China calls for a cease-fire and peace talks between Russia and Ukraine

China calls for a ceasefire in Ukraine and peace talks to be held as soon as possible. This is in response to a highly anticipated position paper that was released on the one-year anniversary Russia’s invasion.

Beijing is pressing harder for a negotiated resolution to Russia’s war against Ukraine as it enters its second-year. Because of China’s close relationship with Moscow, it has indicated repeatedly that it would be willing broker any cease-fire negotiations. This proposal is a concern for Ukrainians.

The 12-point position paper stated that “Dialogue, negotiation and compromise are the only viable solutions to the Ukraine crisis.” “All efforts that can lead to a peaceful resolution of the crisis should be supported and encouraged.”

China sent Wang Yi, its top diplomat to Moscow this week. He met with Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, and reaffirmed that diplomatic negotiations were the only way to end the crisis.


According to a Chinese foreign ministry report, Wang said that Putin had told him “The China-Russia relation has stood the test” of the dramatic changes in the world and is now mature and tenacious.

China is now closer to Russia politically since the invasion. In February 2022, China signed a “no limitations” partnership agreement with Moscow, days before the invasion began.

There are also rumors of Xi Jinping visiting Moscow in the next months, possibly to show his influence on Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin sent his “sincere greetings” to Xi this Week and stated that he was looking forward “my friend” to Moscow. He was referring to Wang, the Chinese leader who met with Putin this week.

China is wary of further alienating European nations by its apparent inability to condemn Russia’s war crimes. China attempted to walk a fine line in Friday’s position paper.

“There’s not much leverage involved. Although the document contains broad principles, there is no reason to stop and desist. It doesn’t matter if you get something. “If you don’t comply, there’s no major cost,” said Ian Chong (associate professor of political science at National University of Singapore).

The paper stated that Beijing wanted talks to be held as soon as possible. It also said that nuclear weapons should not be used – something Russia seems less interested in. Putin stated this week that he would suspend a treaty on nuclear arms control with Washington.

The Chinese position paper made a number of digs at the West’s approach to the war. The Chinese position paper stated that unilateral sanctions only lead to more problems and called for an end to the so-called “cold warfare mentality”.

Wang Wenbin, a spokesperson for China’s foreign ministry, attempted to find a balance between Russia, Europe and Asia on Friday. However, he suggested that the West and particularly the U.S. were to blame. “NATO should seriously reflect and stop trying to ruin Asia and the rest the world after messing with Europe,” referring specifically to the bloc’s recent focus and interest in the “Indo-Pacific.”