Joe Biden: Border Curbs Needed to Save ‘Nation of Immigrants’ Claim

Joe Biden, the president of the United States, says that his border closure is necessary to deal with a shrinking support of migration and to maintain the 1950s narrative of America as a “Nation of Immigrants.”

Biden, in a Tuesday statement to his pro-migration allies at the White House, warned that some limits were needed to muffle public opposition to immigration which has been captured and seized by Donald Trump.

We have to face the truth. I must secure our border now to protect America’s reputation as a country that welcomes immigrants. If we don’t, the number of people trying to enter the United States of America will be unlimited.

Those who claim that the steps I have taken are too strict. You must be patient. Right now, the goodwill of Americans is eroding. It is not possible to do nothing. We must act. We must act in accordance with our laws and values.


We are taking steps to preserve our identity as Americans for future generations.

Biden said, “In the coming weeks, I will speak about how we can make immigration more fair and just.”

Biden’s alleged border curbs, in reality, are a media-magnified scam that hides his continuing force-feeding the U.S. economic system with foreign workers and consumers. This unpopular policy transfers more wealth from the country to coastal cities, CEOs and investors.

Biden’s alleged curbs are actually open-ended exceptions, which allow his promigration deputies import approximately 3 million migrants each year. That is almost one migrant per every American born.

Biden defends his mass migration.

Biden said that immigration “has always played a vital role in the life of America.” He went on without mentioning Americans or their families.

The constant infusion of new talent and people keeps us fresh. Statues of Liberty are not relics of American history. It represents who we are, as the United States.

The Statue of Liberty commemorated the Declaration of Independence. It was later repurposed in the early 1900s by immigration advocates to represent their claim that America is a nation of immigrants.

Biden’s deputies imported approximately 10 million migrants, whether they were legal, illegal or quasi-legal. The flood has hurt public support for Biden’s Nation of Immigrants phrase, which his advisers didn’t include in the statement.

Biden’s promigration policies reflect the Democratic Party’s passionate support for massive migration that transforms nations and shifts wealth, despite growing public opposition.

Chuck Schumer, a Senator from New York, said, “Now more than ever we are short of workers.” This was in an attempt to promote several draft amnesties aimed at illegal immigrants. He continued:

The [U.S.] is no longer reproducing at the same rate as it did in the past. We can only have a bright future in America if we embrace and welcome immigrants, including the “Dreamers”, and everyone else. Our ultimate goal is to give the Dreamers (illegals brought to the U.S. by their parents) a pathway to citizenship. [Emphasis added]

In February 2024, Sen. Chris Murphy (DCT) told Fox News that “the people we care most about [are] undocumented Americans who are in this country.”

Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden’s border chief, has said repeatedly that he is building an immigration system for poor foreigners to provide “equity”. Mayorkas says that the nation’s border law is subordinated to an elite opinion of “the values our country”.

Barack Obama, then president, declared in 2014 that “sometimes we get attached to our tribe, race or religion and then start treating others [foreign] people differently.”

It has sometimes been a bottleneck in how we view immigration. There have been times when people already here have said, “Well I don’t like those people” — although the only ones who are entitled to make that statement are Native Americans.

In late May, Rep. Pramila Jajapal (D, WA) told a group of Asian migrants that she had spent 17 years navigating a complicated immigration system and an alphabet soup visas before finally becoming a U.S. Citizen. She continued:

It is difficult for many to migrate today. I knew I wanted to be a part of the fight to bring the American Dream to other [foreigners]. I will always work to help those who wish to achieve it.

She told her audience that “America was founded by immigrants, and this country would be at a standstill without us.”

These views on migration are shared by many in the media and academia.