‘Slob’ Fetterman says Republicans are losing their minds over ‘disgraceful’ rule change

Sen. John Fetterman, a Pennsylvania Democrat, said Republicans were losing their minds over the Senate’s dress code. The “Fetterman Rule” is based on Fetterman’s preference for wearing hoodies and loose button-down shirts paired with baggy shorts.

Charles E. Schumer (New York Democrat) is the majority leader of the Senate. He ordered that “business attire”, which was a traditional dress code for senators, be discontinued. He did this by ordering the Sergeant-at-Arms to stop enforcing dress codes.

It means that Mr. Fetterman is no longer required to give a thumbs-up or down from the Senate floor doorways to the clerk of the chamber before, during and following votes.

Mr. Fetterman hopes that more legislators on both sides will adopt a looser dress code for the entire workweek. Many wear jeans and button-up shirts when they arrive in Washington on Mondays from their home states.

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“I believe we all should want to be more comfortable. Now we have the option. If people want to wear suits, that’s fine. “That’s a better option,” he added.

Some Republicans are not happy about the change. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Georgia Republican, called it “disgraceful.”

Dress code is a standard that sets etiquette for society and shows respect to our institutions. She said, “Stop lowering the standard,” on X (formerly Twitter).

They’re losing it. “They’re losing their minds.” “They’re all freaking out,” Mr. Fetterman said to reporters on Monday. “I don’t get it. There are more important things to do right now than worrying about my dressing.

The Pennsylvania Democrat, who is currently in his first term, said that he liked to be called a “revolting slob”.

Mr. Fetterman didn’t step on the Senate floor, Monday, despite a new rule change.

Next time, not today. Baby steps. He said, “I’m going to take a new step before I do it.