Third House speaker vote set for Friday morning, says Jordan’s office

The office of Republican Rep. Jim Jordan announced that the third round voting for House Speaker will take place on Friday morning, 10 am. Two hours earlier at 8 am, Jordan will hold a press conference.

The Ohio Republican has pressed on with his bid for the next Speaker of the House, after his GOP colleagues on Thursday opposed a plan that he had supported to temporarily empower an interim speaker.

Republicans gathered on Capitol Hill in order to map out a course of action after Jordan failed to receive the 217 votes required to become Speaker in the two first rounds of voting that took place earlier in the week. The plans for a Thursday third vote were dropped. Jordan told his colleagues that he would back a proposal allowing Speaker Pro Tempore Patrick McHenry the oversight of the House for the remainder of the year while he was still in the race.

Jordan quickly reversed his decision, saying that he would move forward with a new floor vote.

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“We pitched the resolution to the members as a way of lowering the temperature and getting back to work. He told reporters that they decided to not go down this path. “I am still running for Speaker and I intend to go to floor, get votes and win this election.”

There was no indication that the Ohio Republican had changed anyone’s mind during the meeting. Rep. Carlos A. Gimenez said that Jordan has not changed his position. “We are still at the same place.” “He doesn’t have enough votes to be the speaker.”

Jordan leaves meeting with GOP Holdouts

Jordan said that he had just left his office and was heading to speak to colleagues. The Ohio Republican left his office without providing any information on the timing of a vote. CBS News asked him whether his goal was to have the floor open on Thursday. He replied, “We are trying to get as united as possible.”

Jordan refused to comment on the meeting. Rep. Carlos A. Gimenez said that Jordan has not changed his position. “We are still at the same place.” “He doesn’t have enough votes to be the speaker,” he stated.

Jordan announces he will move ahead with another floor vote

Jordan informed reporters that after meeting with his Republican colleagues, he had abandoned the plan to empower McHenry. He would instead vote again on the House Floor.

“We pitched the resolution to the members as a way of lowering the temperature and getting back to work. He told reporters that they had decided to not go down this path.

Jordan stated that he was “still running for Speaker and I intend to go to floor and get votes and win this election.” He also said that he wanted to “talk to a few colleagues, especially I want to speak with the twenty individuals who voted for me so that we could move forward and start working for the American public.”

Matt Gaetz, a Republican from Florida, and Nicole Malliotakis are both predicting that the House will reconvene on Thursday for a third Speaker’s vote.

“The bottom-line is that there are at least 20 people who oppose him. We have to find out who those 20 people are, whether there is any movement, and if they’re willing to vote for him. Malliotakis stated that this is the truth.

As opposition to McHenry’s plan grows, tempers flare at the GOP Conference meeting

The tensions reached a boiling point at the House GOP Conference meeting on Thursday. Several Republicans who left the meeting expressed their opposition to McHenry being elevated to permanent speaker in place of McHenry.

After three hours, people leaving the room described it as “angry.” Wisconsin Republican Rep. Mike Gallagher told reporters that he would be heading to a chapel for a rosary.

Matt Gaetz, the Republican who pushed for McCarthy’s removal earlier this month confirmed that he and the former Speaker had a verbal exchange during the meeting. Gaetz stated that McCarthy’s “passions” are “a little flaming.”

Gaetz stated, “I believe he is working through the stages and may be at the anger stage.”

The Florida Republican was questioned about reports that Rep. Michael Bost had lunged at the Florida Republican during the meeting. Gaetz didn’t say he would call it a lunge but Bost seemed angry.

Gaetz stated that a “speaker lite” was a bad idea. He was referring to McHenry. However, he still supports Jordan.

Several members opposed the idea to give McHenry greater power, telling CBS News the proposal was “dead” and “would not be brought up on the floor.”

Rep. Mike Gallagher says: “I’m not sure anyone could get 217.”

Mike Gallagher, a Republican from Wisconsin, said that he was not sure if any other member of Congress could garner the 217 votes required to become Speaker of the House. He also reiterated his unwillingness to run himself.

“I’m not sure anybody can get 217. In my seven years of service in Congress, I have never thought about being speaker of the House. “I do national security and defence stuff,” he explained. “I have had to attend a conference for the first two weeks of the year.

Gallagher responded: “I believe if Jordan is not progressing and indeed, he’s losing votes, we need to get back to the drawing boards.”

Jordan intends to continue running until January

According to a source who is familiar with Jordan’s thinking, Jordan plans to continue running for speaker until January and to try to consolidate votes. Jordan is still the Republican candidate for speaker and will not drop his bid.

Jordan responded to CBS News when asked if he would pursue another round of voting. “We are still in the race for sure.”

Two sources have confirmed that there will not be a vote on Thursday for the speaker of the House. In the afternoon, the Republican Conference gathered for a meeting. Jordan has supported a plan that would temporarily elevate McHenry to the position of speaker pro tempore up until January 3.

Jordan suggested Wednesday that he believed he had more time to compete when he said that McCarthy “had two-month runway” to pursue his bid for speaker. This is the period between the internal vote on McCarthy’s nomination held after the midterm elections in November 2022 and the formal vote which took place at the beginning of the new Congress.

What does it mean to “empower the temporary speaker”?

McHenry was elected speaker pro tempore, or “for the moment being”.