House Passes Pelosi-Schumer CR, Averting Shutdown Fears Until March

The House approved a short-term extension of spending only hours after it was passed by the Senate. This pushed the next threat of a shutdown to March, and gave Republicans less leverage in implementing a border security plan.

The continuing resolution (CR), passed by 314 to 108, extended spending levels and priority set by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in December 2022 at a lame duck session of Congress.

Although many Republicans expressed their opposition to another CR, the outcome was clear.

Speaker Mike Johnson (R, LA) was faced with a last minute push by conservatives to add border security measures to CR. This would have likely delayed the House’s passage of the bill to Friday, and sent it to the Senate. The Senate would not have even put the bill to a vote.

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Johnson chose to send the House to the weekend because of the two to three inches expected to fall in the Capitol on Friday.

Republicans directed their frustration toward Democrats who refused to deal with the border. Many criticized the “business as usual”, of another short-term financing fix.

Rep. Chip Roy, R-TX, said before the vote on the House Floor: “The question is for my colleagues from this side of aisle ‘what are you gonna do?'” He was referring to his fellow Republicans who campaigned on border security but refused to take the issue to the mat.

The bill passed under suspension, which allows for a quicker consideration of legislation. However, it requires two thirds of support to pass.

Johnson may have passed the test with ease, but another number could spell trouble for him.

Johnson’s majority was assured by a single vote, which gave him 107 Republican votes.

Breitbart news was told, however, that a switch from no to yes at the last minute was needed to ensure Johnson’s majority.

The House Republicans adopted conference rules at the start of the Congress that require a majority vote from Republicans to allow a speaker advance legislation.

The tally also reflects the growing frustration of Johnson’s Speakership. Johnson had himself promised not to move any more CRs in 2023, but he’s done it twice.

Kevin McCarthy, former Speaker of the House (R-CA), was removed from his position after advancing a CR in September 2023. McCarthy’s support of the CR was cited by several of those who voted to take McCarthy’s gavel.

McCarthy resigned as a member of Congress in December.

The bill must be signed by President Joe Biden before 12:01 am on Saturday in order to avoid a partial shutdown of the government.

The CR continues to use the laddered CR method, with the first government funding tranche expiring on 1 March and the second one on 8 March.