Senate Releases Establishment’s Migration Bill

The Senate released its “border” legislation, which has been long-awaited, and is reportedly increasing the number of legalized immigrants in American communities, schools, workplaces and other institutions.

The 370-page “Emergency National Security Supplemental Appropriations Act 2024” was released on Sunday at 6:40 pm.

The bill is accompanied with a multibillion-dollar appropriations act that will fund the resources required to register, release and transport migrants, as well as to house them in coastal and inland American communities.

The bill has been marketed as “national security”, as it aims to overcome the opposition of Republican legislators, whose elections depend on the enthusiasm of ordinary populists, who are concerned about immigration’s lawlessness and chaos, as well as its impact on their pocketbooks, crime, overcrowding and diversity.

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Democrats tout the bill to fix President Joe Biden’s poor polling numbers for the 2024 elections.

The authors of this bill, who are largely from the establishment, have hidden much of its content, including many loopholes, modifications and exceptions. These can transform apparent restrictions into government funded welcomes.

A small group of businessmen and establishment supporters drafted the bill behind closed doors. Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer, both from New York, appointed three senators as a team to negotiate with the White House.

The three senators are Sen. Chris Murphy, (D-CT), James Lankford, (R-OK), Kyrsten S. Sinema, (I-AZ).

Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden’s border chief and pro-migration advocate, advised the White House side.

Mayorkas, a lawyer with a lot of experience, has reformed the border laws and argued that it will be easier to control the influx of migrants if they are allowed in through legal routes. He also said that Americans had a moral obligation to accept migrants, and that Americans needed more migrant workers to fill the jobs created by investors.

The bill has been marketed to the public as a means to stop border chaos and to promote national security. This is because supporters need to give cover to Republican senators that are pro-establishment who still want to support it despite public opposition. Sinema said to CBS that for five months my Republican colleagues demanded – and I believe rightfully – that we address the border crisis as part a national package. “I agree that the crisis at our border poses a threat to national security.”

Breitbart has highlighted many critical issues which will be carefully reviewed before Schumer rushes to Wednesday’s scheduled vote.

Central Issues

Will the bill actually reduce the number of migrants or will it only legalize a large part of Biden’s illegal immigration?

Congress permits approximately one million legal migrants and one million temporary workers into the country each year. This is a huge inflow compared to America’s population of 3.6 million people, including approximately 3.6 millions births every year.

Biden’s illegal immigration through parole, which brought in roughly one million immigrants by 2023 despite laws restricting the inflow, is reportedly included as part of the bill.

This provision could be a way to expand the parole intake, which was previously limited to approximately 15,000 people per year under Presidents Barack Obama or Donald Trump.

The bill might claim to limit migration, but in reality it is legalizing Biden’s current inflow via parole. The CPB-One app allows migrants to communicate with each other at the border. “CHNV”, a program that allows 30,000 migrants from Cuba, Haiti and Nicaragua to enter the United States, is also included.

Will the bill include a provision that ensures parole migrants will leave the country within two years or will it contain various legal loopholes designed to help them obtain green cards, raise their families and gain citizenship?

This would be a giveaway of cheap labor for companies that want to lower the wages of Americans.

Some Republican legislators would welcome the parole workers because they ensure that donors receive cheaper labor, without giving new voters for Democrats. George W. Bush promoted this plan in early 2000 through his “Any Willing Worker’ program. Democrats rejected the program back then, but could support a revised version in order to help Biden win the 2024 elections.

If the parole workers are allowed to stay, border management will dramatically increase legal migration, from the current level of 1 million people per annum, which is to the detriment of American families.

Advocates say that the bill will end “catch-and-release.”

Sinema, however, said that children accompanying migrants would not be held at the border. This supposed curb would essentially be a rollback to the current law that requires all asylum seekers be detained until their appeals are heard. It is a court-created loophole which has been used by men to bring their children, and sometimes other people’s kids, out of detention.

Sinema said migrants would also be released under electronic supervision. It is important to address this issue, as supervised releases allow migrants to find the work they need to repay their high-interest loan to smugglers or cartels. The number of migrants at the border will drop if they are not allowed to leave. Few will take out mortgages or loans in order to cross the border.

Biden’s Administration ignores the “shall” retain law because it claims that Congress doesn’t provide enough funding for the detention of migrants. The administration transfers billions in funding every year to house and transport migrants that are required by law to be detained.

Does the legislation close loopholes created by courts, such as Flores?

Judges set most of the border laws in the United States. It is possible for pro-migration groups, therefore, to violate or find loopholes in laws that prevent the influx of migrants. California judges, for example, say that the border agency can’t hold migrants longer than 21 days. However, 21 days is not enough time to process all asylum claims. This means that only a few migrants will be able to be held until their cases are resolved.

Does the bill reduce the abuse of asylum law?

Advocates say that the bill tightens up rules for granting asylum. It may be, but it will not stop the “Convention Against Torture”, alternative side door that allows migrants to work and live in the United States.

Advocates also claim that the bill is meant to speed up the decision-making process for asylum claims. If new restrictions reduce the approval rate of asylum claims by 50%, but also double the number processed, then the number economic migrants that get asylum will stay at its current level.

Biden’s Border Chief has set up a pr