FBI director warns of increase in domestic threats related to Middle East conflict

On Saturday, FBI Director Christopher Wray said that domestic threats are on the rise as Israel’s conflict escalates.

Wray acknowledged that the threat level has increased due to a “heightened environment.” He called for greater vigilance, and asked police to continue sharing intelligence and observations.

“History is witness to antisemitic extremism and other violent forms for too long.” Wray stated that the targeting of any community because of its faith was unacceptable, whether it came from terrorist groups abroad, those who were inspired by them or domestic violent extremists motivated solely by racial hatred.

He said, “We are committed to continuing to confront these threats, both here in America and abroad.”

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Wray continued, “I would like to express my sincere condolences and the outrage we all share at the brutality and disregard of innocent lives in Israel.”

In a Monday statement, the FBI said it did not have any “specific and credible information” indicating that the Hamas attacks on Israel posed a threat to America. However, they continue to monitor the events as they develop.

Wray and the FBI have not made any further public efforts. However, the FBI was noted in the press release as being involved in the efforts to find affected Americans.