Truckers for Trump to boycott driving to New York City after $355M fraud ruling

In the wake of a fraud ruling, ‘Chicago Ray” rallies other truckers to refuse shipments going to NYC.

The truckers who supported the former president Trump announced that they would not be driving up to New York City in order to express their displeasure with the civil fraud verdict which fined Trump over $350 million.

All of this is in response to Trump’s being banned from operating his New York business for three years, and found liable for damages exceeding $350 million by the New York Attorney General Letitia J. James in a civil fraud case filed against him, his Family and the Trump Organization.

After a trial that lasted for months and began in October, New York Judge Arthur Engoron delivered his decision on Friday. The case was brought by James who accused the former President of inflating assets and fraud.

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Many pro-Trump drivers have taken this ruling very seriously.

“I am just one of many millions of truckers who love and believe in God,” wrote a trucker named “Chicago Ray,” on X (formerly Twitter). “I stand with Trump because Trump stands with me.” “Truckers for Trump isn’t just a slogan; it’s real”, he wrote.

Chicago Ray called fellow truckers on February 16 to boycott shipments going to New York City.

Ray wrote: “I have been talking on the radio to drivers for the last hour and I have spoken to around 10 drivers.” He said: “I’m not sure how far this is across the country or how many trucks are going to refuse loads to New York City. But I’ll tell ya what — go around and find out.”

The truck driver issued a second warning saying Trump should be left alone, and that New York City’s fraud investigation against him was “election interference.”

“Thanks for being such a Patriot!” We can make a real difference if we all stand up as patriots. “We have to fight back against those who are trying to destroy our country on purpose,” one user commented.

“I hope all truckers refuse New York!” Another user wrote: “Enough is enough, and our actions are important.”

Chicago Ray isn’t the only person who has spoken up in support of Trump, and against the civil fraud ruling.

Elena Cardone is the wife of Grant Cardone, a wealthy real estate investor. She created a GoFundMe account called “Stand With Trump; Fund the 355M Unjust Judgement”. Her husband stated on X, “100% of the funds will be sent to the Trump Organization for his defense against this “ridiculous judgement.”

Cardone wrote: “I stand with President Donald Trump unwaveringly in the face what I perceive as unfair and unprecedented treatment by certain judicial components in New York.”

He continued, “The recent legal battles that he faces are an attack not only on him but on the ideals of due process and fairness that every American deserves.”

The fundraiser has raised nearly $310,000 since it was launched.