Letitia James Says She’ll Seize Trump’s Assets If He Can’t Pay $354M Fine

Letitia J., New York Attorney General, said in an ABC News interview on Tuesday that she is ready to seize assets from former President Donald Trump if he cannot pay a fine of $354 million in civil fraud case.

James told ABC News that if he did not have the funds to pay the judgment off, we would seek enforcement mechanisms and ask the court to seize the assets.

Trump was fined 354.8 million dollars plus about $100 million in interest before the judgment on Friday, after Manhattan Supreme Court judge Arthur Engoron found that Trump had inflated his net worth to get better loan terms.

Trump has stated that he will appeal this ruling. Trump will still have to pay a fine to New York State as a bond before he can file an appeal.

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James replied that “financial crimes are not victimless crimes,” without naming any victims. Instead, he said the fraud is “massive.”

“He committed this massive fraud.” She argued that it wasn’t a simple error, or a minor oversight. The variations were wildly exaggerated and the fraud was staggering. She then posed a hypothetical, stating that “if average New Yorkers entered a bank with false documents, they would be prosecuted by the government, and this should also apply to former presidents.”

James said that she had her eye on the Trump building at 40 Wall Street, also known as “the Trump building.”

She said, “Yes, I do look at 40 Wall Street every day.”

She dismissed Trump’s claim that businesses would leave New York because of the case by saying, “Last time I checked, tourism was up.” Wall Street is doing fine.”

She also gloated over her, columnist E. Jean Carroll and the embattled Fulton County district attorney Fani Willis, saying “Someone told me if I wanted something done, you should give it to a female.”