Trump says he’d have ‘no problem’ having RFK Jr. on debate stage if he meets threshold

Former President Trump stated that he has “no issue” with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. taking part in the presidential debate with President Biden if the independent candidate is able to meet the eligibility requirements.

In an interview with Scripps News on Thursday, Trump stated: “I have no problem at all if he gets whatever the threshold is.”

Trump said, “But he is very low and appears to be going in the opposite direction, the wrong direction.”

Trump and Biden announced on Wednesday that they had agreed to participate in both head-to-head debates hosted by CNN and ABC, on June 27th and September 10th respectively.


CNN announced that candidates who wish to be considered for participation must meet certain requirements. This includes having their name appear on enough ballots in order to theoretically achieve the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidential election. The candidates must also have at least 15% support in four national polls that are conducted by CNN and include registered voters or likely voters.

The deadline for voting eligibility is seven days prior to the date of debate.

Trump had earlier Thursday accused Biden of refusing to allow Kennedy to take part in the debate. He noted that they shared some similar policy views.

“I don’t care if Junior’ joins the Debate. But right now, his polling results are very low. He is not properly-qualified in the States and he appears to be on a downhill path. Trump said on Thursday that Junior’ needed more than just his name to be on the “stage!”

Kennedy claims that his campaign has gathered enough signatures for him to be on the ballots of 14 states. He announced most recently that he had reached the required number of signatures for Texas.

Kennedy railed Wednesday against the decision not to include him in the debate, stating on the social media platform X that “Presidents Trump, and Biden, are colluding with each other to lock America into a face-to-face matchup that 70% of Americans say they don’t want.”

They are afraid that I will win. “Keeping viable candidates from the debate stage undermines democratic processes,” he wrote.