Elon Musk vows ‘more smoking guns’ to be revealed by Twitter after Hunter Biden bombshell

Musk stated that he has “more smoking guns” in mind for the future, just one day after Twitter’s new CEO Elon Musk released a devastating report on political censorship at Twitter.

He stated that he hopes that the public will see how Twitter suppressed information, like what happened with Hunter Biden’s laptop in 2020. This will make mainstream media more committed to truth.

Musk stated that he was just going to put all the information out and try to get a clear slate. This will force other media companies and their readers to be more truthful, or they will lose their readership,” Musk told a live Twitter Space question and answer session which thousands of people watched.

Taibbi published a disturbing collection of internal communications on Friday that revealed that insiders of Democrats communicated with Twitter in order to suppress The Post’s coverage about Hunter Biden’s laptop before the 2020 election.


Musk stated Saturday that he believes there is “more smoking gun” on Twitter and that he would like to share it with the public, but it wasn’t clear when.

He did however note that he had “not been poring over Twitter files personally”, he stated, leaving that task to Taibbi or journalist Bari Weiss.

Musk stated that despite not having reviewed the documents, it seems there was “a very different standard applied in the US to Republican candidates versus a Democrat candidate,” via Twitter.

“I don’t believe this is the case. It appears that there was a double standard. Democrats weren’t censored, but Republicans were. This is obvious to all who use Twitter.

He said that “It’s frankly what is to be expected of an organization that’s based in San Francisco, which is far right,” and noted that Twitter contributed over 99% of all political contributions.

“Well, what kinda viewpoint would you expect people have?” This is the kind of behavior you’d expect from a company that is fundamentally a distillation San Francisco politics.

Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s former chiefcensor, will be under Judiciary Committee inspection when Republicans take control in January. This is due to the fallout from Musk’s first installment of his findings about political favoritism at Twitter and censorship at Twitter.

A spokesperson for the committee told The Post that they are tracking Vijaya Gadde’s involvement in the suppression New York Post’s story about Hunter Biden’s laptop. “We will investigate further. Keep watching.”

Gadde (48), Twitter’s former head for legal, policy and trust, was a “key player” in the suppression of Hunter Biden coverage. Taibbi wrote this after a review of internal communications at the social media company. He called it “The Twitter Files.”

Musk fired the ex-executive, who was also instrumental in the decision to ban President Trump from the platform. This happened shortly after Musk bought the company for $44Billion.

Gadde, who was a Twitter employee but landed an important post on an advisory committee for the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, reportedly earned $17 Million in 2021.

Musk was delighted by the traffic Taibbi’s Friday document drop generated for his newly acquired website.

“Twitter servers running at Warp 9!” He exulted on Saturday morning.

Taibbi’s investigation revealed that a few high-ranking execs chose to call The Post’s story on Joe Biden’s son “hacked material” without providing any evidence. They also repeatedly gave in to Democrats’ requests to remove all discussion from the explosive site.

Taibbi claims that the social media company took extraordinary steps to suppress the laptop story. They removed links from the expose that were shared by users, and posted warnings about it being “unsafe.”

Musk, 51, is the world’s wealthiest man and bought Twitter last month to make it a place for free speech.

Musk insists that full disclosure is required on The Post’s scandalous report about President Biden’s son. He has been teasing the release of internal files for days.

The company lost its top advertisers after Musk’s takeover of Twitter. This shattered its revenue. Musk, the platform’s largest advertiser, confirmed on Saturday that Apple had also returned.

Musk stated in the Twitter Space Q&A, “I think we’re beginning to see a lot more advertisers also resume spending.” “I believe that people would read these stories and think they are true, but they are not.”

Musk stated that advertisers are returning to Twitter because “it’s becoming obvious that the media stories that Twitter is some kind of right-wing hellscape, (which it absolutely isn’t)” are unfounded. He also said that he’s “cautiously optimistic about its future.”