Trump ahead in Five Swing States, Voters Resent Biden Policies: Poll

In five of the six swing states that are most important in the race for 2024, the former president Trump leads President Biden. Voters find the country in disarray under the current administration. They also resent its policies.

The survey shows that Trump is ahead of Biden in Nevada by 10 points, Georgia by 6 points, Arizona by 5 points, Michigan and Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania by 4 points, and Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania. Biden has a two-point lead in Wisconsin. A Times/Siena College survey of 3,662 voters was conducted between October 22 and November 3.

The performance of the incumbent is not well received by voters. 59 percent are either strongly disapproving or somewhat disapproving. Overall, 67 per cent of Americans believe the U.S. has taken the wrong path. The respondents said that 49 percent have little chance of supporting Biden at the next general elections, and 46 percent had the same opinion about Trump.

Voters ranked economic issues like jobs, taxes or cost of living as their top priority, with 57 percent. In the same way, 52 percent of voters believe that the economy is in a bad state.

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Voters trust Trump by double-digits to do a superior job on “immigration” and “national security”, as well as the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Biden is more trusted by voters to deal with the abortion issue, by nine points. They also trust him for “democracy”, by three points.

The poll revealed that Biden was also perceived as frail. 71 percent agreed strongly or somewhat with the statement that the 80 year old is too old to be a president, and 62 percent said he lacked the mental sharpness required for the position. Only 39 percent of respondents agreed with this statement about Trump’s age.

Biden’s policies, however, have been a personal injury to many voters. In terms of Trump’s policies and their impact on respondents, 51 percent said that they have helped them personally.