The Left’s New Sugar Daddy Alex Soros Had 20 Meetings at Joe Biden’s White House (So Far)

According to the most recent White House visitor logs, Alex Soros is the son of billionaire George Soros and the heir apparent. He had 20 meetings with Biden administration officials at the White House.

According to visitor logs the younger Soros visited the Biden White House fifteen times, met officials twenty times and attended a French President Emmanuel Macron state dinner at which President Biden also attended.

Alex Soros met with the officials listed below (in chronological order of decreasing importance) on the days indicated.

Amanda Sloat, Senior Director of the National Security Council for Europe


Jon Finer, Principal Assistant National Security Advisor

Nina Srivastava was the adviser to Ron Klain, then White House Chief of Staff.

Jordan Finkelstein is the Special Assistant to President and Chief of Staff at Anita Dunn, a senior Biden advisor.

Jon Finer, Principal Assistant National Security Advisor

Mariana Adame is the advisor to Steve Ricchetti, the counselor of the president.

Mariana Adame is the advisor to Steve Ricchetti, the counselor of the president.

Jon Finer, Principal Assistant National Security Advisor

12/1/2022: State dinner on the South Lawn in honor of French President Emmanuel Macron, attended by President Biden

Nina Srivastava was an adviser to Ron Klain, then White House Chief of Staff.

Mariana Adame (meeted twice on 10/14/2022): Advisor to Steve Ricchetti, Counselor to the President Steve Ricchetti

10/6/2022 : Jon Finer is the Principal Deputy National security Advisor

Kimberly Lang is the Executive Assistant to National Security Advisor on 10/6/2022

9/15/2022 – Jon Finer, Principal Assistant National Security Advisor

Nina Srivastava (meeted twice on 9/14/2022): Advisor to Ron Klain, then White House Chief of Staff.

Madeline Strasser was the adviser to Ron Klain, then White House Chief of Staff.

Hazel Castillo is the staff assistant to Jon Finer, Principal Deputy National Security Adviser.

Jon Finer, Principal Assistant National Security Advisor

Madeline Strasser is an adviser to Ron Klain, then White House Chief of Staff.

It is not known what was discussed at these meetings. However, the fact they involved so many national-security officials during a period when the Biden Administration is heavily focused on Ukraine’s war may provide a hint. Mark Leonard, director of the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), which is funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, told The Washington Post that war in Ukraine was a major focus for younger Soros. Leonard stated that Alex Soros “is in daily contact with Soros Foundation Ukraine and is talking to various governments about Ukraine’s policy,” Leonard.

The Post notes that OSF also “describes themselves as the largest independent funding of Ukrainian civil societies and citizen groups for over three decades.”

Alex Soros meeting with Mariana Adame the advisor of Biden administration Counselor Steve Ricchetti could be related to the younger Soros interest in the presidential election 2024. Ricchetti was a former K Street lobbyist and longtime Biden supporter who was chairman of Biden’s 2020 campaign. He was also instrumental in securing large campaign contributions from Wall Street financiers.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Alex Soros, son of left-wing billionaire George Soros, was named as the heir apparent for his father’s $25-billion global non-profit empire.

In December last year, the OSF board of directors elected Soros to succeed his father as Chairman. He has been president of his dad’s super PAC called Democracy PAC for the last two years. It controls $125 million that is distributed to U.S. politicians, political parties, and causes. The Washington Post reported that Democracy PAC had given so much money to Democrats during the 2022 midterms, that George Soros was the biggest individual donor.

The elder Soros’s campaign donations had the greatest impact on recent U.S. election results. They were used to elect progressive prosecutors across the country, who were committed to “criminal reforms,” which eschew prosecution and incarceration. Joel Pollak of Breitbart reported that “the rise of these Soros backed prosecutors coincides with a massive increase in murder and crime” in many Democrat run cities.

Alex Soros said to the Journal that his father and he “think alike”, but he’s “more political” than him. The Soros heir has expressed a particular interest in U.S. causes that involve “voting, abortion rights, and gender equity”. He also indicated preventing Donald Trump from winning 2024’s election is a concern for him and he would be willing to spend his considerable financial resources on it. He told The Journal that “as much as I’d love to get the money out of politics… as long as other sides are doing it, we have to do it too.”

Alex Soros is the epitome of Democratic Party power. He shares pictures on Instagram and Twitter highlighting his close relationship and numerous meetings with Democratic Party leaders.

The list is not exhaustive, but includes meetings with Senator Chuck Schumer (DNY), whose Senate Majority PAC was given $2 million by the younger Soros in 2018, and $5 million by the Soros Super PAC in 2020; House Minority leader Hakeem Jeffreys (DNY); former president Barack Obama; Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State, and 2016 presidential contender; Vice President Kamala Harris, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg; Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Sen. Raphael Warnock, who received $1,000,000 for his runoff election from the Soros Super PAC, Missouri Attorney General Keith Ellison, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-CA, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-MA, and of course President Joe Biden.

The Journal reports that the majority of Soros’ $25 billion leftist empire will go to OSF. OSF controls approximately $1.5 billion, which it distributes to leftist organizations in various countries to promote abortion, mass immigration, amnesty of illegal aliens, prostitution legalization, climate change activism and what OSF describes as “democracy and transparency.”

It has been difficult to track the funding of Soros’ philanthropic empire and financial empire. ProPublica’s report from 2021 revealed