Shocking Hunter Claim: Didn’t Notice ‘Big Guy’ With Equity Stake

Hunter Biden, swollen with cash from China, didn’t even notice that someone nicknamed “the Big Guy” was about walk away with 10% of a new venture. This is according to the deposition transcripts obtained on Thursday by Newsmax.

In their impeachment investigation of President Joe Biden House Republicans have claimed that references to the “big guy” that repeatedly appeared in their investigation must be the president.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), came close to confirming what Republicans suspected, when he asked Hunter Biden questions about an email sent by a family member regarding the equity structure for the Oneida Holdings Joint Venture with CEFC.

Gaetz found it strange that James Gilliar’s associate would save 10% for the “big guy”, yet Hunter Biden did not question who it was meant for, given that it was worth millions.

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Hunter Biden stated, “If I saw it, I am certain I would’ve picked up the telephone and told you, ‘You are out of your head,'”.

He added that his father had never been an equity shareholder in any of the businesses in which he and Tony Bobulinski were involved.

“I don’t know if I read it all.” My response had nothing to do my father, all I knew. My response has nothing to do with my father.

Some reports on Thursday claimed that Hunter Biden had admitted during his seven-hour Wednesday testimony that “big guy” referred to his father. The transcript of his deposition could not confirm that the “big guy” was a reference to his father.

Hunter Biden addressed the term specifically only when Democrats asked if Joe Biden called his father “big guy”, or if Joe Biden ever used that term. Hunter Biden replied no.

CEFC and President

House Republicans pushed Hunter Biden to the corner during his appearance on Capitol Hill Wednesday, exposing his faulty memory and links with China as well as how he and family made tens and millions of dollars in China.

Hunter Biden also testified that he received 3 million dollars from the Chinese energy company CEFC China Energy, which is owned by the Chinese government.

He testified that “it was a retainer contract with CEFC as we worked on a way to become partners via a different entity.”

The hearing was an important part of the House Republicans’ impeachment investigation into Joe Biden.

Hunter Biden was asked if his father Joe Biden had ever met CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming. He said that he couldn’t remember, but only after an argument with the panel Republicans.

Hunter Biden’s first response when asked if Joe Biden had met Ye was: “My business has never brought my father any benefit. My father has never taken any business decisions that would benefit me. My father never benefited financially or in any other way from my business. The business you are referring to now was not even in existence when he held office.”

Hunter Biden’s response when asked the second time whether Joe Biden had met Ye was: “I am not being argumentative. What’s the point? We can discuss my business if you wish to ask me questions about it. What does this have in common with an impeachment investigation?”

Hunter Biden has finally conceded that it is true if Rob Walker, his former business partner, said Joe Biden and Ye met at a Washington, D.C. restaurant.

“I would not question or contest Rob’s memory. He said, “I don’t remember the date.”

House Republicans claim that Biden’s family benefited improperly from the policy decisions Biden made as Vice President during President Barack Obama’s administration between 2009-17.

Joe Biden received money in his account

The situation became heated when a discussion about $5 million was sent from Northern International Capital, a Hunter Biden shell-company he owned along with CEFC agent Gongwen Dong.

Biden said he sent $5 million to Lion Hall Group, a company associated with his Uncle James Biden. Hunter Biden was asked by Republicans if he knew that the money he sent his uncle James Biden ended up in Joe Biden’s account.

This is the most absurd thing I’ve seen so far. Do you mean to say that I do not understand the fungibility in dollars? What is this — do I get it? Post hoc ergo propter hoc? Hunter Biden asked, “It’s all based on a fallacy?”

You’re saying, “because I paid my Uncle from a Delaware Corporation that was transparent about its purpose, had a Chinese business partner, and that money then moved into my Owasco account that didn’t only have that money, but also had other money, you are acting as though –“

Q: “It was Burisma money right?”

A: “You’re acting like there’s a dollar, or something, here that was somehow traced down all the way to here in order to repay a debt that you say my father gave to him.”

James Comer of the House Oversight Committee, R-Ky. has been arguing for more than a decade that the first family, through approximately 20 “shell” companies tied to Hunter Biden and the influence of the former vice president, enriched themselves by attracting foreign business clients.

Hunter’s Retainer

Hunter Biden was also defensive when asked about the way he distributed $3 million from his “retainer”, Joe Biden’s younger brother James and other members of his family. Republicans wanted to find out why Hunter Biden had asked Walker, his business partner, to send wires directly to Hallie Biden (the American Express card payment) and his Uncle James Biden.

“I can sometimes be a bit oxymoronically poor, even though I don’t always look it.” He said it was to save money on two wire transfers. “Instead saying, ‘Send the money to my account. Then I will figure out how to transfer it from my Owasco, business, or another wire to my Uncle Jim, or another wire to Hallie’, I said to Rob,… ‘Please wire it directly directly to Hallie. ‘”