Donald Trump and 18 Co-Defendants Indicted on 41 Charges

On Monday, a grand jury in Georgia returned 10 indictments in the Fulton County District attorney Fani Willis investigation into the former president Donald Trump.

Update: According to the 98-page indictment, Trump and 18 co-defendants have been indicted.

Former White House Chief-of-Staff Mark Meadows and former Georgia Republican Party Chair David Shafer as well as former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani are among those who have been indicted.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has detailed the situation:

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Indicted on Tuesday were also Trump co-defendants, including state senator Shawn Still, attorneys John Eastman and Sidney Powell; Jenna Ellis; Bob Cheeley; Ray Smith III; Kenneth Chesebro, former Assistant U.S. Attorney General Jeffrey Clark; GOP Strategist Michael Roman; Misty Hampton, former Coffee County GOP Chairwoman Cathy Latham, Atlanta bail bondsman Scott Hall, Trevian Kutti, Illinois pastor Stephen Cliffguard Lee, and Harrison Floyd.

The grand jury voted on potential charges after hearing testimony for about ten hours. Fulton County Superior Court judge Robert McBurney approved the charges at around 9 p.m. local Monday night.

As noted by the New York Post, although it was anticipated that the grand jury would convene until Tuesday, they actually completed their agenda earlier than expected. The New York Post noted that it is unclear which charges have been brought against the ex-president and who else may be named in the indictments.

The clerk said that, in the “worst-case scenario”, the indictments could be unveiled and made public within three hours. Wills’s Office announced that it would hold a news conference after the clerk’s processing of the indictments.

Willis has been investigating Trump’s alleged attempts to overturn Georgia’s 2020 election results for nearly three years. Over the weekend, news broke that Willis planned to present multiple witnesses to the grand jury in the coming week.

In a press release issued shortly after the indictments were returned, the Trump campaign called Willis a “rabid political partisan” who was fundraising and campaigning on the platform of prosecuting Trump with these bogus charges.

Willis, who has taken a page out of Crooked Joe Biden’s playbook to stall her investigation in order to interfere as much as possible with the presidential race for 2024 and harm the Trump campaign that is dominant, did this by strategically delaying the investigation. The statement stated that “all of these corrupt Democrat efforts will fail”.

The Trump campaign criticized the “intentionally sluggish investigations” by the Biden and Smith goon squads, and claimed that the indictments were brought so close before the 2024 elections for “election-interference reasons.”

The statement continues:

It is time to end the double standard that has been applied against President Trump. The Crooked-Biden Cartel has no rules for Democrats while Republicans are criminally charged for exercising their First Amendment Rights.

These activities of Democratic leaders are a grave threat for American democracy. They are also direct attempts by the Democrats to deny the American people their rightful vote to elect a President. It is dangerous to allow the ruling class, whether they call it election interference or manipulation of elections, to suppress the will of the people. This is wrong and un-American.

They take away the First Amendment rights of President Trump to free speech and to challenge an election that is rigged or stolen, which the Democrats always do. They should prosecute those who are responsible for the corruption.

The official court site of Fulton County in Georgia published what appeared to an indictment for Trump several hours before a grand jury had returned the ten charges.

After signing the indictments, Judge McBurney laughed with the journalists in the courtroom.

The Georgia indictment will be Trump’s 4th indictment within the last 5 months. Jack Smith, Special Counsel for the Department of Justice, has brought two federal charges against Trump based on alleged attempts to reverse the results of 2020 elections and his handling White House documents. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg brought 30 counts of falsifying records for business against Trump.