforce the law. Remove them from the United States.

The witnesses will be looking at the fentanyl, and other illegal drugs that are being smuggled across the border.

Loudoun County Sheriff Mike Chapman, of Virginia, will discuss the increase in overdoses by juveniles. In six weeks, 11 students were overdosed at a high school.

“Having worked as a DEA Agent in Miami between the mid-80s and the late-80s, I believed I’d seen the worst of the drugs problem. “I was wrong,” says Sheriff Chapman.

The hearing is scheduled just hours before the House will send two articles of impeachment to the Senate against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

On Tuesday, Mr. Mayorkas is also scheduled to appear on Capitol Hill to testify before the House Homeland Security Committee.

Ken Cuccinelli will read out a prepared list of victims killed by illegal immigrants in front of the Oversight Committee. He served as acting deputy Secretary of Homeland Security during the Trump Administration.

Kate Steinle’s death by an illegal immigrant in San Francisco, in 2015, helped to propel Donald Trump as a candidate. Laken Riley’s death this year brought more attention to those who were caught and released under President Biden.

In his prepared remarks, Mr. Cuccinelli states that “President Biden” and “Secretary Mayorkas” are willingly and knowingly sacrificing Americans in order to appease the anti-American political leftist constituency.

He also entered the debate on crime rates among illegal aliens, saying that it doesn’t really matter if their rate is lower or higher than U.S. Citizens.

He says: “The most important thing — the crucial point is that each murder, assault, robbery and rape committed by illegal immigrants can be prevented.”