‘I Take Responsibility’: Nancy Pelosi Fesses Up To J6 Blunder

A newly released video HBO provided congressional investigators shows Nancy Pelosi, former House Speaker, claiming responsibility for a lack of preparedness by the police on Jan. 6, 2020, in Washington D.C. while she fled the Capitol.

Alexandra Pelosi, Pelosi’s daughter, recorded the video. In it, Pelosi is irate and complains about the lack of accountability.

Terry, we are responsible! We should have been held accountable for what happened there. Pelosi exclaimed, “This is ridiculous!”

She expressed her disdain for what she felt was a late call for National Guard troops in order to quell the situation.


You’re going to ask me, in the middle, after they’ve already broken the inaugural stuff: “Should we call the Capitol Police?” I’m talking about the National Guard. Why wasn’t the National Guard present at all?

Terri McCullough, her chief of staff, replied: “They believed that they had enough resources …” before Pelosi intervened.

“It is not a matter of knowing how they got there… They don’t know!” Pelosi said, “They clearly didn’t have any idea and I accept responsibility for not having prepared them for more.”

According to Politico, HBO provided 45 minutes of video to congressional investigators following a request from a House Administration Subcommittee.

According to a report by the 2022 GOP, Congressional leaders including Pelosi chose not to deploy their National Guards early due to concerns about “optics” during 2020’s Black Lives Matter Riots.

In April, witnesses from the D.C. National Guard testified that Gen. Mark Milley, the then-Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, was afraid former President Trump might commandeer the military to serve his political purposes. This fear allegedly caused the National Guard’s deployment to be delayed.

According to a Senate report from 2022, the FBI and Department of Homeland Security knew in advance that chaos and violence would be imminent at the Capitol. However, they did not warn or recognize this information. A “massive” amount of intelligence was also allegedly ignored, or even downplayed.

The report stated that “Throughout 2020, FBI and DHS distributed written documents detailing the possibility of increased violent extremist activities at lawful demonstrations and targeting law enforcement and government personnel and facilities.”

The report noted that “despite online calls for violence, neither DHS nor the FBI issued a threat analysis or intelligence bulletin to warn law enforcement agencies in the National Capital Region about the potential for violence.”