The Government Burned Through $7.5T Post-COVID and All It Got Was Historic Inflation

The numbers don’t lie, even though President Joe Biden or Democrats claim to not know what causes inflation. And the numbers are staggering. A new report by Congress on post-COVID expenditures makes it clearer than ever before why prices have risen to record highs, and continue to rise month after month in spite of the White House’s false claim that inflation “is going down.”

The Heritage Foundation released a report that reveals the staggering amount of taxpayer-funded spending between March 2020 and Dec 2022. This amounts to more than $57,000 per household.

Heritage has provided us with the following numbers:

February 2020 COVID response – $2.22 trillion


American Rescue Plan – $1.9 Trillion

Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) – $1.2 Trillion

December 2020 Stimulus Package: $932 Billion

Inflation Reduction Bill – $565 Billion

PACT Act – $283 billion

Non-Defense Budgets for FY 2021, 2022 and 2023: $172 billion

Ukraine Additional Appropriations (Additional Appropriations) – $113 Billion

CHIPS Act – $79 Billion

Total – $7.464 Trillion

Democrats are not solely responsible for this. Heritage points out that “Members from Congress of both parties used COVID-19 as a way to abandon any pretense of fiscal prudence and to use deficit spending in order to enact an array of new programs.” All lawmakers must “return immediately to responsible governance.”

The American people are well aware of the economic damage that has already been done. According to Heritage Foundation data, an average American household “has already lost $7,000 due to inflation and interest rates spikes largely caused” by this spending spree. Employment has “stagnated”, and “millions” of workers have still not returned to the workforce more than two year after the start the pandemic.

Nobody in America could manage their finances the way Washington does. And no one would have approved reckless spending policies without knowing that they would have serious consequences. Heritage’s report explains that it’s not surprising that inflation continues to increase each month, when Congress passed legislation which added more debt to the federal government in 27 months than in the first 200 of America’s history.

Congress, rather than advancing policies that would help Americans recover from the COVID pandemic “exacerbated the already mountainous federal long-term obligations and pushed the country near to a debt crises.”