Marjorie Taylor Greene Goes Off on Democrats for Accusing GOP of Worshipping ‘Convicted Felon’ Trump

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-GA, slammed Democrats who accused her and other Republicans to worshipping a “convicted felon”, former President Donald Trump. She made it clear that Jesus was her only Savior and pointed out the hypocrisy on the left by explaining how they worshipped George Floyd, a convicted felon, and that this worship came with rioting, burning down the country, and more.

Greene’s remarks came after Dr. Anthony Fauci testified before the House Select Subcommittee for the Coronavirus Pandemic Monday. Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-MD, praised Fauci during the hearing and accused Republicans of treating him as a “convicted criminal.”

“Well, Dr. Fauci. I join my Florida colleague in apologizing for some of our colleagues from the United States House of Representatives who seem to be trying to drag your reputation through the mud. Raskin added, “They’re treating Dr. Fauci like a felon.

“In reality, you probably wished they treated you like a felon. They show love and admiration to convicted felons. Raskin stated that some Trump supporters blindly worship convicted criminals.

When the Truth Gets Out

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When the Truth Gets Out
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Greene defended her remarks during Fauci’s testimony, which included a fiery discussion. She also blasted Raskin’s claim that Trump supporters worship a “convicted criminal.”

“Everything that I said is true.” The American people are feeling it. We know it to be true…all evidence has been proved. She said: “We have Jamie Raskin there accusing of us worshipping Trump – worshipping a “convicted felon”.”

The reporter said that Trump was “a convicted felon”, which set Greene up for a response.

“Yes, George Floyd was worshipped by everyone, including you, the media. Democrats worshipped George Floyd. Raskin says that we worship Trump, but there were riots all over the country because of George Floyd,” she said.

“Excuse Me, let me correct — and this really is important — I do not worship — I worship God. God. Jesus is my Savior. I don’t revere President Trump and I’m sick and tired of all the bullshit from the Democrats,” said the congresswoman, adding that it was unfair for Democrats to attack her character, “all day.”

“Whoever spoke last called me insane. But, we cannot say that they are attacking my character. Oh, no. She told the reporter, “It’s nonstop BS. It’s antics.” Democrats are continuing their antics because “they don’t have anything.”

She repeated what she had said at the hearing.

“Fauci should be in prison.” He should face trial for mass murder. He should also be tried for crimes committed against humanity. After that hearing, I felt the same way. “That’s what the American people feels,” she added.

Greene, during the hearing, ripped Fauci’s so-called commitment towards science. He questioned some of the things which happened under his supervision, such as cruel taxpayer-funded dog experiments and forced masking.

You know what the committee should do? We should recommend that you be prosecuted. “We should write a criminal referral, because you should face prosecution for crimes against mankind,” she said to end her line of questions. “You belong in prison, Dr. Fauci.”