Kevin McCarthy: ‘I Will Not Run for Speaker Again’

Kevin McCarthy (R – CA) announced on Tuesday night that he will not be seeking to regain Speaker’s gavel. This was after a losing motion to vacate his chair.

McCarthy took questions and answered them for 45 minutes, after telling his GOP colleagues his intention to resign in a closed door meeting.

McCarthy told an overflowing Capitol room outside of the Speaker’s Office, “I think I can continue fighting. Maybe in a slightly different way.” McCarthy said, “I won’t run for Speaker again. I will have the conference choose somebody else.”

The former speaker spoke whimsically about his long journey towards the position of Speaker and expressed no regrets for the choices he had made in the days before Rep. Matt Gaetz’s (R-FL), filed the motion to vacate which ended his tenure.

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He said with a smile, “Doing what is right is not always easy but it’s necessary.” “I do not regret choosing to govern over grievance.

McCarthy bemoaned the few Republicans who voted for his termination as speaker after less than nine-months. “Unfortunately, 4 percent of our conference is able to join the Democrats in dictating who will be the Republican speaker in this House.”

“I’m not the only one who thinks that this rule is bad for the institution.”

McCarthy hopes House Republicans can unite behind a single candidate before a vote is taken on the floor. Breitbart news has been informed that the House plans to resume its recess on Tuesday, October 10, and hold a forum for Speaker candidates. Voting could take place as a confrence and then in the House on Wednesday, October 11,

McCarthy stated he “might” endorse a candidate but made no promise to do so.

Former Speaker had some advice for the next person to take over. He said, “Change the rules,” to laughter. He was referring to the House rule that allowed a member to bring a motion at any time to vacate their chair.

Speaker Pelosi changed the rule in the past to require that a majority vote of the majority conference be obtained to move the motion.

McCarthy used additional pointed words to the eight Republicans that opposed him. McCarthy said, “These are people who never voted me in. They thought it was a big deal that they went to the ‘present’ button after we had gone 15 rounds [in Jan.].

“I am not sure if those people are trying to be productive… they are not conservatives, and do not deserve the title.”

McCarthy’s motivation to improve the country was emphasized in his assertion that “This job never was about me.” I hope you felt it.”

McCarthy has no regrets about his career, even though it may have reached its peak.

If I lose my job for doing what I believe to be right, I have made peace with it.