Omar says some Republicans don’t want a Muslim in Congress: ‘These people are OK with Islamophobia’

Rep. Ilhanomar (D.Minn.), said Sunday that some Republicans are “OK” with Islamophobia in response to questions from Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R.Calif.), who tried to stop her from sitting on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

“You can recall Donald Trump entering my state and declaring, ‘Muslims and Somali refugees are infiltrating the country.’ I got sworn into Congress after Rep. Rashida (D-Mich.), and you remember Rep. Lauren] Boebert (R-Colo.] claiming that I was terrorist. What did McCarthy do? McCarthy said that McCarthy had apologized and that she doesn’t need to be worried about her Islamophobia. Omar stated this on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“So these people are okay with Islamophobia. They are okay with their antisemitic ways of trafficking. Omar stated that they aren’t okay with a Muslim having a voice on the committee.

McCarthy removed Omar from Foreign Affairs because he considered Omar to be the first Somali American woman elected to Congress and the second Muslim woman elected to Congress. He also fired Adam Schiff (D.Calif.), and Eric Swalwell, (D.Calif.) members of the House Intelligence Committee.

For their plan to work, the cops must go

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For their plan to work, the cops must go
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Omar’s resignation requires a vote of the whole chamber. Swalwell and Schiff could be removed by McCarthy due to the rules surrounding the Intelligence Committee.

Omar stated that “if they want to discuss political differences, that’s something that should be done, but to smear somebody and their character, their love of their country, and the work that is being done on a committee is wrong.”

It is political motivated. In some cases, it is motivated by the fact many of these members don’t believe that a Muslim, refugee, or African should be in Congress.

Omar was accused of making antisemitic remarks about American support for Israel. Omar has since apologized and stated that she used the words “trafficking in antisemitism” to explain her comments.

“To suggest that I knew I said these things when people have read my comments to make me sound like I have something against Jewish community is wrong. … I voted in favor of every resolution that condemned antisemitism. This is something no Republican can do. Omar stated that my work was clear.

Democrats rallied behind Omar, Swalwell, and Schiff.

McCarthy had earlier this week officially blocked Swalwell and Schiff from the Intelligence Committee. However, the Speaker will still need to get a House vote to approve his plans for the Foreign Affairs Committee. Omar’s ouster has been opposed by some Republicans.

Omar stated Sunday that she hopes that the GOP lawmakers who have pledged support for her will honor their word when it comes time to vote.