Trump woos restaurant workers at Las Vegas campaign rally

Union dismisses promise not to include tips in taxable income.

The former president Donald Trump promised Sunday, during a Nevada campaign stop, to stop the IRS classifying restaurant tip income as taxable. This was a clear message to the huge number of hospitality workers in the swing state.

Mr. Trump stated that the federal tax laws have been in place for a long time.

At a Las Vegas campaign rally, Mr. Trump stated that “when I am in office, we will not charge taxes on tipping — people who make tips.” “We will not do it and we will do it immediately.”


The former president, whose life before politics included investing, building and branding numerous casinos and high-end service companies, said: “It’s been a source of contention for many years. You do a great service. I think you deserve it.”

The rally in Sunset Park marked Mr. Trump’s debut since he was found guilty of 34 felonies related to falsifying records of business to conceal hush money payments made to pornstar Stormy Daniels before the 2016 presidential election.

The verdict did not shake the confidence of his fans, who included the crowd of attendees that turned out in the scorching heat on Sunday and sang “Happy Birthday” to the soon-to be 78-year old.

The jury is still out as to whether his convictions will benefit or harm him in the eyes of the larger electorate.

Mr. Trump is attempting to become the first Republican since George W. Bush to win Nevada in a Presidential race in 2004.

Trump stated on Sunday that “if we win Nevada, then we win everything.”

Mr. Biden beat Mr. Trump by 2 percentage points in Nevada four years ago, thanks to the strong support that he received from Culinary Union Local 226 – a powerful minority group representing hotel workers and casino employees.

This time around, Mr. Trump is leading the polls in Nevada and his campaign believes he can make inroads among Hispanics who are a key voting bloc in Silver State elections.

In a Sunday statement, the Culinary Union slammed Mr. Trump for his “wild campaign promise.”

The Culinary Union, which has been fighting for decades to protect the rights of tipped workers and to stop unfair taxation, is proud to say that it has done so. Nevada workers know that relief is needed for tip earners. But they also know the difference between real solutions, and those made by convicted felons.

At the rally Mr. Trump claimed that the Biden border nightmare is harming American workers in the entire country, particularly minorities workers. He also said it was weakening the unions.

“They are destroying the Black population. They are destroying the Hispanics. And you know what else?” said Mr. Trump. “They are killing the unions because they are not able survive.”

The message that Mr. Trump sent after his conviction is similar to the message he gave before.

He warns that a Biden win would lead to a nuclear conflict.

In a CBS You Gov survey released on the weekend, Mr. Biden was running neck and neck with Mr. Trump in battlegrounds states.

Mr. Biden is struggling to create excitement about his campaign, but he still benefits from the anti-Trump sentiments that propelled him to victory in 2014.

CBS’s poll found that more than half of Mr. Biden’s supporters said they would vote for him primarily to oppose Mr. Trump.