Ocasio-Cortez: Tucker Carlson, Fox News ‘Incite Violence,’ We Need To ‘Explore’ Regulating Them

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, (D-NY), said that Fox News is responsible for inciting violent acts and that the Congress should explore ways to regulate Fox News.

Ocasio-Cortez said this during an interview with Jen Psaki on Sunday, MSNBC. They were discussing the recent Fox News settlement of $787 million with Dominion Voting Systems.

AOC stated, “We have real concerns about what is acceptable on air. We saw this with the January 6th broadcast and in the days leading up to it. And we also saw how we navigated questions of not only freedom of speech, but also accountability for violence incitement.” This is the role that we need to explore in law.

She claimed that broadcast television like FOX news is subject to federal laws and regulations in terms of what can be shown on the air. “And when I look at what Tucker Carlson, and some of the other people on Fox, do, that is very, very clear incitement to violence.” “Very clearly.”



JEN PSAKI: This week FOX News settled its defamation suit with Dominion Voting Systems. It was a huge amount of money and one of the biggest media defamation suits in history. Do you believe Dominion’s attorneys made a mistake by not demanding that FOX acknowledge on air they lied to viewers?

REP. ALEXANDRIA OCASIO CORTEZ: This was a company suing another for material damage. They are there to get as much money as they can and I believe that is what they did. They are not attorneys for the American people, and I believe that what was best for our country would have been to insist on that and not settle for anything less.

This is not their job, so I believe this raises a much bigger question for us. I think that too often we let the courts solve problems that politicians and legislators are supposed to resolve.

We are facing very real questions about what can be said on the air. This was evident in January 6, and in the days leading up to it. How we handle these issues is important, as we must balance not only freedom of speech, but also accountability in cases of incitement of violent acts. We need to explore this role through the law.

PSAKI: Do You Think Media Organizations of Social Media Platforms Should be Accountable for Being Platforms for Incitement?

OCASIO CORTEZ: When it comes to broadcast TV, such as FOX News I believe these are subject to federal laws and regulations in terms of what is allowed to be on air and what’s not. When you watch what Tucker Carlson, and other people on Fox, do, there is a very, very clear incitement to violence. Very clearly. This is where I believe we must be prepared to stand.