Trump Targets DA and Judge, Reviving His ‘Stop the Steal’ Slogan

The former president Donald Trump, who is never one to let a good slogan pass by, repeated on Tuesday “Stop the Steal,” a slogan he and supporters used when contesting the presidential election results for 2020.

After that election, Trump supporters held several “Stop the Steal”, rallies. Trump claimed he had lost the election because of widespread voter fraud. A rally was held in Washington, D.C., on January 6, 2021, just before the attack on U.S. Capitol.

In a Truth Social posting Tuesday, Trump reaffirmed his claim that Biden administration officials pressured Democrat Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg to bring to trial a case accusing the former president falsifying records of business to cover up a hush money payment made by Michael Cohen, his former lawyer, to pornstar Stormy Daniels.

Trump noted Bragg’s appointment of Matthew Colangelo as assistant district attorney, a former high-ranking official from Biden’s Department of Justice. Colangelo helped Democrat New York Attorney-General Letitia James prosecute Trump in a trial for civil fraud, which Trump is now appealing a $464.44 million penalty.

We Won our Case!

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We Won our Case!
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Trump has also called on Judge Juan Merchan, who is also beholden Democrats, to recuse him from the case of hush money because he, too, is a Democrat.

“D.A. Bragg was adamant about going forward with this case that had no crime, but Crooked Joe Biden and his ‘Thugs,’ who were Crooked Joe Biden, pushed Bragg to do so, and they pushed him very hard,” Trump wrote. They wanted him to pursue ME, Crooked Biden’s political opponent. He didn’t want it. After a visit to the racist and corrupt New York State A.G. Letecia James, who is Merrick Garland’s ‘right hand’, they sent Matthew Colangelo to oversee the D.A.

“He finally agreed to take on the ‘case,’ which he had never wanted to. They hope that Judge Juan Merchan will save them. STOP THE SCAM!”

Pomerantz was Bragg’s assistant, but resigned after Bragg refused to press potential charges of business fraud against Trump and instead deferred to James. Pomerantz wrote a book called “People vs. Donald Trump”, which details his experience. Trump has denied all wrongdoing with regard to James’ case, which accuses James of overstating his wealth in order to obtain favorable loans.