NYPD Official Rips AOC For Demonizing Police Who Responded To Anti-Semitic Campus Protesters

On Thursday, top New York City Police Department officials condemned Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY), for criticizing the response of law enforcement to anti-Semitic demonstrations at Columbia University.

Ocasio Cortez reacted to a video that was posted on X, showing NYPD counterterrorism agents on campus. They were there to make sure that far-left extremists didn’t become violent.

She claimed that not only was it a horrible decision for Columbia to call in the NYPD, but also the units sent were some of the ones with the worst reputations within the police force. “NYPD promised the city that they would not deploy SRG (Strategic Response Group) to protests.”

She asked, “Why are these anti-terrorist units here?”

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John Chell, NYPD Chief Patrol Officer, responded to AOC with “Truly Amazing!” Columbia decided to make its students responsible for the school’s laws. The consequences of their actions are being felt. These kids probably never learned this. Laws are not overridden by SAT scores or self-entitlement. “I am sure that you agree with me that we need to teach these life skills to our children.”

He continued, “Secondly, last Thursday I was with the ‘units,’ that you described as having a’most violent reputation.’ These units removed students with care and professionalism. Not a single incident has been reported.” “The only incidents on campus that day were the hateful antisemitic remarks and the vile language directed at our police officers. You must agree that any hateful words are unacceptable. “You should change your comment to say thank you to NYPD. Hate has no place within our society.”

Chell suggested that AOC visit the campus to “listen to their comments of pure hatred.”

He added: “I will make sure that those ‘units,’ as they protect all NYers 24/7/365, will also protect you.” “Lacking accountability = consequences.” “Hate from anyone and anywhere has no place within our city or country.”

Kaz Daughtry, NYPD Deputy commissioner, also responded to AOC’s remarks about X. “Everyone has a Constitutional Right to Protest. It’s one of our great Democracy’s pillars.” Kids also have the right to attend school without being threatened, intimidated, or assaulted.

He continued, “There’s nothing ‘horrific” about protecting the safety and security of Columbia’s students who just want to get to school.” The NYPD has repeatedly stated that they will defend and protect your right to protest. But just because you are holding a sign and threatening, intimidating, or assaulting others, does not give you a pass for criminal conduct.

He added, “Being antisemitic and spreading hate towards children will never be tolerated by our city.” “Our officers have the highest level of training and are the best in the law enforcement profession.” They have to deal with insults, hate speech, and threats every day because of the uniforms they wear to protect the rights of everyone. I invite you to come and visit Columbia. I assure you that our officers will do their jobs and protect you just as they have done for everyone else on campus, regardless of your political views. We will also take a complaint if you feel that you are being threatened.”