14 troops, 4 civilians wounded in Hezbollah drone attack on northern border town

Four others were seriously injured. Video shows a projectile hitting a community center in Arab al-Aramshe.

A drone that fired explosives from Lebanon hit a community centre in Arab al-Aramshe, a border town located on the north of the country. The military and medics confirmed the injuries.

Galilee Medical Center, Nahariya, reported that four other victims had been seriously injured and one victim was in a critical condition. Hospital added that the remaining victims suffered moderate and light injuries.

Israel Defense Forces reports that 14 of the victims are soldiers, including five who were listed as being in critical or serious condition. All four of the civilian victims suffered only minor injuries.

Rockets Red Glare in Israel

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Rockets Red Glare in Israel
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Hezbollah has claimed responsibility for this attack. It said that it used guided missiles to target a building where the Israeli military was using explosive-laden drones.

The building may have been used as a meeting place by soldiers stationed in the area, even though the town is largely evacuated.

The attack also caused damage to a nearby vehicle.

The terrorist group claimed that the attack was in response to Israeli airstrikes in southern Lebanon, which had killed three of its members including two of their commanders a day before.

Warning sirens were not sounded. The IDF investigated why alarms weren’t activated prior to the strike and why the drone wasn’t intercepted.

Social media footage showed what looked like a drone with explosives crashing into the community center.

Two alarms sounded in Arabic al-Aramshe shortly after the attack, warning of rockets approaching.

The IDF claimed that it had targeted the launch sites.

The military said that fighter jets struck other infrastructure and buildings in Ayta Ash-Shab and Naqoura, as well as terror group Hezbollah’s gathering place.

Hezbollah launched daily attacks on Israeli communities along the border with anti-tank missiles, drones and rockets since October 8. The group claimed that it was doing this to support Gaza during the ongoing war.

Hezbollah launched several rockets at Biranit Army Base earlier on Wednesday. IDF stated that no injuries occurred, and troops bombarded the launch site with artillery.

The IDF reported that overnight, Israeli fighter jets had struck several Hezbollah target in southern Lebanon.

According to the military, Hezbollah’s military compounds and other buildings in Khiam and Mansouri as well as Aalma Ash-Shab, Yater and Aalma Al-Shab were targeted.

Three people were injured in a Hezbollah drone attack on northern Israel the day before.

In airstrikes on southern Lebanon, the IDF also killed two Hezbollah top commanders as well as a third terror group member.

Israel has threatened war against Hezbollah if they do not withdraw and continue to threaten the northern communities where 70,000 people fled to avoid fighting.

The skirmishes along the border have so far resulted in the death of eight civilians from the Israeli side as well as 10 IDF soldiers, reservists, and other personnel. Syria has also launched several attacks, but no injuries have been reported.

Hezbollah named 278 of its members killed by Israel in the current skirmishes. Most were in Lebanon but some were also in Syria. Another 54 terrorists, including a Lebanese army soldier and 60 civilians, were killed in Lebanon.