Trump Celebrates After Stomping Haley in New Hampshire: ‘She Did Very Poorly’

Donald Trump won the New Hampshire primaries, beating Nikki Haley who bet big on the state, only to lose it decisively.

“She is giving a speech as if she had won.” She didn’t. “She lost,” he beamed. Haley expressed her optimism in remarks made within minutes after the race was called. The Associated Press had predicted Trump’s victory within three minutes.

Trump continued, “She did very badly, in fact,” Trump gloated. “The Governor said she was going to be victorious, she is going to be victorious, she is going to be victorious.” She failed horribly.

Trump made fun of New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu who had endorsed Haley’s candidacy and tirelessly worked for her, but without success. “He has to be doing something.” I’ve never before seen anyone with so much energy …” to attack Haley.

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Trump said that Ron DeSantis had also finished second in Iowa. “Remember Ron finished second and left.”

Haley’s response was more magnanimous despite the fact that she had poured most of her resources into a one-on-one fight with Trump, which ultimately proved futile.

Haley acknowledged that “he earned it” and said,

She added, “New Hampshire does not come last, but it’s first.” This race is not over. “There are still dozens of states to go.”

Haley has largely ignored Nevada, which is the next state to be considered, and where Trump’s polling numbers are in the 70s.

Trump is slamming her in South Carolina. It’s the second state after Nevada.

Haley or her globalist supporters will have to wait to see how long they can hold out.

Haley relied heavily upon the support of Independents in New Hampshire, where the requirements are loose enough to allow voters to switch sides with ease.

CNN’s exit poll revealed that of Haley’s voters, “About seven in ten said they had been registered as undeclared before Tuesday.”

Haley’s hopes of winning the Republican nomination will be ruined by future caucuses, primaries and caucuses that are dominated by registered Republicans.

Vivek and Tim Scott, Trump’s former rivals who dropped out of the race after he was endorsed by them, joined him on stage. Doug Burgam, his former rival, also appeared throughout the week after endorsing Trump.