Gov. Brian Kemp Stands by Fani Willis, Dismisses Calls to Impeach Fulton County DA

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R), who stood up for Fulton County district attorney Fani Willis, dismissed Republican calls to remove Willis from office over her 41-count criminal indictment of former president Donald Trump and other 18 people.

Kemp called calls to impeach Willis “political theatre” at a Thursday press conference.

Breitbart exclusively reported that in mid-August, Georgia State Sen. Colton Moore announced an initiative for an emergency session to start an investigation into Willis.

Moore stated, “As an elected Georgia State Senator I call for a special session to examine the actions of Fani willis.” “America is under assault.” “I’m not going sit back and watch radical left prosecutors weaponize elected offices to target political opponents.”


Moore praised Trump when he announced that he would be investigating Willis.

Trump wrote: “Highly respected Georgia State Sen. Colton Moore deserves everyone’s thanks and congratulations for his courage & conviction in fighting the Radical Left Lunatics, who are hurting Georgia & America so badly.”

Kemp, however, rejected Moore’s call for an investigation. He argued that a special session “would ignore current Georgia law and interfere directly with the proceedings of another but equal branch.”

Kemp continued:

My concerns about the Fulton County district attorney’s handling this case before the special purpose grand juries have been well documented. Now we are seeing the results of prosecutors moving forward with high-stakes indictments and trial in the middle an election. It creates distrust, and makes it easy for those who believe that the district attorney is acting on political grounds.

Let me make this clear. In Georgia, we have a state law that clearly defines the legal steps to be taken by constituents who believe that their local prosecutors are breaking their oath through unethical or criminal behavior. To date, I haven’t seen any proof that D.A. Willis’ actions, or lack thereof warrants action by the prosecuting attorneys oversight commission.

Kemp concluded, “The bottom-line is that as long as i’m the governor of Georgia, we will follow the Constitution’s law regardless of whether it benefits or hurts politics.” “In Georgia, we won’t engage in political theatre that merely inflames emotions at the time.”

Moore encouraged Kemp to read the Georgia Constitution after Kemp’s remarks.

“Governor Brian Kemp does not tell the truth to the people of Georgia.” Moore stated in a press release that Kemp’s disdain of President Trump clouds his judgement. “Specifically, Section 2 paragraph 7…which outlines his power to call an urgent session.”

Moore concluded, “As corrupt Fulton County DA targets Donald Trump…I only have one single question for the governor: When will you stand with your constituents and convene an emergency session?”