Zelensky Reveals U.S. and Ukraine ‘Working’ on Scheme for 10 Years of Military Aid

The Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky has revealed that the United States government and the Ukrainian government are “working on bilateral security agreements” which would result in additional financial aid being sent to Ukraine over the following ten years.

Zelensky said in a statement released on Sunday that he spoke to House Minority leader Hakeem Jeffries, (D-NY), thanking him and “all the congressmen” for their support of Ukraine. They also voted to send $61 billion of a $95 million foreign aid package.

Zelensky said that during the conversation he had with Jeffries he “emphasized the importance of Patriot systems.”

Zelensky is not the only one who has asked for additional Patriot missiles made in America to be sent to Ukraine.


According to the Washington Post, Ukraine currently has three Patriot systems. One is from the United States and two are reportedly German.

Lloyd Austin, the Secretary of Defense of the United States revealed on Friday that as part of a $6 billion additional foreign aid package, they will be sending Ukraine Patriot systems in greater numbers.

“Our teams are also working on a bilateral agreement on security, Ukraine and United States. We are already working on the specific text. We want to make this the strongest agreement possible. Zelensky stated that they were discussing the foundations for our security and co-operation. We are also working to fix specific levels of assistance for this year, as well as for the next 10 years. This includes armed support, financial support, political support, and joint weapons production. The agreement must be exemplary, and should reflect the strength of American Leadership. “I am grateful for both the progress made by our team as well as the team from the American side in the drafting of the agreement.”

Rishi Sunak, the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, has pledged to send additional PS500,000,000 in foreign aid to Ukraine on top of the $61 Billion in Foreign Aid recently approved by the United States.