Trump Campaign Slams Biden’s ‘Mass Amnesty Plan’

The Trump campaign condemned Joe Biden’s proposal to shield illegal immigrants from deportation, and to provide a pathway to citizenship. They called it “mass amnesty”, and a vote-grabbing power grab.

Karoline Leavitt is the national press secretary of Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for president. She issued a statement in which she criticized Tuesday’s White House announcement as “a mass amnesty”.

Leavitt stated that Biden is only interested in one thing: power. He gives citizenship and mass amnesty to hundreds of thousands illegals, knowing they will vote for him and his Open Border Democrat Party.

Biden’s plan gives any illegal immigrant married to an American citizen who has been in the U.S. 10 years as of Monday three years to apply to get a greencard. They will also receive a temporary permit to work and won’t be deported.

They don’t want me talking about it.

The “campaign experts” tell me not to talk about abortion. They say it’s “too divisive.” “Just focus on the economy.” But I can’t stay silent. The lives of the preborn matter to me just as much today as before Roe was overturned! I’m Pastor Micah Beckwith. If you want leaders in our government that will protect the preborn, then help me win today!

They don’t want me talking about it.
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Leavitt continued, “Biden’s mass amnesty will undoubtedly result in an increase in migrant crimes, cost taxpayers thousands of dollars that they cannot afford, overwhelm the public services and steal Social Security benefits and Medicare from American seniors for benefits for illegals – draining programs Americans have paid into throughout their working lives.” “Biden’s mass amnesty has opened the door to illegal immigration.”