White House torched over Pentagon leaks as Biden, Democrats condemn Trump’s Mar-a-Lago finds

Adm. John Kirby, Retired, is the National Security Council’s spokesperson. Adm. John Kirby [Ret.] was back at the White House Monday to address sensitive breaking news. He caused controversy by his response to questions regarding “highly classified” Defense materials being leaked to social media this week.

Kirby was previously criticised by high-profile veterans such as Chad Robichaux (retired recon Marine), who criticized his assessment of last week’s Afghanistan withdrawal report.

According to the New York Times, Friday’s leaked material appears to contain intelligence about China, the Middle East and Israel’s spy agency Mossad. It also contains U.S. support for Ukraine’s military.

Kellyanne Conway, a former White House counselor, acknowledged that Kirby is a difficult job as the ombudsman. However, he said he sounded less like someone trying to hide sensitive developments and more like a spokesperson who had very little tangible information.

When the Truth Gets Out

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When the Truth Gets Out
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“There’s a man who speaks too much, but is very deficient in information for the education of the people,” Conway said. Conway stated that Conway seemed to be worried about him, as if he didn’t have all the answers we need and deserve.

Conway acknowledged the importance of the press corps for pressing for information after such an unprecedented leak. However, Conway said that the Biden administration was the same entity as the Democrats who continue their condemnation of former President Donald Trump’s discovery at his Palm Beach residence of classified documents – even though they are having trouble keeping their dossiers secret.

“This is an administration, and a party, that’s been after the former president; documents he may have had in Mar-a-Lago to support this, that, and other, and we have leaked classified documents as we speak which affect countries, allies, and others around the world,” she stated, noting that Kirby couldn’t answer many of the questions.

“[One good question] Have you notified our allies that are mentioned is it impeding U.S. ability to help Ukraine?” Is it affecting Ukraine’s sovereignty, borders, and people?

“It didn’t sound like they had more information than us because John Kirby didn’t say ‘I cannot comment on that right now’ as former Pentagon spokespeople have to do. – He basically said, “I don’t know.”

“This is unacceptable. He stated that there isn’t room for any tolerance for classified documents.

Kirby also addressed questions regarding Biden’s upcoming visit to Northern Ireland. He is expected to commemorate 25 years since the Good Friday Agreement of 1998, which largely ended violence involving the Irish Republican Army and other groups such as Derry and Belfast.

The “Troubles”, a decades-old, violent conflict between the proverbial Orange (and Green), came to an end with the April 10 agreement. Unionists, largely Ulster Catholics, were loyal to Britain’s Crown. Nationalists, largely Roman Catholics, were loyal to Ireland’s government.

Kirby stated that Biden considers the trip important for commemorating the peace agreement, and also because he has a personal relationship to the emerald islandle.

According to the U.K Telegraph, Northern Irish authorities are on alert for possible violence during Biden’s visit. This is after demonstrators set fire to law enforcement in Derry/Londonderry Monday.

Conway, on “America Reports”, also criticised Biden’s treatment by America’s oldest ally. This was after French President Emmanuel Macron sought advice from Chinese President Xi Jinping regarding the Ukraine war.

Macron’s comments that France could not be a “vassal in the Sino-American conflict over Taiwan caused controversy as well.

Conway stated that Kirby was most likely to answer such questions, as the answers couldn’t be found in Karine Jean Pierre’s binder. The spokeswoman frequently appears to read the contents verbatim.