Speaker Johnson: Biden engaging in ‘cover-up’ of role in Hunter business dealings, impeachment probe continues

House Speaker Mike Johnson claimed that President Biden was engaged in a “continuing cover-up”, and had “lied repeatedly” regarding his knowledge and involvement in Hunter Biden’s dealings. He also told Fox News Digital the impeachment investigation against him would continue “methodically”, and without any “predetermined” result.

Johnson, R.-La., has been elected Speaker of the House of Representatives. In September, former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) launched an impeachment investigation against Biden.

In an exclusive interview on Fox News Digital, Friday evening the speaker stated that the investigation will continue under his direction.

He said: “We are a rule of law team. We must respect and adhere to due process, just as the founding fathers intended.” “Impeachment” is a powerful tool that Congress can use. It is not meant to be used lightly, nor is it intended to be.


Johnson said, “We take it very seriously.”

The speaker stated that House Republicans would continue their investigation, “collecting and following evidence and the truth wherever it may lead.”

We have not decided the outcome. He said, “We haven’t pre-judged the outcome.” “But I believe everyone can see the unfolding of it,” he said.

Johnson, who is a constitutional attorney and a former member of the House Judiciary Committee as well as the House Committee on the weaponization of the federal government, was involved with the impeachment inquiry firsthand.

The investigation is being led by House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan, Oversight Committee Chair James Comer and Ways & Means Committee chairman Jason Smith.

Johnson stated that the team had done an exceptional job in uncovering evidence. They’ve done an excellent job and have been very methodical in their approach.

Johnson said that impeachment “was designed by the framers to be very careful and sensitive, that it has to be dealt with legally and appropriately. And that’s exactly what our chairmen have done.”

Legal experts are divided on the question of whether Congress has the power to initiate impeachment procedures for alleged treason or bribery.

The scope of the impeachment investigation includes Biden’s time as vice president and his current position, including time spent out of office.

Johnson replied: “I’m not certain that we will need to extend it that far in this case.”

Johnson stated that there was a cover-up going on as Joseph Biden sat in the Oval Office. We know that he lied to the camera repeatedly, I mean multiple times. He lied about his knowledge and involvement in his son’s dealings. “We all know it now.”

He said: “He, you know, has covered it up as the president.”

Johnson believes that there is an “overwhelming amount of evidence” that shows that he and his family were involved, that they knew about it, and had benefited from the situation.

Johnson stated, “I’m not sure bribery has not been involved in this case, either.” “And, of course, the Constitution specifically lists bribery, so we are obliged to pursue it.”

He said, “There is a lot smoke here and we will find out very quickly how big the fire really is.”

Johnson said, “Bank records do not lie,” pointing at the records that are being collected by House Republicans as part of the ongoing investigation.

He said, “We now have receipts, we are connecting the dots and I believe this will continue with seriousness.”

Comer, R. Ky., continues to collect bank records of the Bidens. His panel is collecting personal and business records of Hunter Biden and James Biden.

Comer has so far said that his panel has discovered that the Bidens and their business partners brought in over $24 million from 2014 to 2019 by “selling Joe Biden around the globe as the ‘brand’.

The White House insists that President Biden never did business with either his son or family. He had earlier insisted he would never discuss business with them. White House officials have called the impeachment investigation against the president a “no-evidence” political stunt.

Johnson told Fox News Digital there are “a number of Americans who really want accountability.”

He said: “But I would like to assure everyone that the process is being carried out in a constitutional and appropriate manner.” “I think we are well positioned to hold the American people accountable–they deserve that.”

Johnson also had a pleasant meeting with President Biden this week at the White House.

Johnson stated that “He was engaging, and personable.” This is not something I take personally. I have to do what I’m supposed to, he has his job to do, and it is my responsibility to hold people accountable. I won’t apologize for this.

Johnson served on the impeachment defence team of former President Trump for 2020.

He said: “I saw how the Democrats sledgehammered hundreds of years of precedent.” “We were protesting this all the time and saying that the Democrats were opening Pandora’s Box and were really just reducing the institution as part of a political vendetta towards President Trump.”

Johnson, when asked what he would say to Democrats who characterized the ongoing impeachment investigation against Biden by Democrats as political in nature, quoted John Adams.

Johnson stated, “I do not expect anything else from my colleagues on the opposite side of the aisle in regard to this, but as John Adams once said, facts are stubborn things. We are going to present them and we will follow the truth.” Johnson said, “It doesn’t really matter what the Democrats or the mainstream media say. We’re going lay out the facts for the American public to draw their own conclusion. I believe they will.”

Johnson hasn’t given a timetable.

He said, “I haven’t made any prejudgments.” If I had, then I would have been guilty of all the things I’ve said Democrats did wrong. But I believe we’re soon going to come to a conclusion on a lot of these issues.

It’s something I want to do because I